Ben Harshman

Residential Specialist

Ben Harshman transitioned into a career in real estate sales after spending two decades as a history professor and academic administrator. These professional experiences helped him develop a diverse array of skills that he’s found to be essential in helping his clients buy, sell, or invest in real estate. As an administrator, Ben was tasked with maintaining a comprehensive schedule of space and resources, and negotiating with different parties regarding their needs—this required sharp listening skills as well as an ability to manage expectations and find common ground. Through his work as a teacher, he has learned how to provide real estate clients with a thorough understanding of their process, then guide them with clarity and compassion through each step to completing their transaction.

Ben chose his real estate career after doing some personal research on property investment, and discovering that he had a knack for navigating Chicago’s complex housing market. He works diligently for both residential buyers and sellers, helping match people with their perfect property or achieve the price that they want. He also has an interest in commercial property, and has a particular inclination to help people starting their own businesses or restaurants. A Chicago resident for over 25 years, Ben has expertise in the neighborhoods of Ravenswood Manor, Horner Park, and Lincoln Square, as well as experience with Oak Park and Skokie.

Outside of his real estate career, Ben enjoys watching college football and barbecuing, especially baby-back ribs and pulled pork.