Andy Weber

Residential Specialist

Andy truly believes a well-rounded life is the key to happiness. He prides himself on the fact that he can be described with many other terms besides Real Estate Broker. He is a Radio DJ, excessive music lover, avid sports enthusiast, dedicated father, and an aging athlete. Andy would rather walk than ride and always chooses to walk when time permits. He is often found strolling along the streets of the North Side. While walking Andy is able to see the things that shape our neighborhoods and notice the smallest of developments. This is just one of the things he brings to the table as a Broker. Whether you are buying or selling you need someone who is able to slow down and find the small details and bring a fresh perspective to your needs. As well as being able to adapt to obstacles along the way. Andy has been a sales professional for fifteen years. He spent his early years in the fast paced environment of radio advertisement before moving on to his nine year career weathering the changing developments of the real estate world. He has lived in North Center for the past decade and he prides himself on being able to tell you how the area has changed over time and where he thinks things will be in the future. It is this prospective that make his clients not only trust him but to also consider him a friend.