Arianna Soloway

Residential Specialist

Hailing from Atlanta, Arianna grew up in a family that renovated and flipped homes. This experience gave her an understanding of how construction projects work and how small improvements can help a home reach its full potential. When it came time to buy a home of her own, she loved the experience so much that she decided to make it her career.

Arianna is a focused and dependable agent. The foundation of her business is her honesty, hard work and steadfast commitment to her clients.

Arianna has experience helping a wide variety of clients from first-time buyers to investors. Because she is a co-op resident and serves on the co-op's board of the directors, she also has a passion for helping others navigating the co-op application process, which can be tricky for some buildings. She especially loves working with first-time homebuyers and gives great advice on home staging to help her clients visualize their lives in their new home. She currently lives in Rogers Park and loves its affordability and proximity to the lakefront.

In addition to her real estate skills, Arianna also has a BFA in theater directing from Columbia College and is a talented theater designer and director. Arianna also loves to play the guitar, go camping and backpacking, knit, make home renovations, and decorate her living space with DIY projects.


• First-time homebuyers, co-ops, flipping homes