Brandi Huettinger

Residential Specialist

Both career and life experiences have ultimately determined Brandi Huettinger’s transition into real estate; a move that she considers to be “an inspired second chapter” in her professional life. Before real estate, her two decades in the Chicago steel industry included work in a variety of capacities, including purchasing, sales, marketing, and production—all of which cultivated skills that translate well in the complex world of real estate. “I’ve collectively bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in steel inventory,” she explains, “and I’ve successfully negotiated and brokered multimillion dollar deals on both sides of the table. I know the characteristics of being a good buyer and a good seller, so I can offer a 360-degree perspective for my clients.”

Brandi considers her fresh perspective on the real estate market to be one of her strengths. She finds it especially rewarding to work with Dream Town, “the most cutting-edge brokerage firm in the business.”

“I think the company’s philosophy and mission statement perfectly complement my own appreciation for innovative technologies and revolutionary business practices, particularly in an industry that can often times seem outdated and stale. It’s important to remain current and well-versed in terms of business efficiency advancements—otherwise your clients are at a disadvantage. Dream Town streamlines and eases the learning curve.”

Beyond the transactional aspect of real estate, she offer her clients assistance and guidance with various aspects of home design, decorating, and renovation possibilities. Her understanding and experience in these areas are a particularly valuable tool for clients when preparing a home for sale or assessing a new property’s potential.

Originally from Canada’s beautiful and historic Campobello Island, located just off the eastern-most tip of the United States, Brandi has lived in the Chicago-area for almost 20 years and currently lives with her husband, Matt, in Des Plaines. She has a particular affinity for the nearby Edison Park neighborhood, and Park Ridge, (her husband’s hometown) but she’s also an avid traveler, well beyond the bounds of the city. “I prefer to go to places off the beaten path—the Huettinger motto is that is we can’t find a t-shirt that says we’ve been there, that’s where we want to be!”

Her sense of adventure is often complimented by her genuine love of meeting new people and building new relationships, and her outgoing nature has made her a talented communicator for her clients as well.

“Buying and selling a home are two of the most stressful (and exciting) life-events people experience, and you want the person representing your interests to make you feel as comfortable and as secure as possible throughout the entire process.”

Brandi is eager to help residential clients regardless of their needs—helping them sell their outgrown homes faster, and finding their dream homes sooner.