Old Town


  • Units: 324
  • A/C: 2 W/W UNTS
  • Exterior: BR
  • Garage: 1CAR GAR, LEASED
  • Parking: FEE/LEASED
  • Pets: CATS OK, DOGS OK

Here at Cummings House, a beautiful condo development in the heart of the historic Old Town neighborhood, homebuyers find an attractive, well-maintained site to settle down and enjoy the comforts of home among the beautiful environs of Old Town. Housing 324 separate units, this development offers a number of different layouts to suit its residents' individual needs and preferences. Whether you want a 3-bedroom place with a 110 square-foot master suite or simply desire a studio with enough space for you and your pet (which, by the way, are permitted in this building), the various floorplans will have the perfect fit to make you feel right at home.

While size is a major factor in selecting a new place to live, price is up there, too. Of course it's all relevant-the larger the unit the bigger the price tag-but to give you a general idea, the price per square foot for property in this building is $281, with an average listing price around just or slightly above the market price and an average selling price of $162,147. Typically, properties in this great building are on the market for 62 days. And, as is standard for most residential real estate, some unit sizes sell quicker than others. The most recently purchased unit here was a studio that sold for $185,000 in August of 2007.

Perhaps the reason so many homeowners love this particular site is because the residences in this building at 1360 N. Sandburg incorporate the necessities with a touch of luxury from spacious living rooms to 59 square-foot kitchens. Get all the contemporary amenities and modern features of today's best big city homesteads without sacrificing a bit of charm.