5445-5455 N. SHERIDAN

  • Units: 465
  • A/C: CEN AIR
  • Exterior: BR
  • Amenities: NONE, BIKE ROOM/TRLS
  • Garage:
  • Parking: ASSGND-1
  • Pets: NO PETS

Situated in the Edgewater neighborhood on Chicago's far north side, Edgewater Plaza, which is located at 5445-5455 N. Sheridan, is a sought-after Chicago condo development that offers quality construction, roomy units and the modern amenities and services you need to live in comfort and style in the big city. Built in 1974, this structure houses 465 individual units and includes assigned/deeded parking to accommodate residents with vehicles. The various floorplans consist of anywhere from studios to 3 bedrooms, which have an average master bedroom size of 132 square feet and a second bedroom of 115 square feet. However, if you prefer a bit more space to sleep in, there are 144 square-foot bedrooms available in several units.

Some of the building's smaller living rooms provide 180 square feet in which to put that plush wrap-around couch and the new flat screen TV, but the average size is 366 square feet for the main room. Either way, you'll have enough room to spread out and watch a movie on those quiet nights, or host an impromptu dinner party. Just make sure no little four-legged friends sneak into the party because it would violate the building strict no-pets policy.

While the ability to host parties is often an essential factor in buying a home, there are other more fiscal-aspects you're probably interested in knowing. For example, what the price per sq. foot is for the units in the building and what the properties here are selling for these days. Well, lucky for you, we've got that info right here, too.

At 5445-5455 N. Sheridan, the average price per square foot is $211, with the minimum listing price for the building at $135,000. While certain size units (meaning a two- versus a three-bedroom) sell better than others, a studio recently sold for $112,000 in August of 2007. On top of the pricing data, it's nice to know the market stats for the particular site as well. Once again, we've got that right here for you.

The maximum length of time a unit in this building stays on the market (which means the time between listing and closing) is 285 days. The minimum number of days it takes to sell real estate in this Edgewater building is 20 days. Of the units that are currently listed, studio residences are typically on the market for an average of 76 days.