Belmont Gardens

Although modest in size, Belmont Gardens neighborhood is proud to house many inviting bungalow-style homes on its peaceful residential streets. Situated on the scenic northwest side of the city, Belmont Gardens supplies families with a safe and comfortable place to settle down.

Belmont Gardens Facts

Location: About nine miles northwest of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Kilbourn Park, Kelvyn Park, Logan Square, Avondale, Hermosa
Boundaries: Belmont Avenue to the north, Milwaukee District North Line Metra tracks to the west and south and Pulaski Road to the east.

Belmont Gardens Real Estate

Belmont Gardens Real EstateTypical of this northwest side Chicago neighborhood, whose borders form a narrow right triangle of residential land, the homes in Belmont Gardens are mostly a mixture of two- to four-bedroom flats and single-family houses where residents can have a barbeque in the backyard or a bocce tournament on the front lawn.

Architectural styles in Belmont Gardens vary from stately older homes with expansive balconies and wide pillars to more modern-inspired brick condominiums. Some of the newly constructed condos and lofts here offer all the latest in upgraded amenities and have large windows that let in lots of sunlight. If you’re like us, you wouldn’t mind your new home having granite kitchen countertops and sleek, easy to maintain hardwood floors.

Also lining the streets in beautiful Belmont Gardens are one- and two-story brick bungalows with stone front stoops, side drives, and spacious green yards. These eye-catching traditional Chicago homes stand apart from the others with charming architectural ornamentation, like striking limestone accents and arched doorways. Dormer windows peek out from the rooftops, letting in natural light to open up the living space.

Not only are these homes stunning and exquisitely designed, but they are affordable and offer something for everyone. On average, the price for a one-bedroom condominium in Belmont Gardens is around $137,000 while two-bedrooms are priced between $150,000 and $300,000. The cost for a three-bedroom home ranges between
$275,000 and $345,000. Some of the larger houses in the neighborhood start in the low $300,000s, with several listed at closer to $400,000.

Best Shopping Stops

Once you’ve found your ideal Belmont Gardens home, and have begun unpacking your moving boxes, start taking note on what furnishings and decorations you need to make that new home entirely your own.

Then, head on out to Belmont Home Decor (4201 W. Belmont Ave., 773-604-7355) to dress it up, play it down, or get inspired. Belmont Home has the right interior design ideas and helpful onsite assistance to get your home the way you’ve always pictured it. The friendly staff will open your eyes to a whole new world of home decor with an amazing selection of luxurious bedding collections, trendy curtain panels, decorative throws and pillows, sturdy ottomans and other fine furnishings that are sold both in-house and online. You can even find elegant fabrics and trims for upholstery projects, to help spruce up that lifeless old armchair. Every item in the store has been specially chosen from locations around the world and brought back to this Belmont Gardens neighborhood fixture. Stop by the store for a sample of their style and ask one of their professional design associates to give you a hand with your own decorating task. With a place like this right around the corner, your Belmont Gardens home is sure to radiate just the look you want from shabby chic to modern minimalist.

As well as making your home colorful and stylish, making it green and environmentally safe can be done just as easily with Greenmaker Building Supply (2500 N. Pulaski Rd., 773-384-7500). Greenmaker offers creative and convenient products and do-it-yourself projects to save energy and limit waste as it fits your particular building needs. Greenmaker can educate you on how to keep your home safe from toxic and hazardous materials, whether that means using natural cotton fiber insulation that makes the most effective use of your heating and cooling systems, or something as simple as buying biodegradable garbage bags. Their staff is knowledgeable and will give you tips on how to replace your old habits with efficient ways to keep your family’s home, and the Earth’s atmosphere, free of hidden environmental dangers. They even go so far as to recommend natural cleansers which help preserve nature’s resources. Whether you’re a long-established resident or someone who is new to the neighborhood, you can start making a difference in Belmont Gardens right away with a single visit. Join Greenmaker’s mailing list for more info, or show your true greenness by participating with Greenmaker’s staff in Chicago’s Greenfestival in May.

Getting Around

While the neighborhood itself is rather narrow, making it a cinch to get from point A to point B in no time flat. Belmont Gardens residents also benefit from the convenience of being surrounded by various forms of transportation, making it possible to get from point B to points C and D just as easily.

If your destination is within the city, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) can take you there by bus, elevated train (nicknamed the 'El') or subway line. The Blue Line train is the closest El to Belmont Gardens with stations at Logan Square and Belmont Avenue, a few blocks east of the neighborhood. This line will take you directly to the Loop or, if you take it in the opposite direction, right to O’Hare International Airport. Extremely convenient for neighborhood residents, the #53 Pulaski bus travels straight through Belmont Gardens’ main thoroughfare. Its route goes north to Peterson Avenue and south to 31st Street. CTA bus and train fares are $2 per trip and transfers are either free or cost a quarter.

The Metra Rail train line is another handy transport that services Chicago and its outlying residential areas. The Milwaukee District North Line of the Metra Rail even stops within Belmont Gardens at Healy (4014 W. Fullerton Ave.). Fares vary but are very minimal. The Metra Rail train is handicap accessible and bikes are welcome on non-rush hour trains.

Traveling by car in the city is often difficult, as street parking can be a competitive sport! Just remember to purchase a city sticker at the City Hall (121 N. LaSalle Room #107, 312-744-6861) or at the local Chicago Department of Revenue Substation (2550 W. Addison St.). You can also pick up visitor parking passes at either location so your guest can park on the street for free and not risk being ticketed or towed.

Basic Needs

In every new neighborhood, it takes a little time to learn the ropes and figure out where all the local conveniences are. Well, we’ve made it a bit easier. From where to buy toothpaste and milk, to where you can get solar accent lighting for your front yard, here is a starter list of what Belmont Gardens offers its residents.

Grocery Stores/Pharmacies

Jewel-Osco - 3120 N. Pulaski Rd. - (773) 685-7750
Aldi - 4030 W. Wrightwood Ave.


Aquarius Club - 2459 N. Pulaski Rd. - (773) 342-3581


Belmont Home Decor Inc. - 4201 W. Belmont Ave. - (773) 604-7355
Greenmaker Building Supply - 2500 N. Pulaski Rd. - (773) 384-7500


Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) - (888) 968-7282
Metra Rail Metra Passenger Services - (312) 322-6777

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