Just like it sounds, Edgewater sits along the shore of Lake Michigan, affording breathtaking landscapes and beachfront activities. It has long been one of Chicago's most popular and diverse communities. Many of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century residences in Edgewater have been rehabbed to provide residents with comfortable living spaces that rival those of downtown condominiums. A strip of towering lakeside condos fades into typical neighborhood blocks as you move further inland, filled with frame houses and bungalows. While the west side residential areas are rather quiet, Edgewater's main streets are full of life, entertainment, shopping and restaurants. During the summer months the neighborhood's Farmer's Market bustles with vendors selling farm-grown fruits, veggies, flowers and other handmade items you can't find anywhere else. For the outdoor enthusiasts, a long paved trail runs the length of the neighborhood and beyond, offering breathtaking views and fresh breezes.

Edgewater Facts

Location: Ten miles north of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Andersonville, East Rogers Park, West Rogers Park, Uptown, Margate Park
Boundaries: Devon Avenue to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Foster Avenue to the south, and Ravenswood Avenue to the west
Crime Statistics: Go to CLEARMap to search specific streets and areas for crime statistics.

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Then and Now

Not many people lived in the northern neighborhood of Edgewater until the late nineteenth century. John Lewis Cochran (1857-1923) purchased farmland in the Lakeview community in 1886 which he in turn advertised as the brand new town of Edgewater. Cochran worked to build up the area with mansions, lavish homes and a thriving business district, in addition to providing transportation and modern conveniences to its residents. In doing so, Edgewater became the only neighborhood next door to downtown Chicago to have the luxury of being electrically lit.

And before you knew it, Edgewater became the place to see and be seen. In 1898, the hot spot for socialites was the exclusive Saddle and Cycle Club. In 1929, it was the Edgewater Beach Apartments and in 1916 it was the Edgewater Beach Hotel, a lavish pink and yellow resort in the Sheridan-Foster area that thrived for nearly a half-century, where you'd find the likes of Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe.

In the 1940s, a city-wide housing crisis left the area overcrowded and very expensive as a number of overbearing high-rises replaced the older buildings, smaller homes and stately mansions. Edgewater apartment buildings were sectioned off into smaller units to make room for more tenants. Landlords increased rent and failed to maintain their properties properly. The neighborhood became congested, and residents lost the comfortable homes and spacious properties they had previously inhabited. Soon, the safer, less expensive suburbs began to attract the upper and middle classes away from what they had deemed a high-density appearance in the over-developed Edgewater neighborhood.

It wasn't until some twenty years later, that the community banded together to develop the Edgewater Community Council to take back control of their beloved waterfront neighborhood. The council helped establish newer health care facilities, the Edgewater branch of the Chicago Public Library, and other neighborhood staples-all geared toward populating the area, attracting more residents and bringing Edgewater back up to the diverse and reputable place it once was.

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Bordered by picturesque shoreline and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, Edgewater has beautiful green parks, spotless sandy beaches and lots of outdoor fun for everyone.

Pack your suntan lotion and head to Foster Beach (5200 N Lake Shore Dr, (312) 742-5121), or roll out your beach towel over at Hollywood Beach, otherwise known as the Kathy Osterman Beach (5800 North Ave, (312) 742-5121). At Foster Beach, the locals like to rent bikes and hit the basketball courts for a little friendly competition. Foster Beach also has plenty of salty and sweet treats at its beach house concession stand where you'll also find the restrooms and water fountains. Hollywood Beach is a fun, casual place to catch some rays. A silver certified LEED beach house provides restrooms and a place you can grab a snack at Nacho Mama's Burrito Bar (5701 N Lake Shore Dr, (773) 878-1183). You can also rent bikes and paddling equipment to round out your day of fun in Edgewater. Both beaches offer free wifi.

When you've had enough of the sand and surf-can you ever really ever get enough?-Edgewater's sixteen inland parks are perfect for non-lakefront picnics and playtime. Breathe in the smells of nature and relax with your family at Mellin Playlot Park (5553 N Ashland Ave, (773) 761-0433). Now full of beautiful, leafy trees and shrubbery, this Edgewater park wasn't always so rosy. Thanks to Edgewater's Bureau of Parks and Recreation, it was renovated from a dumping ground into a park specifically intended to give babies, toddlers, and young children a safe and fun place to kid around.

Spread out over 2.3 acres, Emmerson Park (1820 W Granville Ave, (773) 761-0433) has a small field house with activities year-round. In the summertime, enjoy the slide-happy playground, a sandbox for castle-constructing youngsters, and a spray pool to cool off from the summer heat. Organized programs at Emmerson include an after school program, day camps, and youth craft activities around most holidays.

On those less than fabulous days when it's raining cats and dogs, or the mercury has dropped below zero-take it inside and enjoy Broadway Armory Park (5917 N Broadway, (312) 742-7502). Chicago's only indoor park has provided unique opportunities for all ages and interests for 87 years. You can play volleyball, basketball, take a yoga class, climb the rock wall, or even learn how to fly through the air on an indoor trapeze!

Home to one of the district's nine gymnastics centers, the Edgewater park offers quality instruction for beginners to advanced gymnasts year round. The facility also has plenty of space for meeting rooms and offers lots of activities that won't raise your heart rate. Between photography, Latin dancing, floor hockey and arts and crafts, Broadway Armory has certainly made its mark in this north side neighborhood as more than just your average Chicago park. Children, teens and adults are sure to have a blast at this indoor activity warehouse, learning new skills, and eluding the weather while they're at it.

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What's on the Menu?

How about passing on the same old, same old restaurants and trying some of Edgewater's standard cuisine choices that borrow flavor and influence from around the world?

A great place to start your day with a fabulous Breakfast & Brunch is at Broadway Cellars (5900 N Broadway St, (773) 944-1208). With generous portions and creative brunch options, Broadway Cellars will quickly be your Sunday morning favorite place to eat in Edgewater. Locals describe it as "delicious brunch dishes prepared with great ingredients and care." While we're talking about brunch, we have to mention Nookies Edgewater (1100 W. Bryn Mawr, (773) 516-4188), which is described as "diner food kicked up a notch," with creative combinations and excellent execution. Diners rave about the Paris Benedict, calling it "beyond incredible" and with seasonal specials, there's always something new and interesting to try.

Another neighborhood favorite is Taketei (1111 W Berwyn Ave, (773) 769-9292). Visitors describe the food as "very good and shockingly fresh," and the ambiance is elegant but comfortable. All in all, it is a great place for sushi and other Japanese fare offering a great value for the money.

If you're in the mood for something a little more casual, you should give Yanni's Dogs (5318 N Broadway (773) 654-1232) a try. Serving up great burgers and dogs, this is the perfect place to go when cravings call late at night. Known for having "good service, awesome Chicago dogs, and a very tasty gyro," it's a great casual option that offers some hometown favorites - and the place doesn't skip the extras.

Health conscious diners will love The Loving Hut (5812 N Broadway St (773) 275-8797). Whether you're a vegan with high expectations or are just curious about what's available, The Loving Hut will challenge your expectations. The curry is described as "heavenly" and the lemon tofu is called "amazing." Called a "vegetarian's paradise," the restaurant has an expansive menu and affordable prices.

For a romantic dinner in a more traditional setting, try Francesca's Bryn Mawr (1039 W Bryn Mawr Ave, (773) 506-9261), an Italian restaurant serving dishes we'd expect to have while dining in Tuscany or Rome. The Edgewater location is one of many Francesca restaurants throughout Chicago, but each branch is unique, decorated to suit the individual neighborhood's influences and style. Put your fork to your spoon and twirl yourself some linguini frutti del mare-pasta interlaced with fruits of the sea; calamari, scallops, mussels, and clams. Or order one of Francesca's tantalizing pizzas, like their famous Quattro Formaggi smothered in mozzarella, mascarpone, blue, and Swiss cheeses.

Another neighborhood favorite is Vincent (1475 W Balmoral Ave, (773) 334-7168). With a relaxed, but elegant ambiance, this is a great place to dress up for a date night or just enjoy a good dinner in a comfortable setting. Diners rave about the food, especially the mussels available with a variety of options-including a saffron coconut cream lime curry and a white wine with pork belly, chilies, scallions, and cilantro. Additionally, this place receives high marks for great service.

Calo Restaurant (5343 N Clark St (773) 271-7782) boasts classic Italian food in a casual, family friendly setting. The food is "excellent" and the service is called "stellar." An extensive menu offers something for everyone, and diners say that Calo has "very possibly the best thin crust pizza in the city." The word is out about this place, so make a reservation if you're meeting a group. Calo also offers free parking in a lot across the street.

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Best Shopping Stops

Put on your comfortable shoes and schedule yourself a little time to shop around the Edgewater community for items you can't find anywhere but here.

For something a little off the beaten track, you should check out Mr. and Mrs. Digz (5668 N. Clark St, (773) 447-8527). The shop offers a wide array of one of a kind items falling into one of the following four categories: new, gently used, vintage or handmade. The inventory reflects the personal style of owner Emilia Dlugolecka, and shoppers rave about her personalized customer service and her sense of style.

In terms of clothing style, shoppers love Turley Road (5329 N Clark St, (773) 878-0097). Known for great quality clothing, Turley Road boasts a distinct style of classy and classic pieces for adults, the kind that never really go out of style. This is a great place to find the perfect, crisp white shirt that you'll wear for decades. Some shoppers call the store expensive, but insist that the high-quality makes up for the higher prices. With helpful, friendly service, Turley Road is a wonderful place to visit on any shopping trip.

A true undiscovered gem in Edgewater is Sophie's Closet (6124 N Broadway, (773) 313-3614). This consignment shop offers an upscale boutique shopping experience worthy of the designer brands it stocks. With a revolving inventory of name brand designer clothing, shoes, home furnishings and jewelry, customers are encouraged to shop often because you are almost guaranteed to find something new each time.

If you're looking for something fun to wear out on the town, you'll want to check out Dots (5239 N. Broadway, (773) 989-8630). Featuring a friendly staff and great deals, this is a place where you can find great, of the moment clothes at a reasonable price. A large parking lot and a convenient location right off the red line makes this a fun and easy shopping destination.

Another great spot to keep you looking cool is Akira (5228 N Clark, (773) 275-3664). Shoppers claim that this spot "is always on trend" with a great collection of clothing for men and women. The staff is very friendly and professional, and they are concerned with each shopper finding exactly what they are looking for. Shoppers indicate that the customer service is consistently above and beyond expectations, and the staff goes to great lengths to make sure each customer is satisfied.

In Edgewater, there are two unique places we like to go for an eclectic mix of goods and one-of-a-kind items: Broadway Antique Market (6130 N Broadway, (773) 743-5444) and the Edgewater Antique Mall (6314 N Broadway St, (773) 262-2525). Both are great for finding art deco-inspired articles, ornate light fixtures and novel gifts both for you and your friends.

Another one-of-a-kind spot is Alchemy Arts (1203 W Bryn Mawr Ave (773) 769-4970). Offering an eclectic mix of incense, jewelry, and books; the shop restocks often so you'll find something new each time you pop in. A friendly cat greets shoppers, encouraging them to stay awhile, and adding to the character of the shop.

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Night on the Town

After a long day's work, or when you could just use a fun night out, call your friends and take advantage of Edgewater's nightlife options.

Have a frothy microbrew indoors or out in the beer garden over at the Edgewater Lounge (5600 N Ashland Ave, (773) 878-3343). A true college hangout, the U-shaped bar offers a gourmet beer list and the occasional Bluegrass band. The unusual light fixtures and saloon-like motif embellish the bar's appeal, always maintaining a relaxed feel that keeps the clientele in good spirits. In warm weather months, enjoy a delicious homemade veggie burger or a plateful of hand-cut French or sweet potato fries out on the patio where even our four-legged friends are welcome.

Another neighborhood favorite is Moody's Pub (5910 N Broadway St, (773) 275-2696). Moody's is the kind of place where you want them to know your name. Some say the inside is a bit cave-like, but the large fireplace is welcoming and makes Moody's a great place to come in from the cold. In the warmer months, the extra-large beer garden ensures you can enjoy a drink and the nice weather.

If you feel like dancing, Parlour on Clark (6341 N. Clark St, (773) 564-9274) is a good place to go. Visitors described it as a great place for "those who want a chill relaxed time with good music plus a great atmosphere." Small, welcoming with a great, all-inclusive vibe with solid DJs and indie queer performances that keep you guessing, Parlour on Clark is a great spot for fun, dancing, and drinks.

For an intimate, classy experience consider Joie De Vine (1744 W Balmoral Ave, (773) 989-6846). A fabulous little bar with great bartender-mixologists who take the time to craft personalized drinks based on customer's preferred alcohol base. Regulars rave about the tequila watermelon shots - the spot really transcends the wine bar label suggested by the name. With indoor and outdoor seating, the Joie De Vine is laid back and relaxed, a great place to sit back with friends and catch up over expertly prepared drinks.

If you're in the mood to shake it, visit The Call (1547 W. Bryn Mawr, (773) 334-2525) that has a casual atmosphere with a full bar, which makes it a fun spot to dance the night away. Visitors rave about the great music and the fun videos playing, and the 3rd Saturday of every month is a charity drag show that is a lot of fun. The staff is friendly and welcoming, so even if you're all on your own they will make sure you have a good time.

If you're looking for a place to watch the game with a bit of company, Burke's Public House (5401 N Broadway St, (773) 944-1109) is a great Edgewater bar to pull up a chair and join the conversation. A wide selection of beers and a menu of updated traditional options make this place a comfortable and fun spot. Burke's is a wonderful place to have up the street, and the kind of place you'll find yourself going to again and again.

Beer lovers rave about The Norse Bar (6334 N Clark St, (773) 942-6344). With a huge list of rotating taps with beer that even beer lovers want to try, this place has a friendly and helpful bar staff to make the list a little less intimidating. The Norse Bar features a variety of classic board and video games that encourage you to stay awhile and have just one more.

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Chicago has always been known for its assortment of theater venues and Edgewater is no exception. The neighborhood is home to a variety of theater companies focusing on classics as well as experimental theater. So on with the show!

The Raven Theater Company (6157 N Clark St, (773) 338-2177) performs classic plays focusing on illuminating the American experience in their comfortable theater. The company moved from Rogers Park to Edgewater in 2000, and it has been serving the community since 1983. Discount tickets are usually available, and the company also offers a youth program in various schools in the neighborhood.

Bringing literature to life since 1979, City Lit Theater Company (1020 W Bryn Mawr Avenue, (773) 293-3682) is focused on stage adaptations of literary works. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Shirley Jackson to Shakespeare, the theater works hard to cultivate the literary imagination of its patrons. City Lit is located in Edgewater's Presbyterian Church, and it offers an intimate black box theater setting for each of its productions. So if you want to see literature brought to life, check out their seasonal offerings.

If you're looking for a cozy and intimate experience in Edgewater, check out Redtwist Theater (1044 W Bryn Mawr Ave, (773) 728-7529). Squeezed into a storefront, the company offers white-hot drama with a little red twist. Focused on bringing to life buried classics and new, experimental pieces, this theater company brings energy and vitality to every show - even when the audience is small.

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Mark Your Calendar

At certain times of the year, we all need to get our feet off the coffee table, turn off the TV and head on out to enjoy Edgewater's exciting neighborhood events.

From June to October, you can do your shopping at the Edgewater Farmer's Market (Norwood & Broadway). Held every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM, the market features over a dozen vendors offering farm fresh produce, jams, bread, artwork and fresh Wisconsin cheese! Live music adds to the festivity, turning the event into an experience and drawing the community together.

In August, Edgewater plays host to EdgeFest, an annual street fair and festival. With vendors, games, and live music, the party is a great celebration of all that is great about Edgewater. Two stages bracket the closed street, with lots of room for dancing. Local businesses set up booths and offer entertainment for kids, as well as information about exactly what Edgewater has to offer. The fest is great fun for the family that gears more towards adults as the sun goes down.

St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Church (5649 N Sheridan Rd, (773) 334-4515) brings a little bit of the Greek Islands to Edgewater each July. The Annual Greek Festival is the best place around to satisfy your craving for authentic gyros smothered in cucumber sauce and sweet honey-drenched Baklava prepared by local vendors. Carnival rides, live music from The Sounds of Greece DJs, and a world of other Greek-infused entertainment transports you (figuratively) from this north side Chicago neighborhood to the Mediterranean, without the long plane ride.

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Getting Around

Whether you're walking, biking, riding or driving, Edgewater has every means of travel and transportation within close proximity and conveniently accessible. For starters, a couple Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train lines run through Edgewater. The elevated Red Line train and the Purple Line rush hour trains (lovingly referred to as the "El") follow the same route-just east of Broadway Street-with stops at Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Thorndale and Granville avenues. The fare is minimal and you can purchase a CTA pass at all train stops, or online to save time. Once on the Red or Purple Line you can transfer to other lines throughout the city free of charge.

For those traveling by bus, the #92 Foster Avenue runs east-west between the Berwyn Red Line 'El' stop and the Jefferson Park Blue Line 'El' station; the #82 Kimball/Homan bus runs north-south between Devon and Central Park avenues; and the #93 California Avenue bus runs north-south from the Evanston Purple Line 'El' station to the Kimball Brown Line El stop. The #36 Broadway bus runs south from Clark/Devon to Wells Harrison.

Edgewater residents with a car can purchase a city sticker at City Hall (121 N LaSalle St, (312) 744-6881) or the local substation found right in the neighborhood (North Substation, 2550 W Addison St). This sticker may be small and moderately pricey, but having it will help you avoid unnecessary tickets and towing throughout the year. Parking in Edgewater can be tricky since residential zone restrictions are in effect between certain hours and readily available street parking can be limited. Not only do you need a city sticker, but when you have visitors in town or overnight, make sure you have a visitor's pass that will allow your guest to park on the street ticket-free.

Lake Shore Drive taps into Edgewater traffic at Bryn Mawr and Hollywood avenues, providing an easy and accessible commute to downtown by car.

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School's in Session

You don't have to be nervous on your first day of school when you have the curriculum and academics these Edgewater schools have. For more info on Chicago area schools check out our Chicago Guide Schools page.

  • Hayt Elementary School - 1518 W Granville Ave - (773) 534-2040
  • George B Swift Elementary School - 5900 N Winthrop Ave - (773) 534-2695
  • Families Together Cooperative Nursery School - 1500 W Elmdale Ave - (773) 381-5200
  • Goudy Elementary School - 5120 N Winthrop Ave - (773) 534-2480
  • Lake Shore Schools - 6759 N Greenview Ave - (773) 561-6707
  • Loyola University of Chicago - 6525 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 508-3000
  • Northside Catholic Academy - 5525 N Magnolia Ave - (773) 271-4310
  • Nicolas Senn High School Glenwood Ave - (773) 534-2365
  • Northside Catholic Academy - 6216 N Glenwood Ave - (773) 743-6687
  • Passages Charter Schools - 1643 W Bryn Mawy Avenue - (773) 433-3530
  • Pierce International Studies Elementary School - 1423 W Bryn Mawr Avenue - (773) 534-2440

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Basic Needs

No matter where you live, there are those necessities that you don't know you need until you need them-we have listed a sampling of Edgewater neighborhood stores and services to lead you in the right direction.

  • Edgewater Chamber of Commerce 1210 W. Rosedale Ave - (773) 561-6000
  • Edgewater Community Council 6044 North Broadway Ave. (773) 334-5609


  • Edgewater Public Library - 1210 W Elmdale Ave - (312) 744-0718
  • Gerber/Hart Gay & Lesbian Library and Archives - 1127 W Granville Ave - (773) 381-8030

Grocery Stores

  • Edgewater Produce - 5509 N Clark St - (773) 275-3800
  • La Unica Food Mart - 1515 W Devon Ave - (773) 274-7788
  • Golden Pacific Market - 5353 N Broadway St - (773) 334-6688
  • Aldi - 6221 N Broadway
  • Devon Market - 440 W Devon Ave - (773) 338-2572
  • True Nature Health Foods - 6034 N Broadway St - (773) 465-6400
  • Super Foods - 1049 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 728-3900
  • Happy Grocery & Dollar Store - 1065 W Granville Ave - (773) 338-3635
  • Uni-Mart One Stop Shopping - 5845 N Clark St - (773) 271-8676
  • Park Tower Market - 5419 N Sheridan Rd (773) 275-9130


  • Walgreens - 5625 N Ridge Ave - (773) 989-7546 or 6121 N Broadway - (773) 764-8961
  • CVS Pharmacy - 6150 N Broadway Ave - (773) 274-9337
  • Osco Pharmacy - 6210 N Broadway Street - (773) 334-2083
  • Sun Health Pharmacy Inc. 5930 N Broadway St - (773) 506-7194
  • Broadway Pharmacy - 4654 N Broadway St - (773) 271-9727
  • Tri Star Pharmacy Inc - 5310 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 334-9646


  • B&W Gym - 5920 N Ridge Ave - (773) 561-9692
  • Bezz Training 5920 N. Ridge Ave - (773) 669-8496
  • Cheetah Gym - 5838 N Broadway St - (773) 728-6600
  • Edgewater Athletic and Swim Club - 1040 W Granville - (773) 262-2455
  • Know No Limits - 6125 N Clark St - (773) 262-9229
  • St. Gertrude's Gymnasium - 1420 W. Granville Ave - (773) 465-9887


  • Andersonville Playlot Park - 5233 N Ashland Ave - (773) 761-0433
  • Mellin Playlot Park - 5553 N Ashland Ave
  • Bromann Playlot Park - 5400 N Broadway St - (312) 742-7876
  • Broadway Armory Park - 5917 N Broadway St - (312) 742-7502
  • Cochran Playlot Park - 5554 N Magnolia Ave - (312) 742-7876
  • D'Elia Playlot Park - 6340 N Lakewood Ave - (312) 742-7876
  • Emmerson Park - 1820 W Granville Ave - (773) 761-0433
  • Lane Beach & Park - 5915 N Sheridan Rd - (312) 742-7857

  • City Lit Theatre - 1020 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 293-3682
  • Raven Theatre - 6157 N Clark St - (773) 338-2177
  • Redtwist Theatre - 1044 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 728-7529
  • Quest Theater Ensemble - 1609 W Gregory - (312) 458-0895
  • New Suit Theater Company - 1460 W Olive Ave - (773) 561-4161
  • Steep Theater Company - 1115 W Berwyn Ave - (773) 649-3186
  • Rivendell Theater Ensemble - 5775 N Ridge Ave - (773) 334-7728
  • Dream Big Performing Arts Workshop - 1717 W Summerdale Ave - (773) 944-9146
  • Clef Notes - 5815 N Sheridan Rd Ste 1107, (773) 741-5502


  • The Haymaker Shop - 5507 N Clark St - (773) 681-0798
  • Windy Knitty - 5653 N Clark St - (773) 800-9276
  • Gary's Cycle Shop - 6317 N Clark St - (773) 743-4201
  • Bryn Mawr Jewelry Co - 1125 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 271-6263
  • Third Coast Comics - 6234 N Broadway - (847) 863-7450
  • Kim's Hardware Store - 6050 N Broadway St - (773) 761-5532
  • AlleyCat Comics - 5304 N Clark St - (773) 907-3404
  • Gethsemane Garden Center - 5739 N Clark St - (773) 878-5915
  • Anna Held Floral Studio - 5557 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 561-1940
  • Scout - 5221 N Clark St - (773) 275-5700
  • Room Service - 5438 N Clark St - (773) 878-5438


African Cuisine
  • Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant - 5842 N Broadway St - (773) 271-7133
  • Banadir Restaurant - 6221 N Clark St - (773) 274-2778
  • Dynamic African Restaurant - 1127 W Thorndale - (773) 728-0082
  • East African Restaurant - 5959 N Broadway St - (773) 293-3117
  • Ethiopian Diamond - 6120 N Broadway St - (773) 338-6100
  • Grace's African Restaurant - 4409 N Broadway St - (773) 271-6000
  • Vee Vee's African Restaurant - 6232 N Broadway - (773) 465-2424

Asian Cuisine
  • Indie Cafe 5951 Broadway St - (773) 561-5577
  • Jin Thai - 5458 N Broadway - (773) 681-0555
  • Sunshine Cafe 5449 N Clark St - (773) 334-6214
  • Ben's Noodles and Rice - 1139 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 907-8936
  • Mei Shung - 5511 N Broadway St - (773) 728-5778
  • Pasteur - 5525 N Broadway St - (773) 728-4800
  • En Lai Asian Grill - 6044 N Broadway Ave - (773) 381-1880
  • Summer - 1123 W Granville Ave - (773) 761-8500
  • Lavo Asian Grill - 6044 N Broadway Ave - (773) 381-1862

American Cuisine
  • Vincent - 1475 W Balmoral Ave - (773) 334-7168
  • Dak - 1104 W Granville Ave - (773) 754-0255
  • Nookies Edgewater - 1100 W Bryn Mawr - (773) 516-4188
  • A Taste of Heaven - 5401 N Clark St - (773) 989-0151
  • M. Henry - 5707 N Clark - (773) 561-1600
  • Big Jones - 5347 N Clark St - (773) 275-5725
  • Alexander's Restaurant - 6158 N Clark St - (773) 743-3841
  • Patio Beef - 6022 N Broadway - (773) 764-8500
  • Broadway Cellars - 5900 N Broadway St. (773) 944-1208

Cafes/Coffee Shops
  • Kitchen Sink - 1107 W Berwyn Ave - (773) 944-0592
  • Coffee Chicago - 5256 N Broadway Ave - (773) 784-1305
  • Lovely, Too - 1138 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 253-5335
  • The Coffee Studio - 5628 N Clark St - (773) 271-7881
  • Kopi Travelers Cafe 5317 N Clark St - (773) 989-5674
  • Zanzibar - 1036 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 334-8302
  • Metropolis Coffee Co. 1039 N Granville Ave - (773) 764-0600

Italian Cuisine
  • Francesca's Bryn Mawr - 1039 W Bryn Mawr Ave - (773) 506-9261
  • Calo Ristorante - 5343 N Clark St - (773) 271-7725
  • Johnny Brown Bag - 5406 N Clark St - (312) 685-2839
  • Bar Ombra - 5310 N Clark St - (773) 506-8600
  • Leonardo's Restaurant - 5657 N Clark St - (773) 561-5028
  • Anteprima - 5316 N Clark St - (773) 506-9990

Latin American Cuisine
  • Diamante Azul - 5661 N Clark St - (773) 334-5665
  • La Fonda Latino Grille - 5350 N Broadway St - (773) 271-3935

Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • Turkish Cuisine - 5605 N Clark St - (773) 878-8930
  • Reza's Restaurant - 5255 N Clark St - (773) 561-1898
  • Paradise - 5878 N Broadway - (773) 275-6300

  • Apart Pizza Company - 5624 N Broadway Ave - (773) 784-1550
  • Pizzeria Aroma - 1125 W Berwyn Ave - (773) 769-4900
  • Antica Pizzeria - 5663 N Clark Ave - (773) 944-1492
  • Ino's Pizzeria - 5973 N Clark St - (773) 275-8830
  • Gino's North - 1111 W Granville Ave - (773) 465-1616
  • Primo Pizza - 5600 N Clark St - (773) 271-2233
  • HomeMade Pizza Company - 5303 N Clark St - (773) 561-8800
  • Tedino's Chicago - 5335 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 275-8100

Vegetarian Cuisine
  • The Loving Hut - 5812 N Broadway St - (773) 275-8797

Night on the Town
  • Marty's Martini Bar - 1511 W Balmoral Ave - (773) 454-0161
  • Double Bubble - 6936 N Broadway N (773) 743-9465
  • Ollie's Lounge - 1064 W Berwyn Ave - (773) 784-5712
  • Soverign Liquors - 6202 N Broadway St - (773) 274-0057
  • Mary's Rec Room - 5402 N Clark St - (773) 784-6969
  • Burke's Public House - 5401 N Broadway St - (773) 944-1109
  • Fritzy's Tavern - 6156 N Clark St - (773) 743-1797
  • Edgewater Lounge - 5600 N Ashland Ave - (773) 878-3343
  • Moody's Pub - 5910 N Broadway St - (773) 275-2696
  • Ole St Andrew's Inn - 5938 N Broadway St - (773) 784-5540

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