Hyde Park

Hyde Park is home of the prestigious University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. This once prosperous hotel and lakeside resort area on Chicago's south side is quickly returning to its former glory with new residential development and scenic waterfront landscapes. The breathtaking sliver of shoreline along Lake Michigan is usually speckled with walkers, joggers, bikers and stroller-pushers, while the museum grounds teem with visitors from around the world. The rest of Hyde Park accommodates residents and students with a diverse mix of restaurants, bookshops, historic landmarks and several seasonal events, bike tours and neighborhood street festivals. Throughout Hyde Park are stunning vintage buildings and treasured architectural gems, some designed by famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe.

Hyde Park Facts

Location: About 6 miles south of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Bronzeville, Washington Park, Woodlawn, Kenwood
Boundaries: 51st Street to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Midway Plaisance to the south and Cottage Grove Avenue to the west

Then and Now

Hyde Park, its name inspired by two elegant communities in New York State and London, can hold its own weight in prestige and respectability. This historical south side community of Chicago also claims bragging rights for more than 70 Nobel Prize winners associated with Hyde Park's University of Chicago.

In 1853, a young lawyer and entrepreneur by the name of Paul Cornell made his way to Chicago from New York in hopes of building a new suburban community along the shores of Lake Michigan. Cornell purchased 300 acres of empty grassland, which now comprises Hyde Park neighborhood. He managed to convince businessmen and their families to move to the area, opened a hotel, and eventually Cornell negotiated for a rail depot at 53rd Street to attract more visitors to his hotel called the Hyde Park House. Cornell's hotel was the social epicenter of the neighborhood and it drew in well-to-do guests like First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, before it burned in a fire in 1879. Another hotel was built in its place in 1917, called the Hampton House, now a condominium building. In 1889, Hyde Park was officially annexed to Chicago, which launched the early stages of construction for the Columbian Exposition in the neighborhood's lakefront Jackson Park. The community experienced radical growth as people who were working on the fair moved to the area. As plans for the Exposition went forward, the development of the University of Chicago, which was founded in 1890, were also underway. Between 1930 and 1950 Hyde Park's population reached a staggering number of 55,000 residents, up from 15,000 in 1880.

In general, the south side suffered an economic decline that began as early as World War I, but in the 1960s the largest urban renewal project in the nation was born. It was sponsored by the University of Chicago, and organized by the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference. Its goal was to create an 'interracial community of high standards,' and as a result of this project, Hyde Park's average income increased by 70 percent. The project successfully minimized the economic disparity between its white and black residents by offering more employment and affordable home-ownership opportunities to its middle-class African American community members.

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As we mentioned before, Jackson Park (6401 S. Stoney Island Ave., 773.256.0903) was the site of the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition that brought Chicago high-roller recognition. But these days, it's not the park's legendary status that keeps the Hyde Park residents coming back.

The park encompasses 600 acres of lakefront land with numerous recreational and sporting activities. It's the south side destination for bikers, inline-skaters, joggers, sunbathers, and nature lovers alike. The park was also the first in the Midwest to feature a public golf course, which opened in 1899. Designed by renowned architects of New York's Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the duo created a functional and picturesque setting in Hyde Park's sprawling urban landscape. When the weather outside is frightful take delightful calorie-burning refuge in the park's state-of-the-art indoor fitness center equipped with high-quality machines for both cardio and weight training. During the summer, Jackson Park hosts 'Movies in the Park' for the whole family and Chicago Junior Amateur golf tournaments for boys and girls. Children under 14 play nine holes and 14 to 17-year-olds play a full 18 holes. The park also has competitions in basketball, boxing, soccer, and gymnastics-all free of charge! Take a scenic tour of the Far East for considerably less by visiting Jackson Park's Osaka Garden, a tasteful interpretation of the artistry behind Japanese gardening. It is decked out with ponds, a footbridge, and waterfall. Jackson Park boasts many gorgeous gardens and the three miles of walking, jogging, and biking trails are ideal for pleasant early morning workouts before heading to the office.

Set your own pace down the paths during the weekend and take some time to admire the Golden Lady sculpture made of gold leaf, giving the statue a brilliant shimmer that is sure to catch the eye. And don't miss an opportunity to pay a visit to the Museum of Science & Industry (formerly known as the Fine Arts Palace). The museum and sculpture are two remaining structures from the World's Fair. Dog-owning Hyde Park residents can take their pups out for a rigorous run along the lakefront and catch a spectacular view of the city's skyline at Promontory Point (5491 South Shore Drive). If your dog is less active, go for the easy breezy walks at canine-friendly Sherman Park (1301 W. 52dn St, 312.747.6672). While Jackson Park is the neighborhood's most popular spot for waterfront fun and activities, other parks - much smaller than Jackson-are sprinkled about Hyde Park providing little green retreats throughout this south side Chicago community. One, which is certainly not skimping on outdoor activity, is Midway Plaisance Park (1130 Midway Plaisance North, 312.745.2470). The park houses an outdoor ice skating rink during the cold weather season from late November through the end of February. The entire family can rent skates for $6 per pair and admission is $3 for adults and free for children and students with valid ID. Midway Plaisance Park also has a 1.5-mile walking trail, as well as free concerts and movies during the summer.

Spruce Park (5337 S. Blackstone Ave, 312.747.7661), Cornell Park (5473 S. Cornell Ave, 312.742.2470), and Nichols Park (1355 E. 53rd St, 312.747.2703) round out the neighborhood with playgrounds and recreation areas tucked in among the residential streets.

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Art and Architecture

Whoever said that a little culture never hurt anyone should be given a round of applause. Second only to the city's downtown Museum Campus, Hyde Park has the most extensive list of cultural organizations in Chicago.

Court Theatre (5535 South Ellis Ave, 773.753.4472) is one of the city's best professional theaters, located right on the University of Chicago campus. Court Theatre puts no stops on its stellar classic performances that consistently creates buzz within thespian circles. The Hyde Park theater has the support of 4,000 subscribers, and it plays to audiences of more than 45,000 per year. A number of Court Theatre productions such as 'The Iphigenia Cycle' and 'In the Penal Colony' have even gone to venues off-Broadway.

If architecture is your medium, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House (5757 South Woodlawn Ave, 773.834.1847) offers a magnificent tour. Built in 1910, the Robie House was a Hyde Park architectural masterpiece that launched the popularity of the Prairie style home. With its red-orange brick exterior, light gray stone accents, strong horizontal planes and geometric lines, the Robie House established a new level of classic American architectural design.

Established in 1915, The Renaissance Society (5811 S. Ellis Ave, 773.702.8670) is Chicago's oldest contemporary art museum, and has an international reputation as one of the top resources for contemporary art. It is also an outlet for concerts, performances, film and video screenings, and discussions with noted artists and critics. The Museum of Science and Industry (5700 Lake Shore Dr, 773.684.1414) is the jewel of Jackson Park, and Hyde Park neighborhood's biggest attraction. This sprawling historic building-originally contracted for the World's Fair in the 1890s-features both temporary exhibits and several permanent ones that have been capturing millions of visitors' imaginations for years. In the museum's central pavilion you can experience the dark cavernous confines of a re-created coal mine, and while you're there-take a plunge into a real German submarine, dating back to World War II. Take flight in a simulated flight from San Francisco to Chicago that uses a real Boeing 727 jet plane donated by United Airlines. If locomotives are your thing, The Great Train Story is told with a 3,500-square-foot model railroad that details the history of transportation from Seattle to Chicago. But that's just the beginning, discover the rest as you explore the museum for yourself.

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Hyde Park Real Estate

Dubbed as 'Hot Hyde Park' by the Chicago Sun-Times and listed as a Money Magazine's 'top neighborhood' in 2002, this once suburban area has made a name for itself as a desirable place to settle down and purchase a home.

The pairing of green space and culture in Hyde Park is a utopian existence for any big city dweller. It has a low crime rate and top-notch schools, making it attractive for families and soon-to-be parents who are looking for a new home. Hyde Park's continued upswing has created a huge demand for new development and rehabbed housing for the busy single working adult, as well as the recently retired and starter family. The price of property in the Hyde Park neighborhood, although rising steadily, is considerably lower than homes north of the Loop. You get more for your money, in terms of space, and all the modern amenities of a 21st century lifestyle when it comes to Hyde Park real estate. And you're still only six miles from downtown excitement and commerce. The Chicago Tribune published an article discussing the redevelopment of communities surrounding Hyde Park and noted that the south side has enticed many new homebuyers from the area as well as from out of state. Some of Hyde Park's most recognized residents, then and now, include Hugh Hefner, Muhammad Ali, and U.S. Senator Carol Mosley Brown. World-renowned architects such as Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright designed many of the buildings in the neighborhood still standing today.

Check out our Hyde Park home sales statistics [here] to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

What's on The Menu?

Chicago is no amateur when it comes to multi-ethnic restaurants and eateries, and Hyde Park can vouch for that! You've got an array of choices throughout the neighborhood to satisfy any culinary craving. At the top of any Chicagoan's list is where to get the best Chicago-style pizza. And the answer in this neighborhood is Edwardo's Natural Pizza Restaurant (1321 E 57th St, 773.241.7960). This sit-down pizzeria is the classic throwback to the roots of Chicago stuffed pizza pie, and the inviting atmosphere of this Hyde Park restaurant is ideal for families. For a more contemporary edge pie, Pizza Capri (1501 E 53rd St, 773.324.7777) offers premium toppings like Portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, ricotta, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted eggplant.

If your wallet can handle the cost of a little swank, one of the best French restaurants in Chicago is located here, complete with an all-French wine list. La Petite Folie (1504 E 55th St, 773.493.1394) is owned by Michael and Mary Mastricola. Mary earned the grand diplome of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, finishing first in her class, and her cuisine makes a wonderful precursor to an evening at the opera or symphony. Piccolo Mondo (1642 E 56th St, 773.643.1106) is another fancy romantic Euro-restaurant with an excellent selection of Italian pasta and anti-pasti dishes. Asian restaurants are abundant in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Let's begin with Cafe Corea (1603 E 55th St, 773.288.1795) and its particularly good spicy mixed vegetable rice dish called bibimbop (it's as fun to say as it is to eat). This classic Korean meal is served all in one huge bowl-it looks enormous, but don't be surprised if you finish every last bite-this stuff is that good. Calling all sushi aficionados: Kikuya Japanese Restaurant (1601 E 55th St, 773.667.3727) is worth the splurge. The chef has a full menu of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, soba and udon noodles. And boy do they deliver! Additional Asian fare in Hyde Park includes Siam Thai (1639 E 55th St, 773.324.9296), and Thai 55 (1607 E 55th Street 773.363.7119). Take your pick - they all serve up impressive dishes that have won over both local Hyde Parkers and Chicagoans from across the city.

For those on a budget, Nicky's Chinese Food (5231 S Woodlawn Ave, 773.324.5340) is cheap and has lightning speed delivery service. Rajun Cajun's (1459 E 53rd St, 773.955.1145) menu offers eclectic Cajun and Indian dishes and it's a recurring favorite for locals. A taste of the Middle East can be found at Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen (1206 E 53rd St, 773. 324.6227) satisfying those hankerings for falafel, shwarma, or hummus all wrapped up in warm pita bread.

Medici on 57th (1327 E 57th St, 773.667.7394) is a Hyde Park institution, especially popular with U of C students. They've got everything from sandwiches to veggie chili to decadent milkshakes. There's also a bakery-cafe attached for fresh-baked bread and pastries. Another great Hyde Park local spot for gourmet sandwiches and pastries is Bonjour Cafe Bakery (1550 E 55th St, 773.241.5300). The cafe is always popular during the summer for its lovely outdoor seating area. And in every fashionable neighborhood Starbucks Coffee is just around the corner-or on every corner. Hyde Park's got two locations (1174 E 55th St, 773.256.1930 and 1530 E 53rd St, 773.324.1241).

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Best Shopping Stops

Lakeside parks, historic landmarks, international cuisine-starting to get the picture why Chicagoans find this south side neighborhood an amazing place to live? And we haven't even told you about the shopping in Hyde Park. Hyde Park's 53rd Street is the busy professional and college student's one-stop-shopping dream come true. If you aren't able to find that vintage jazz album you've been searching for on CD, pop into Hyde Park Records (1377 E 53rd St, 773.288.6588) where you'll be floored by the wall-to-wall 18' vinyl.

After getting your music fix, make your way over to Binny's (1531 E 53rd St, 773.324.5000) where you're bound to get lost among the vast choices in wine, beer and liquor from across the globe. Opposite Binny's is Bonn Sante (1512 E 53rd St, 773.667.5700) where you can pick up every kind of holistic and natural food product necessary in life. And don't pass up the moderately priced fresh fruits and vegetables from Hyde Park Produce (1226 E 53rd St, 773.324.7100). They deliver, too! If you've got a prescription to fill, Katsoros Pharmacy (1521 E 53rd St, 773.288.8700) can take care of you and it's only a couple doors west of the health food store. For all those iPod, laptop, and other computer needs, there's a convenient Radio Shack (1453 E 53rd St, 773.667.5050) to restock on batteries, flash drives, cables, cell phones, and other electronic accessories. Futons-N-More (1370 E 53rd St, 773.324.7083) will get you started with the basic furnishings if you're just starting out - bookshelves, desks, entertainment centers, and oh yeah, futons.

Get all your kitchenware needs filled at Freehling Pot & Pan Co. (1365 E 53rd St, 773.643.8080) located nearby. For all you avid readers with eclectic tastes-expand your book collection with slightly used classics at 57th Street Books (1301 E 57th St, 773.684.1300) or Powell's Book Store (1501 E 57th St, 773.955.7780). Both of these Hyde Park establishments carry an extensive selection of non-fiction and fiction literary works from various genres and provide the U of C students with a little side reading material to balance out the dry text from class.

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Night on the Town

A Hyde Park night on the town is a lively mixed crowd of young and mature, many of them faculty and students from nearby University of Chicago. If you're in the mood for some homegrown Chicago Blues, head over to the legendary Checkerboard Lounge (5201 S. Harper Ave, 773.684.1472) and be prepared to work that 'mojo.' Every blues singer of historical note has played here. Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones once shared center stage, and the mood lighting and intimate seating adds to that vintage blues nightclub vibe. Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap (1172 E 55th St, 773.643.5516) is a mellow alternative for a social gathering. There is an overwhelmingly large beer selection as well as excellent burgers. This casual Hyde Park watering hole is mostly a student hang out for the University of Chicago, but the old-timers and Hyde Park residents are part of the regular crowd as well. The bar is sectioned off into three large areas and it is decorated in black paneling and retro vinyl seating. It's a jumping spot from Wednesday through the weekend. Also, on Sunday nights, Jimmy's hosts live jazz.

Another choice Hyde Park venue for hard liquor libations and a casual atmosphere is Seven Ten Lanes (1055 E 55th St, 773.347.2695) where a group of you can bowl, play pool, or reach your ultimate high score in the video arcade. It's also got a retro restaurant for a little late-night bite after all the activity. The moody dark wood and indirect lighting gives it that recreational basement room feel that's inviting for all types including college kids, grad students, corporate professionals, and local Hyde Parkers.

And then there's The Pub (1212 E 59th St, 773.702.9737), a private club, but the cheapest private club we've ever been to. Its annual membership is only five bucks or a dollar for one-day access. Pull up a chair or slide into a booth and soak in the University of Chicago ambiance. There are 24 beers on tap, two draft ciders, more than 100 bottled beers, and a generous selection of wines from all over the world. The Pub also serves basic pub grub until the wee hours of the morning, so you can imagine it's a favorite among those young college students who are regularly up all night and seem to have endless energy and appear to function on very little sleep.

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Mark Your Calendar

From summer sizzle to autumn wind down-and a pick-me-up of winter festivities-Hyde Park does not lack excitement during any season.

Hyde Park's summer calendar kicks off with the opening of its annual Farmer's Market (located at 53 St and Hyde Park Blvd). It runs from early June through October on Thursdays from 7am to 1pm. Also, the first weekend in June hosts the 57th Street Art Fair (1507 E 53rd Street, 773.234.3247) where 500 exhibitors show off their talents in the Midwest's oldest outdoor juried art fair. In July, Hyde Park locals demonstrate their American spirit at the 4th on 53rd Parade (53rd St between Kimbark and Kenwood, 773.536.8103). It's the annual Fourth of July hoopla-a real old-fashioned parade with a marching kazoo band, decorative floats, antique cars, and even fire engines.

As the dog days of summer slip by and the cool autumn air approaches, Boulevard Lakefront Tour (9 W Hubbard Ave, 312.427.3325) hits the south side. The event is a fun bike tour of Chicago's historic boulevards and charming neighborhoods that includes Hyde Park and its surrounding area. Each September thousands of cyclists gather on Midway Plaisance where the jaunt begins and ends. Jump on your bike and explore Chicago's scenic beauty, then catch a picnic lunch (meat or veggie) after the ride.

The Chicago Half Marathon (57th St and Lake Shore Dr, 773-404.2281) is a huge annual affair, also in September. More than 6,000 runners take part in the 13-mile run that starts and ends at the Museum of Science and Industry. Named one of the premier half marathons in the U.S. by Runners World Magazine, this event is the sixth largest race of its kind. Whether you're a first-time novice runner or a seasoned athlete, you can join in on this picturesque lakefront run.

The autumnal season also celebrates music from around the world at the annual World Music Festival (contact the City of Chicago, 312.742.1938). Artists and locations vary every year, and past performances in Hyde Park took place at the International House at the University of Chicago (1414 E. 59th St, 773.753.2274). Previous festivals have showcased both traditional and contemporary music from diverse cultures worldwide with over 80 events at 29 venues. The majority of the performances are family-friendly and feature more than 60 artists representing 29 countries. The list spans the globe from Brazil, to Mexico, to Italy, and even as far away as China. Ah winter-when Chicagoans retreat indoors as the cold lake wind whips through the neighborhoods and dares brave souls to leave the comfort of their toasty homes. In Hyde Park, residents have an incentive to make the bold move-there's a community-wide New Year's Eve family get-together called Neighbor's Eve (773-268-1356). This annual Hyde Park family-friendly party invites neighborhood locals to celebrate in the warmth of local businesses and other establishments with live music and activities. Don't be surprised if you bump into a few storytellers, clowns, and face painters to keep the kids entertained. No frostbite worries are necessary as you party-hop through the neighborhood, the Museum of Science and Industry foots the bill for chauffeurs to take you between bashes via trolley service from 5:30pm until midnight.

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Getting Around

Hyde Park is a well-connected neighborhood that makes it a cinch to get around the community, to downtown, or out to the suburbs. With one of Chicago's biggest tourist attractions right here (Museum of Science and Industry), the public transportation system is top-notch and always available.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) services run through Hyde Park with a number of bus routes including the #2 Hyde Park Express, the #15 Jeffery Local, and the #171 University of Chicago/Hyde Park. Travelers can easily transfer from bus service to the Green Line 'El' trains (so-named for their elevated tracks) that drop you off in the Loop. You can catch the Green Line train at the corner of 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. Another option is the Metra Electric Line, which stops at several points in Hyde Park and provides service to downtown via the Randolph Street Station. The South Shore line pulls into 55th, 56th, and 57th streets-all stations with service to Indiana.

And for motorists, there is nothing more convenient than having Lake Shore Drive pass through your neighborhood. As one of Chicago's busiest, and most scenic thoroughfares (it runs right along the water's edge with views of the city on one side and the lake on the other) the Drive provides Hyde Park residents with a quick and easy route to the Loop and beyond. Just watch out for those rush hour traffic jams, they can be frustrating if you are in a hurry.

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School's in Session

The University of Chicago (5801 S. Ellis Ave, 773.702.1234), located in the heart of Hyde Park is world-renowned for its highly acclaimed research and its long list of Nobel Prize winning alumni. In addition to the undergraduate college, the university has four graduate divisions, and six professional schools. It also houses several museums, clinics, and other institutions; nursery and K-12 schools; a continuing-studies program; and an academic press. In total, the various institutions and organizations employ more than 2,100 full-time staff and cater to nearly 15,000 students. There are numerous private and public educational institutions in Hyde Park to consider for your school-age children. In addition to the following list, you can find more detailed information on Chicago schools at our Chicago Guide Schools page.

  • Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School - 5235 S Cornell Ave - (773) 493-8880
  • Harte Elementary School - 1556 E 56th St - (773) 535-0870
  • Kozminski Community Elementary School - 936 E 54th St - (773) 535-0980
  • Murray Language Academy - 5335 S Kenwood Ave - (773) 535-0585
  • Ray Elementary School - 5631 S Kimbark Ave - (773) 535-0970
  • University of Chicago Laboratory School - 1362 E 59th St - (773) 702-9450
  • University of Chicago - 5801 S Ellis Ave - (773) 702-1234

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Basic Needs

Just to make your life a little easier, we've compiled a list of places in Hyde Park where you can find those basic everyday essentials, from cosmetics and toiletries to transportation and groceries.

Emergency Rooms

  • The University of Chicago Hospitals - 5841 S Maryland Ave - (773) 702-9200


  • Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282
  • Metra Electric Line - (312) 322-6777


  • CVS Pharmacy - 1228 E 53rd St - (773) 752-1425
  • Katsoros Pharmacy - 1521 E 53rd St - (773) 288-8700
  • Walgreens - 1554 E 55th St - (773) 667-1177

Grocery Stores

  • Bonne Sante Health Foods - 1512 E 53rd St - (773) 667-5700
  • Binny's Beverage Depot - 1531 E 53rd St - (773) 324-5000
  • Harper Foods - 1455 E 57th St - (773) 363-6251
  • Hyde Park Produce - 1226 E 53rd St - (773) 324-7100
  • Treasure Island Foods - 1526 E 55 St - (773) 358-6400


  • University of Chicago Libraries - 1100 E 57th St - (773) 702-8740

Post Offices

  • 1510 E 55th - (773) 324-0896


  • Gerald Ratner Athletic Center - 5530 S Ellis Ave - (773) 952-7443
  • LA Fitness - 1301 E 47 St - (773) 924-9889
  • Lotus Living Wholeness Center - 1715 E 55th St - (773) 955-0505
  • The Space - 5307 S Hyde Park Ave - (773) 952-7443


  • Museums
    • Dusable Museum of African American History - 740 E 56th Pl - (773) 947-0600
    • Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House - 5757 S Woodlawn Ave - (773) 834-1847
    • Hyde Park Historical Society - 5529 S Lake Park Ave - (773) 493-1893
    • Museum of Science and Industry - 5700 S Lake Shore Dr - (773) 684-1414
    • Oriental Institute Museum - 1155 E 58th St - (773) 702-9514
    • The Renaissance Society - 5811 S Ellis Ave - (773) 702-8670
    • Smart Museum of Art - 5550 S Greenwood Ave - (773) 702-0200

  • Events
    • 57th Street Art Fair - 1507 E 53rd St - (773) 234-3247
    • Hyde Park Farmers' Market - 5200 S Hyde Park Blvd - (312) 744-3315

  • Theatres
    • Court Theatre - 5535 S Ellis Ave - (773) 753-4472
    • Doc Films Ida Noyes Hall - 1212 East 59th St - (773) 702-8575
    • Mandell Hall - 1131 East 57th St - (773) 702-8068


  • 57th Street Books - 1301 E 57th St - (773) 684-1300
  • Ace Hardware - 5420 S Lake Park Ave - (773) 241-6300
  • Artisans - 21 Gallery - 1373 E 53rd St - (773) 288-7450
  • Cornell Florist - 1645 E 55 St - (773)324-1651
  • Encore - 1553 E Hyde Park Blvd - (773) 324-1111
  • First Aid Comics - 1617 E 55th St - (773) 752-6642
  • Freehling Pot & Pan Co. - 1365 E 53rd St - (773) 643-8080
  • Frontline Books & Crafts - 5206 S Harper Ave - (773) 288-7718
  • Futons-N-More - 1370 E 53rd St - (773) 324-7083
  • Hyde Park Records - 1377 E 53rd St - (773) 684-3375
  • Hyde 'N' Seek Antiques - 5211 S Harper Ave 773-684-8380
  • Kimberly Lee & Co - 1529 E 53rd St - (773) 643-8040
  • Office Depot - 5420 South Lake Park Ave - (773) 643-7474
  • Plants Alive - 5210 S Harper Ave - (773) 667-2036
  • Powell's Book Store - 1501 E 57th St - (773) 955-7780
  • Radio Shack - 1453 E 53rd St - (773) 667-5050
  • Seminary Coop Bookstore - 1301 E 57 St - (773) 684-1300
  • Supreme Jewelers - 1515 E 53rd St - (773) 324-1460
  • True Value Hardware - 5420 S Lake Park Ave - (773) 241-6300
  • Wesley's Shoe Corral - 1506 E 55th - (773) 667-7463
  • What the Traveler Saw - 1508 E 535th St - (773) 955-5055


  • American Cuisine
    • Clarke's Hyde Park - 1447 E 53 St - (773) 891-4027
    • Litehouse Whole Food Grill - 1373 E 53rd St - (773) 633-2587
    • Medici on - 57th - 1327 E 57th St - (773) 667-7394
    • Mellow Yellow - 1508 E 53rd St - (773) 667-2000
    • Original Pancake House - 1358 E 47 St - (773) 288-2322
    • Salonica - 1440 E 57th St - (773)752-3899
    • Valois - 1518 E 53 St - (773) 667-0647

  • Asian Cuisine
    • Cafe (Seoul) Corea - 1603 E 55th St - (773) 288-1795
    • Far East Kitchen - 1509 E 53rd St - (773) 955-2200
    • Kikuya Japanese Restaurant - 1601 E 55th St - (773) 667-3727
    • Nicky's Chinese Food - 5231 S Woodlawn Ave - (773) 324-5340
    • Noodles, Etc. - 1333 E 57th St - (773) 684-2801
    • Rajun Cajun - 1459 E 53rd St - (773) 955-1145
    • Siam Restaurant - 1639 E 55th St - (773) 324-9296
    • The Snail - 1649 E 55th St - (773) 667-5423
    • Thai - 55 - 1607 E 55th St - (773) 363-7119
    • Wok N Roll - 1408 E 53 St - (773) 643-3500

  • Bakeries
    • Medici On 57th - 1327 E 57th St - (773) 667-7394

  • Cafes/Coffee Shops
    • Argo Tea Cafe - 5758 S Maryland Ave - (773) 834-0366
    • Bonjour Cafe and Bakery - 1550 E 55th St - (773) 241-5300
    • Cafe 57 - 1520 E - 57th St - (773) 499-6381
    • Dunkin' Donuts - 1411 E 53rd St - (773) 288-5719
    • Einstein Bros Bagels - 5706 S University Ave - (773) 834-1018
    • Istria Cafe - 1520 E 57th St - (773) 538-5466
    • Starbucks - 1174 E 55th St - (773) 256-1930; 1500 E 53rd St - (773) 324-1241

  • Cajun/Caribbean Cuisine
    • Nathan's - 1372 E 53rd St - (773) 955-4373

  • Fast Food
    • Boston Market - 1424 E 53rd St - (773) 288-2600
    • Harold's Chicken Shack - 1208 E 53rd St - (773) 752-9260
    • Hyde Park Gyros - 1368 E 53rd St - (773) 947-8229

  • French Cuisine
    • La Petite Folie - 1504 E 55th St - (773) 493-1394

  • Greek
    • Salonika Restaurant - 1440 E 57th St - (773) 752-3899
    • Valois Restaurant - 1518 E 53rd St - (773) 667-0647

  • Ice Cream/Sweets Shops
    • Finnigan's Ice Cream - 5700 S Lake Shore Dr - (773) 684-1414

  • Italian Cuisine
    • A10 - 1462 e - 53 St - (773) 493-2000
    • Leona's - 1236 East 53rd Street - (773) 363-2600
    • Piccoli Mondo - 1642 E 56th St - (773) 643-1106

  • Middle Eastern Cuisine
    • Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen - 1206 E 53rd St - (773) 324-6227
    • The Nile Restaurant - 1162 E 55th St - (773) 324-9499

  • Mexican Cuisine
    • Marvillas Restaurant - 5506 S Lake Park Ave - (773) 955-7680

  • Pizza
    • Cholie's Pizza - 1601 E 53rd St - (773) 684-8688
    • Domino's Pizza - 1453 E Hyde Park Blvd - (773) 324-3800
    • Edwardo's of Hyde Park - 1321 E 57th St - (773) 241-7960
    • Giordano's - 5309 S Blackstone Ave - (773) 947-0200
    • Pizza Capri - 1501 E 53rd St - (773) 324-7777

  • Delis/Sandwich Shops
    • Morry's Deli - 5500 S Cornell Ave - (773) 363-3800
    • Pockets - 1309 E 53rd St - (773) 667-1313
    • Potbelly Sandwich Shop - 5428 S Lake Park Ave - (773) 493-0129
    • Windy's Deli - 1013 E 53rd St - (773) 288-6505

  • Nightlife/Bars
    • Bar Louie - 5500 S South Shore Dr - (773) 363-5300
    • The Cove Lounge - 1750 E 55th St - (773) 684-1013
    • Falcon Inn - 1601 East 53rd St - (773) 363-3793
    • The New Checkerboard Lounge - 5201 S Harper Ct - (773) 684-1472
    • Seven Ten Lanes - 1055 E 55th St - (773) 347-2695
    • Woodlawn Tap - 1172 E 55th St - (773) 643-5516
    • University of Chicago Pub - 1212 E 59 St - (773) 702-9737

The residential real estate in Hyde Park is fairly diverse, providing homeowners with a number of housing options from condos to lofts to townhomes. But there is more to your Hyde Park home than where you rest your head at night. The area surrounding a property can be just as much a factor in the decision to buy as the color of the carpet or the condition of the foundation. Each Chicago neighborhood has its own unique charm that sets it apart from the rest. Our comprehensive online guide is all you need to explore the many streets of Chicagoall from the comfort of your own computer. Shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, you name it, we'll show you where it is. Find out whether that fabulous Hyde Park condo is immersed in the throes of wild nightlife, or veiled by the tranquility of a quiet residential setting. Like Metromix and the MLS merged into one, this site is your one-stop shop for Chicago neighborhood information.

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