Irving Park

Originally planned as a Chicago suburb, this diverse north side Chicago neighborhood retains much of its cozy charm while offering all the amenities of big city life. Although it is removed from Chicago's central Loop, Irving Park is quite active with its own commercial district that provides a good selection of specialty shops and independent businesses. When night falls, the neighborhood watering holes fill up. A few Irving Park bars draw crowds with live music acts that range from jazz to rock to Hip Hop, but most taverns are simple hangouts with good brews and friendly bartenders. Before heading over to the local pub, Irving Park is a great place to get a bite to eat. Take your pick of American, Thai, Chinese, German, Italian or Mexican cuisine.  In Irving Park, you can even get Bosnian and Serbian dishes. Let your tummy be the guide and you're sure to find Irving Park is a very enticing Chicago neighborhood. 

Irving Park Facts

Location: 7 miles northwest of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Avondale, Old Irving Park, Albany Park, North Center, St. Ben's
Boundaries: Montrose Avenue to the north, the Chicago River to the east, Addison Street to the south, and Pulaski Street to the west

Then and Now

Irving Park Real Estate

When Charles Race purchased a parcel of land outside Chicago in 1869, he intended to set up a modest farm. Race's business sense got the better of him, however, when he realized that the nearby Chicago & North Western Railroad was a potential jackpot. He set up a depot and named his newly minted town Irvington, in honor of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving-somewhere down the line the name was changed to Irving Park.

As the town's population grew, the community advertised itself as a hip new suburb of Chicago, notable for upscale homes, tree-lined streets and easy train access to the city. The Irving Park neighborhood became a mecca for upper class Chicagoans tired of the downtown grind but wary of the longer commute to Evanston or Oak Park. Community groups and arts societies began cropping up, establishing Irving Park as a small-scale cultural center.

The suburb was annexed to the city in 1889 and thereafter settled into a quiet, mostly residential Chicago neighborhood. The stylish yet affordable surroundings made the Irving Park neighborhood a popular address for both the affluent and the city's growing middle class. Thousands of new homes were built in the 1890s, attracting scores of new residents, with German and Scandinavian immigrants comprising a large chunk of the populace. An influx of Eastern European immigrants in the 1930s brought a strong Polish and Russian influence to the neighborhood, and more recently the area's Hispanic population has boomed, with Latinos now accounting for nearly half of Irving Park residents.

Today's Irving Park remains a low-key but vibrant community. The western third of the neighborhood, known as Old Irving Park, is slightly more affluent and houses a good portion of the area's merchants. Business is mostly limited to main thoroughfares, especially Irving Park Road. Neighborhood taverns and a few live music venues are the extent of Irving Park nightlife, but the galleries and theaters of Logan Square and Wicker Park are only a brief train ride away.


The parks of Irving Park began as a homegrown affair. In 1907, residents petitioned the mayor for help in converting their Independence Day gathering place to an officially sanctioned city park. When they were told that other neighborhoods had higher priority, the undaunted Irving Parkers took their concern to the state, and in 1910 Illinois recognized the independent Irving Park District.

Today, Irving Park neighborhood is home to several Chicago Park District sites, including the original Independence Park (3945 N Springfield Ave, 773-478-3538). A community mainstay for more than a century, Independence Park has housed horseshoe pits, adding greens and a sunken garden at various points in its life. Nowadays, amenities include baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a rec center with weightlifting facilities.

Formerly home to an Industrial Revolution-era brickyard, the 55-acre Horner Park (2741 W Montrose Ave, 773-478-3499) is one of the North Side's largest. As such, it offers more activities than any of its neighbors, ranging from the usual sports-basketball, softball, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball and more-to educational programs for all ages. Kids can take art, music and theater classes, while adults can delve into pottery, jazz band and other artistic endeavors.

Other unique offerings at Horner Park include two levels of American Sign Language classes and line dancing for senior citizens. But perhaps the park's most impressive feature is its extensive span of open green space, perfect for flying kites, having an afternoon picnic, or just lounging about.

California Park (3843 N California Ave, 773-478-2609), also known as McFetridge Sports Center, is a mecca for Chicago athletes and home to the Chicago Park District's only indoor hockey and tennis facilities. The NHL-sized ice rink seats 1,200 spectators and is open for public skating seven days a week. California Park is also the site of Illinois's first wheelchair baseball and softball field, an outdoor facility with plenty of seating for fans.

Built on the site of a former city dump, Revere Park (2509 W Irving Park Rd, 773-478-1220) opened in the 1930s. Its name is a tribute to American revolutionary Paul Revere-clearly Irving Parkers were big on the whole War for Independence thing. Revere Park's current incarnation features baseball fields, tennis courts, an indoor gym and a soft-surface playground for younger kids. Revere Park also houses the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club (2501 W Irving Park Rd, 773-463-4161), an independent non-profit organization dating back to 1931. NBGC offers athletic, academic, and social programs for kids ages 6-18, and presently counts around 1,200 members on its rosters.

Irving Park Real Estate

These days, the neighborhood is a fairly prototypical northwest side community. Irving Park real estate is comprised mostly of two- and three-flat condos, frame houses, and bungalows. Homes in Irving Park feature some of the city's most beautiful architecture, reminiscent of the stately family manors of Oak Park. The five-acre Villa Historic District, located east of Pulaski Road and north of Waveland Avenue, boasts more than 120 architecturally significant bungalows, including two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

While there are some warehouses and industrial stretches, mostly along the diagonal-running Elston Avenue, the bulk of the neighborhood is middle-class residential favoring family-oriented dwellings. The streets are lined with trees, and once you turn off the main roads, car traffic is minimal. Most blocks are friendly, ethnically mixed communities unto themselves, with backyard barbecues in the summer and pre-work shoveling parties in the winter. 

Check out our Irving Park home sales statistics to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

What's on the Menu?

Irving Park doesn't necessarily gain the title as one of Chicago's culinary hotspots, but neither are locals hurting for quality multicultural cuisine. The area's dining destinations reflect both its history as a melting pot of European cultures and the more recent influx of residents from Latin America and Asia. Tiny taquerias and Asian carryouts thrive alongside larger, more established restaurants on the main streets.

Vestiges of the neighborhood's German ancestry are harder to come by here than in nearby Lincoln Square, but a few outposts remain. The 30-year-old Mirabell Restaurant (3454 W. Addison St. 773-463-1962) has the feel of a neighborhood lodge in Dusseldorf or Bremen, with a wood-trimmed dining room festooned with decorative beer steins. Don't come here looking for a just a light snack-the menu of Deutschland delights is heavy on meaty schnitzels, wursts and sauerbraten, and the beer list is full of hearty European brews that could serve as meals unto themselves.

It's not a Chicago neighborhood without at least half-a-dozen pizzerias, and Irving Park is no exception. The ubiquitous Leona's (3877 N Elston Ave, 773-267-7287) chain has a branch here, serving up pies ranging from reliable pepperoni to less common fare like broccoli chicken Alfredo. The eight-page menu also encompasses massive portions of cheese-dripping pasta, plus wings, ribs, and seafood dishes for more Americanized diners. If you prefer your Italian a little more intimate, head north to The Baked Tomato (4358 N Elston Ave, 773-777-6434), a charming, seldom-crowded enclave that qualifies as not only a fantastic Irving Park restaurant, but one of the city's hidden gems. The eclectic menu runs from nutmeg-accented lasagna to a Friday night fish fry, but it's hard to beat their ultra-thick deep dish pizzas.

The past decade or so has seen a boom in Latin-American cuisine in Irving Park, and C-Manny's Mexican Restaurant (3641 W Irving Park Rd, 773-583-1590) is pretty much the mothership in these parts. You'll find all of the old standbys like enchiladas and taco platters, as well as some killer margaritas. Personally, we're partial to the seafood selection. There's just something about red snapper drenched in a tangy tomato sauce that makes all distractions fade into the background.

Irving Park isn't quite trendy enough to support a thriving vegetarian scene, but it is home to the Dharma Garden (3109 W Irving Park Rd, 773-588-9140). Offering one of the largest vegetarian menus in the city with an emphasis on delicious Thai cuisine, Dharma is great for dining in or delivery. From the fried orange tofu and vegetable shower entrees to the pineapple curry with veggie duck, this Irving Park restaurant rates high on our list of favorite vegetarian joints to visit in the city.

The northwest side can be a bleak place for coffee connoisseurs, so Irving Park Road's abundance of beaneries makes for a welcome oasis. You've got your usual Starbucks (4365 W Irving Park Rd, 773-736-5226), of course, this one occupying a shady corner just right for outdoor seating. A quirkier sipping experience can be had at Java Thai (4272 W Irving Park Rd, 773-545-6200), a cozy neighborhood spot distinguished by its sweet Thai-style coffees and teas and its line-up of live folk and country musicians. Cafe Versailles (4102 N Pulaski Ave, 773-283-8891) is another cozy Irving Park favorite featuring fresh crepes, freshly brewed coffee, and just the right atmosphere to read, study, or relax with friends.

What happen when you want pizza, your significant other craves a Danish pastry and your friend is in dire need of coffee? Look no further than La Pane (2954 W Irving Park Rd, 773-539-5321) to take care of any group's diverse cravings. This neighborhood secret delivers mouthwatering pastries like their strawberry cheese strudel and maple pecan Danish right alongside sundried tomato bread and authentic pizza. No need to fear about a place that does both pizza and pastries. La Pane knows how to do everything they offer exceptionally well. Your taste buds will send you a thank you card.

Best Shopping Stops

While not a major shopping district-nearby Chicago neighborhoods like Lakeview and Lincoln Square dominate the boutique and antique scenes-Irving Park residents have plenty of staples close at hand, with a few oddities in the mix.

Whether you're a bicycle enthusiast or just a casual pedaler, Get a Grip Cycles (4359 W Irving Park Rd, 773-427-4747) will meet your needs. The spacious shop offers a wide range of bicycles and parts, plus tune-up and repair services for your beat-up old Huffy. Get a Grip also hosts fitness clinics and repair classes, but be careful-it doesn't take much to push bicycling from a harmless hobby to a full-fledged lifestyle. And speaking of the sporting life, links lovers have a habitat of their own at Ace Golf Pro Shop (3359 W Irving Park Rd, 773-463-8333). You'll find name-brand clubs, balls, bags and all of the necessary accoutrements for a 'good walk spoiled.'

The area's linchpin for outdoors enthusiasts is Farmers' Market Garden Center (4110 N Elston Ave, 773-539-1200), a massive resource for seeds, bulbs, landscaping equipment and all the other elements necessary for beautifying your yard space. If you doubt your green thumb or your eye for design, this Irving Park store also offers landscaping consultation and installation.

If you haven't kicked the habit, or have no desire to do so, The Tobacconist (3524 W Irving Park Rd, 773-463-8468) runs the gamut of cigars, cigarettes, pipes and lighters. It's a godsend for those who take their smoking too seriously to be satisfied with the selection at the corner gas station. If you're more inclined to avoid temptation, Chicago Bibles & Books (3931 W Irving Park Rd, 773-478-0550) might provide you with the inspiration you need to stay the course. And while its mass appeal (no pun intended) may be restricted to worship-leaders, House of Hansen Religious Goods (4223 W Irving Park Rd, 773-736-5858) is noteworthy as one of the Midwest's best-known retailers of custom-made religious vestments and clerical outfits.

This is not one of Chicago's prime fashion districts, but you'll find a smattering of Irving Park salons and spas. One of the more interesting entries is Dog House of Beauty (3806 W Irving Park Rd, 773-588-8586), a full-service grooming parlor for pampered canines. If your companion needs a nail trim, a shampoo or a couple of decorative bows, this is the place to bring your four-legged friend. If you're up for a shopping adventure, Village Discount Outlet (4027 N Kedzie, 866-545-3836) and Unique Thrift Store (3748 N Elston, 773-279-0850) provide plenty of racks to scurry through, with great deals and hidden fashion gems around every corner.

If traditional forms of beautification don't grab you, perhaps you'd feel more at home at one of Irving Park's several tattoo parlors. Top spots for the ink-inclined include Twisted Tattoo (4168 N Elston Ave, 773-866-0100), a classic shop that manages to balance sexy sleaze with sterile safety and Top Hat Tattoo (4262 W Irving Park Rd, 773-725-7239), a slightly more reserved shop to get your tats.

The Irving Park neighborhood offers a couple of options for compulsive collectors and hobbyists. Bart's Coins & Collectibles (3939 N Pulaski Rd, 773-539-8907) is a refuge for lovers of shiny metal, carrying a deep catalog of out-of-circulation curiosities from decades past. Forever Timeless Hobby Shop (4438 W Belmont, 773-545-6959) has every possible model, die cast and supplies for your chosen hobby with a friendly staff who know no limits when it comes to helping you find exactly what you need.

Handy types don't lack for outlets in Irving Park, with a variety of small hardware stores in the neighborhood and a massive Home Depot just a short bus ride up Elston away. Heavy-duty projects might necessitate a trip to Bird Ladder (4361 N Elston Ave, 773-725-1270), the flagship store of one of the Midwest's leading purveyors of ladders (obviously), power tools, fasteners, and other tricks of the home improvement trade.

And if none of those places suit your particular needs, we've long been of the opinion that if you can't find it at either Target (2939 W Addison St, 773-604-7681) or K-Mart (5033 N Elston Ave, 773-685-1121), you don't really need it.

Night on the Town

While Irving Park is by and large a quiet community, lovers of the nightlife can still find plenty to do when the sun goes down. Most of the action hews to the main drags, but there are plenty of humble pubs and clubs tucked away down side streets as well.

The Abbey Pub (3420 W Grace St, 773-478-4408) is probably Irving Park's biggest draw for non-residents. One of Chicago's best-loved music spots, the Abbey is basically two venues housed under the same roof. One side of the building is an old country-style pub, serving tap Guinness and Irish cuisine while soccer games play on big screen TVs and Irish folk bands strike up the dance. The other side is a spacious performance area that draws local and national indie rock and Hip Hop acts. It's the ideal hybrid for those nights when you can't decide if you feel like hitting a neighborhood bar.

In-the-know music fans have long regarded Fantasy Lounge (4400 N Elston Ave, 773-685-8083) as one of the city's best-kept secrets. This decidedly unpretentious joint hosts live bands most nights of the week and never charges a cover. Call ahead if you don't like to gamble on your evening's entertainment, as acts range from rock to jazz to Hip Hop, plus a monthly appearance by Ronnie Vegas, the northwest side's premiere Elvis tribute artist.

Otherwise, most Irving Park taverns fall squarely into the neighborhood and/or dive bar categories. If you're looking for a somewhat quieter Irish experience, hit the sizable patio at Paddy Mac's (4157 N Pulaski Rd, 773-279-9300). True night owls can rave on 'til four or five in the morning at the venerable Joe E's Unforgettable Lounge (4206 W Irving Park Rd, 773-283-3422). Sports fans looking for the latest scores might swing by Black Tooth's Sports Bar (4342 N Elston Ave, 773-592-5919), a friendly hangout with a modern decor, or join in a friendly round of darts up the street at McGill's Bar and Grill (4553 N Pulaski Rd, 773-478-6096). A word of warning: the neighborhood's relatively close proximity to Wrigley Field means this is by and large Cubs country, so Sox and Cards fans root at their own risk.

Irving Park is also home to Marie's Golden Cue (3241 W Montrose Ave, 773-478-2555) a highly regarded pool and billiards hall unique for its no-alcohol policy. Of course, the lack of liquor doesn't make this Chuck E. Cheese-it's just as smoky and seedy as any self-respecting pool hall ought to be-but it does tend to attract players who are truly serious about shooting some stick.

Walking through the sleepy streets of Irving Park, you'd never suspect that the passersby harbor a secret desire to dance. If you already have your moves down and just need a good spot to show them off, head over to Ethnic Dance Chicago, Friday nights at the Latvian Community Center (4146 N Elston Ave, 773-588-2085). The group highlights a hearty blend of folk dances from around the globe, from familiar moves like polkas and jigs to more mysterious maneuvers like the kujawiak and the tsamikos.

Mark Your Calendar

In Chicago, summer is the season for neighborhood festivals, and Irving Park's contribution is Benfest, the annual outdoor festival hosted by St. Benedict Parish (2215 W Irving Park Rd, 773-588-6484). A can't-miss event for locals for more than three decades, the two-day, mid-July party features live music and plenty of food and beer, plus activities for the kids. Coming just a week after the city's barrage of Fourth of July events, this relatively reserved revelry is an ideal way to keep the party rolling while taking it down a notch.

Getting Around

The tree-lined streets of Irving Park are among the prettiest walking routes in Chicago, but the neighborhood stretches on far enough to make hoofing it prohibitive for long hauls. Taxis are not unheard of on main thoroughfares like Irving Park Road and Montrose Avenue, but the cabbies tend to linger around neighborhoods where they can make better bank.

Thankfully, the CTA presence in Irving Park is considerable. The rail access that attracted the neighborhood's founders still comes in handy today. You can grab the Blue Line 'El' at the intersection of Irving Park and Pulaski roads for an easy trip south to downtown or north to O'Hare airport. Bus service is steady and frequent, with routes running along all of the neighborhood's main drags. The #152 up Addison can be both a blessing and a curse-Cubs fans love the easy convenience of hopping the bus for a three-mile trip that drops them right at Wrigley Field's front gate. During the season commuters are less enamored of the prospect of sharing a standing-room only bus with a horde of beery tourists on game days, which is why most Addison commuters keep a Cubs schedule in their pockets and plan alternate routes accordingly.

Generally speaking, owning a car in Irving Park is no problem. Street parking is fairly abundant in most areas, and the Kennedy Expressway (I-90) runs right through the 'hood for easy commuter access. Bicycling in the neighborhood is generally safe and easy, especially on Elston Avenue's devoted bike lane. As with any part of Chicago, it's smart to wear a helmet, since drivers are not always paying attention to the two-wheelers with which they share the road.

School's in Session

The following is a selection of some of the bare necessities Irving Park residents can find in the neighborhood.

Chicago Public Library Independence Branch - 3548 W Irving Park Rd - (312) 744-0900
Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282
US Post Office - 3750 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 539-6210



CVS Pharmacy - 3411 W Addison St - (773) 279-8005
CVS - 3343 W Montrose Ave - (773) 279-2929
Osco Drug - 4051 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 871-2611
Walgreens - 3153 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 588-9123



Kindred Hospital Chicago North - 2544 W Montrose Ave - (773) 267-2622

Grocery Stores

3 R's Oriental Food - 2712 W Montrose Ave - (773) 478-2599
A to Z Things - 4009 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 583-8622
Adreans Food Market - 3258 W Montrose Ave - (773) 539-3889
Balkan Flavor - 3752 W Montrose Ave - (773) 463-4757

Cermak Produce - 4234 N Kedzie - (773)847-1100
Daniel's Grocery - 3101 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-8575
El Eardin Food Market - 2837 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 583-3044
Green Valley Grocery - 3424 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-8044
J&P Fine Foods & Meats - 3501 W Montrose Ave - (773) 478-2616
Jewel - 3570 N Elston Ave - (773) 583-9150
Tony's Finer Foods - 4137 N Elston Ave - (773) 866-0010


Curves - 3701 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 267-2223
DMSfit - 3648 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 531-2288
Irving Park YMCA - 4251 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 777-7500
Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club - 2501 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-4161
Snap Fitness - 4504 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 930-3424


Ethnic Dance Chicago - 4146 N Elston Ave - (773) 463-2288
Irish American Heritage Center - 4626 N Knox Ave - (773) 282-7035
Marie's Golden Cue - 3241 W Montrose Ave - (773) 478-2555

Benfest - 2215 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 868-3010

California Park - 3843 N California Ave - (773) 478-2609
Horner Park - 2741 W Montrose Ave - (773) 478-3499
Independence Park - 3945 N Springfield Ave
Revere Park - 2509 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-1220


Ace Golf Pro Shop - 3359 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-8333
Bart's Coins & Collectibles - 3939 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 539-8907
Bird Ladder - 4361 N Elston Ave - (773) 725-1270
Chicago Bibles & Books - 3931 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-0550
Dog House of Beauty - 3803 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 588-8586
Dollar Tree - 2931 W Addison St - (773) 478-3429
Family Dollar Store - 3748 N Elston Ave - (773) 588-3241
Family Dollar Store - 3601 W Montrose Ave - (773) 583-2939
Farmers' Market Garden Center - 4110 N Elston Ave - (773) 539-1200
Get a Grip Cycles - 4359 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 427-4747
House of Hansen Religious Goods - 4223 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 736-5858
K-Mart - 5033 N Elston Ave - (773) 685-1121
Target - 2939 W Addison St - (773) 604-7681
The Tobacconist - 3524 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-8468
Top Hat Tattoo - 4262 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 725-7239
Twisted Tattoo- 4168 N Elston Ave - (773) 866-0100


American Cuisine
Alex's - 3125 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-0133
Bread & Wine -3721 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 866-5266
Brisku's Bistro & Bar - 4100 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 279- 9141
Golden Nugget Pancake House - 3234 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 267-1987
McNamara's - 4328 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 725-1800
Sunshine Restaurant - 3523 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 267-1578
VIP Restaurant - 3254 W Montrose Ave - (773) 588-2727

Asian Cuisine
Arun's Restaurant - 4156 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 539-1909
Chang's Chinese Restaurant - 3718 N Elston Ave - (773) 588-6906
Dhammaragsar Thai Cuisine - 3109 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 588-9140
Dharma Garden Thai - 3109 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 588-9140
Guey Lon Restaurant - 3968 N Elston Ave - (773) 267-1724
Thai Thai Restaurant - 3922 N Elston Ave - (773) 478-1079
Wing Chong Restaurant - 4077 N Elston Ave - (773) 588-3808

Coffee shops
Cafe Versailles - 4102 N Pulaski Ave -(773) 283-8891
Java Thai - 4272 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 545-6200
Ladybug Book Cafe - 4305 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 293-6337
Starbucks - 4365 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 736-5226

Fast Food
Beef & Burger - 4148 W Montrose Ave - (773) 685-4960
Chicken Works & Salad Company - 3658 W Irving Rd - (773) 588-5488
McDonald's -3615 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-1585
Munchies & More - 3678 N Elston Ave - (773) 583-7882
Susie's - 4126 W Montrose Ave - (773) 283-6544

Mirabell Restaurant - 3454 W Addison St - (773) 463-1962

Italian Cuisine

La Villa Restaurant Pizzeria & Banquet - 3632 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 283-7980
Leona's - 3877 N Elston Ave 773-267-7287
Sabatino's Restaurant & Lounge - 4441 W Irving Park Rd - (773)283-8331

Latin Cuisine
D'Candela - 4053 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 478-0819
La Brasa Roja -3125 W Montrose - (773) 866-2252
La Humita - 3466 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 794- 9672
La Oaxaquena - 3382 N Milwaukee Ave - (773) 545-8585
Mi Ciudad Restaurant - 3041 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 866-2066

Mediterranean Cuisine
Boem - 3912 W Montrose Ave - (773) 463-1407
Zebda - 4344 N Elston Ave - (773) 545-7000

Mexican Cuisine
C-Manny's Mexican Restaurant - 3641 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 583-1590
Cafe Del Mondo - 3152 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 539-3919

El Potosi- 3710 N Elston Ave - (773) 463-2517

Famous Taco Burrito - 2817 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 583-1517
Fast Burrito - 3414 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 279-9430
Rocky's Tacos - 3111 W Montrose Ave - (773) 604-5067
Taqueria El Primo - 4317 N Elston Ave - (773) 942-6194

Bellonas Pizza - 3447 W Montrose Ave - (773) 588-8500
Giorgio's Pizza - 2800 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 509-0939
Little Caesars Pizza - 3443 W Addison St 773-478-9081
Nancy's Pizza - 3970 N Elston Ave - (773) 267-8182
Shamino's Pizza - 2800 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 509-0939
Tano's Pizzeria - 3038 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-3070


Cuenca Bakery - 4229 W Montrose Ave - (773) 777-2105
Le Parisien - 4140 N Kolmar Ave - (773) 725-3500
Little Bucharest Bistro - 3661 N Elston Ave - (773) 604-8500
Pomera Bakery - 4304 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 545-6411

Serbian Cuisine
Serbian Village Restaurant - 3144 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-2900
Skadarlija Restaurant - 4024 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 463-5600

Bars and Clubs

The Abbey Pub - 3420 W Grace St - (773) 478-4408

Bill's Pub - 4104 N Pulaski Ave - (773) 202-0020
Black Tooth Sports Bar - 4342 N Elston Ave - (773) 592- 5919
Brisku's Bistro & Bar - 4100 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 279-9141
Christina's Place - 3759 N Kedzie Ave - (773) 463-1768
Club Mambo - 3336 N Milwaukee Ave - (773) 481-2050
Fantasy Lounge - 4400 N Elston Ave - (773) 685-8083
Fuller's Pub II - 3203 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 478-8060
Independence Tap - 3932 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 588-2385
Joe E's Unforgettable Lounge - 4206 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 283-3422
Lizard's Liquid Lounge - 3058 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 463-7599
Matich Milenko Tavern - 3135 W Montrose Ave - (773) 463-2771
McGill's Bar and Grill - 4553 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 478-6096
Old Irving Park Sports Bar & Grill - 4217 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 725-5595
Paddy Mac's - 4157 N Pulaski Rd - (773) 279-9300
Pitchfork - 2922 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 866-2010
Sidekicks - 4424 W Montrose Ave - (773) 545-6212

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