Jeffery Manor

Jeffrey Manor is an atypical Chicago neighborhood because the curving street layout differs from the rest of Chicago. Rather than grid-straight city blocks, Jeffrey Manor pushes the envelope with roads that seem more the path of a suburban community than an urban metropolis. The wide, winding drives create a lot of extra space for green areas, trees and even real backyards (the kind you have to cut with an actual lawnmower). A smattering of new construction homes are going up throughout Jeffrey Manor that have attracted first-time buyers and growing families to the area. The neighborhood's solid shopping district and close proximity to major Chicago highways complete the package, making this south side setting a great place to live.

Jeffrey Manor Facts

Location: About 16 miles south of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: South Deering, Pill Hill, Calumet Heights
Boundaries: 95th Street to the north, Manistee Avenue to the east, 101st Street to the south and Van Vissingen Road to the west

Then and Now

Jeffrey Manor is a subdivision of the South Deering community. It wasn’t until the economic and population boom after World War II that Jeffrey Manor separated from South Deering as a well-inhabited neighborhood in its own right. Basically, the end of World War II created housing needs for the multitude of returning soldiers and their new families. Formerly a waste site for slag and other industrial by-products, Jeffrey Manor was cleaned up during the mid 1940s and turned into a residential haven for our country’s war heroes. Originally sectioned off into Merrionette Manor and Jeffrey Manor, these two subdivisions were eventually folded into just one—Jeffrey Manor.

The unconventional streets of Jeffrey Manor were constructed with curves and complete loops, which is a departure from the typical Chicago grid where every intersection creates a right angle. This quirky street pattern gives Jeffrey Manor a unique character that its residents are endeared to, but it can also prove to be a mild frustration to those Chicagoans not from the Manor who get lost the second they leave the familiar simplicity of 'the grid.'

Since Jeffrey Manor’s heyday in the 1940s, the neighborhood has seen some changes. Home owners are fiercely proud of their properties, but the neighborhood as a whole has seen better days. It is through community outreach and new economic growth that Jeffrey Manor is beginning to turn itself around again. Culturally, businesses like Da Book Joint are reaching out to residents through art and creativity. Meanwhile, the church influence is also strong in Jeffrey Manor, as are the hands of area volunteers. Jeffrey Manor is changing from a neighborhood who looks back on its past with fondness and longing to one that looks to its future with enthusiasm and devotion.


You don’t need to travel far to find open green space in Jeffrey Manor. This south side residential enclave is a quiet, cozy neighborhood with two parks that are perfect for a family day out in the sun or a private place to walk or read.

Originally established in 1959 on Jeffrey Manor’s west side, the playground at Merrill Park (2154 E 97th St, 312-742-7529) now sports a new soft-surface lot with up-to-date jungle gym equipment and nearby benches, affording a spot where parents can unload the young’uns while they take a load off. When the kids are tired out and heated up from the endless hours of playing, send them over to the spray pool to cool off (sorry grown-ups, it’s 'kids only'). Before everything’s packed up for home, join a pick-up game of baseball in the field or set up some T-ball for the little ones.

Merrill Park may be Jeffrey Manor’s west side playground, but the east side has its own outdoor recreation hotspot. Bradley Park (9729 S Yates Ave, 312-747-6022) was built in 1958 but has undergone continual updates throughout the years. This popular playground and sports-friendly park was first known as 'Bensley Park' after a nearby Jeffrey Park street name. Then, in 1989 the park was renamed Bradley Park after Josephine Bradley, a local resident and community activist. The youngest of the family will get a kick out of Early Bird Camp and Day Camp, while teens can play in Bradley’s summer baseball leagues. The park’s quarter-mile jogging path snakes around the baseball diamonds and tennis courts and swings by the onsite community meeting hall. If you plan in advance with the Chicago Park District, small productions and town meetings can be held in the small auditorium for little to no charge.

Jeffery Manor Real Estate

The rambling, curving streets of Jeffrey Manor are reminiscent to the sprawling boulevards of suburbia. And like much of suburban Chicago, this city neighborhood is mostly residential with a spot or two of parkland. Jeffrey Manor is currently undergoing economic growth and development, which is apparent in some of the new-construction homes going up in the area. Its proximity to downtown and major transportation routes makes Jeffrey Manor a desirable neighborhood for folks who want to be on the edge of the city—but not in the thick of it.

The streets of Jeffrey Manor neighborhood are lined with a mixture of housing options and architectural designs, most of which are one- and two-story single-family homes. There are quaint redbrick bungalows surrounded by lush foliage including towering trees and neatly-trimmed hedges in addition to the raised ranches with back garages. Split-levels and traditional frame houses round out the neighborhood blocks. While many of the properties in Jeffrey Manor are well-kept with regular home repairs and carefully manicured lawns, there are several dwellings sprinkled throughout that are uninhabited (meaning you may see a board or two in the windows).

Although most of the lots offer detached single-family houses, Jeffrey Manor does have a number of townhomes and half-duplexes that range from $50,000 to $190,000. The average sales price for a two-bedroom detached home is around $96,000 with some properties costing as much as $143,000. A three-bedroom place will run you around $121,000 on average, although houses this size start as low as $68,000 in this south side Chicago neighborhood.

Best Shopping Stops

Though mostly residential, Jeffrey Manor still has some fun shopping stops within its borders. The neighborhood’s main thoroughfare is 95th Street, along which you can find all the essentials from stylish shoes to the newest video games.

Is there a gamer in the house? Our guess—seeing as this is the 21st century—there is bound to be at least one member of the household who is hooked on getting the most up-to-date video gaming system, and then playing it until their eyes bug out of their head…. Anyway, they’ll love checking in at Game Stop (1725 E 95th St, 773-374-6431) for the newest Nintendo Wii games for the best prices, along with titles for every other video game system out there. It doesn’t matter if you want to get old-school with Mario Brother’s games or try your hand at the latest Play Station 3 venture—Game Stop will have it. Here’s a tip: flip through the 'gently used' rack; you can find some pretty amazing deals.

When the games get boring—like that will ever happen—okay, so when you need a break from your usual pastime, grab a great book from Da Book Joint (9527 S Jeffrey Ave, 773-978-3555). A new bookstore to Jeffrey Manor, Da Book Joint specializes in African American titles. The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable, and there is always fresh complimentary coffee for the taking while you’re browsing the shelves or sitting down with your laptop to use the Wi-Fi service. Be sure to check out a Thursday night Cypher Open Mic where all the up-and-coming poets of Jeffrey Manor hang out and speak up.

Ashely Stewart (1631 E 95th St, 773-933-5355) is an all-purpose, fashion-forward shop for the ladies. Instead of running around to six different stores, you can grab a sleek, affordable business suit, a summer halter top, and even a cute pair of socks all at once at this trendy neighborhood boutique. The best part about this place is the price tag. Stopping by Ashley Stewart might make your closet bulge, but it won’t empty your wallet. A.J. Wright (1709 East 95th St, 773-731-3404) dishes out the best deals on apparel for the entire family. Often, you’ll be able to find name-brand items for 70 percent off the normal price tag. That means the teens in the family can get cool new school outfits… but mom and dad won’t be caught wearing last year’s digs either!

How about the perfect shoes to go with those cute new clothes? Then head over to Chernin’s Shoe Outlet (2101 E 95th St, 773-731-0077) where the shelves are stocked with a wide selection of footwear from business casual pumps to loud club-hopping heels. With the word 'outlet' in the name you know this place offers customers some outstanding prices on the merchandise—there aren’t many places in Chicago where the entire family can get news shoes and spend less than a hundred bucks.

Getting Around

There’s no need to worry about getting around in Jeffrey Manor. Whether you’re biking about the neighborhood, driving over to the grocery store, or hopping on the closest CTA bus or train, there are plenty of ways to get where you’re going.

The Chicago Skyway (I-90) is pretty close to the neighborhood, but the closest entrance is just southeast of Jeffrey Manor, so expect to drive a few minutes to get over to the interstate. A little tip: The Skyway is a tollway, so keep some change in the car, or purchase an IPASS if you plan to be on this expressway a lot. I-90 will turn into I-90/94 (Kennedy Expressway) as it travels north through the entirety of Chicago. It will take a good 30-60 minutes on the expressway to get to the Loop, depending on rush hour traffic and construction (which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2007).

Want to avoid the fast-paced transit of Chicago’s highways altogether? Then jump on the 95th Street bus (#95) and take it about 10 minutes west of Jeffrey Manor to the end of the CTA Red Line station at 95th Street and the Dan Ryan. The #95 bus also stops by the Metra Electric Main Line train, which has a stop at 95th Street and then continues all the way into the Loop.

School’s in Session

Jeffrey Manor has several schooling options for all ages from tiny tots to young adults. Neighborhood elementary and high schools range from public to private to religious academies. In addition to the following list, you can find out more information about the community’s and the rest of Chicago’s educational facilities at our Chicago Guide Schools page.

Anthony Elementary School - 9800 S Torrence Ave - (773) 535-6526
Burnham Elementary School - 1903 E 96th St - (773) 535-6530
Burnham Goldsmith Public School - 10211 S Crandon Ave - (773) 535-6524
Lawrence Elementary School - 9928 S Crandon Ave - (773) 535-6320
Our Lady Gate of Heaven School - 2330 E 99th St - (773) 978-1145

Basic Needs

The errands of everyday life are easily accomplished in and around Jeffrey Manor. Here’s a list of the ins and outs of daily life in the neighborhood.
Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282

Emergency Room

Emergency Room Physicians Group - 2320 E 93rd St - (773) 978-2424

Grocery Store

Jewel Osco - 1655 East 95th Street - (773) 731-9086


Slender MS Health Club - 9547 S Jeffrey Ave - (773) 374-7982


Jeffrey Manor Public Library - 2401 E 100th St - (312) 747-6479


Jewel Osco - 1655 East 95th Street - (773) 731-9086
Walgreens - 2011 E 95th St - (773) 731-8291


2255 E 103rd St - (312) 747-8205

When the weekend rolls around, Jeffrey Manor is ready for it. We’ve compiled a selection of stores and restaurants to check out when you’re out exploring what this south side Chicago neighborhood has to offer.


Skyway Lanes - 2059 E 95th St - (773) 768-2525


Ace Hardware - 2101 E 95th St - (773) 978-4566
A.J. Wright - 1709 East 95th St - (773) 731-3404
Ashley Stewart - 1631 E 95th St - (773) 933-5355
Avon Products - 2249 E 95th St - (773) 734-1388
Chernin’s Shoe Outlet - 2101 E 95th St - (773) 731-0077
Classic Fashions - 2059 E 95th St - (773) 768-2525
Da Book Joint - 9527 S Jeffrey Ave - (773) 978-3555
Game Stop - 1725 E 95th St - (773) 374-6431
Rent-A-Center 2016 E 95th St - (773) 374-5000


Royal Lounge - 9924 S Torrence Ave - (773) 978-1990

American Cuisine
Quick & Weenie - 2411 E 100th St - (773) 221-4132
Sharks Fish & Chicken - 2027 E 95th St - (773) 374-6650
Sunrise Fast Food - 9938 S Torrence Ave - (773) 731-3755

Asian Cuisine
Kwei Lin Carry-Out - 2057 E 95th St - (773) 734-5605

There’s a lot of mystery involved in searching for a new home-it starts with the property and expands outward to encompass the street, the block, the neighborhood, the entire city! Every little thing matters from the color of the walls to the attractions of the town. That’s why a guide like this one on Jeffrey Manor is so helpful to potential homebuyers. Without leaving the comfort of your desktop computer or laptop, you’ve got an extensive pool of information on all of Chicago’s neighborhoods that includes first-hand descriptions of dining, entertainment, shopping, bars, and events, in addition to lists of schools, hospitals, post offices, and gyms. We’ve done all the research to carefully craft this one-stop online spot, and create your hub for the real deal on Jeffrey Manor. So as soon as a Chicago loft, condo, townhome or house catches your eye, you know where to come for the low down on the digs around that prime piece of real estate.