Lakeview East

A unique and eclectic north side neighborhood brimming with independent businesses, artistic minds, and a vibrant LGBT population - Lakeview East has it all. World-class nightlife, community-mindedness and serene lake views make this district the ideal home for young families, recent grads, creative professionals, and everyone in between. Lakeview East's location along the water is one of the neighborhood's signature qualities. Lake Michigan's beautiful beaches and lakefront trails give way to Belmont Harbor where Chicagoans store their yachts and sailboats between excursions. An off-leash dog beach allows our four-legged friends to run free and a bird sanctuary is the main stopover for our feathered friends flying south for the winter. The housing in Lakeview East is a marriage of high-rise residential buildings, vintage condos and rehabbed lofts, with an assortment of single-family homes thrown in the mix. Off the neighborhood side streets are block after block of restaurants, bars, retail, theaters, and other businesses. In the summer months Lakeview East is flooded with a full calendar of art festivals, outdoor markets, garden walks, and the very popular Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

Then and Now

Once upon a time Clark Street-then known as Green Bay Trail-was a path used by the Miami, Ottawa and Winnebago tribes. The Native Americans settled the northern banks of the Chicago River, and by 1837 the bands found a neighbor in Conrad Sulzer, the first non-native to settle the area, who would become a prominent figure in Lakeview East's history. In 1853, a majestic hotel was built right on the lakeshore, the owners racked their brains for the perfect name, spending days pacing the length of the hotel's portico. Finally it was determined that the answer was right under their noses, in the unbroken panoramic view of Lake Michigan. They settled upon Hotel Lake View and most concur that the township eventually adopted the title from the grand hotel. Four years later, Sulzer was elected to become the first assessor of the Lake View Township.

Soon the hotel was overflowing with refuges from a Chicago cholera epidemic. The influx of city residents became so enamored with the crisp country air and breathtaking waterfront vistas that they purchased homesteads in the area. To accommodate the growing population, a plank road was constructed named Lake View Plank Road (now called Broadway)-the godfather of the suburban highway system as we know it.

By the 1880s industrial growth entered this quaint, north side farming region that prided itself as the celery capital of the world. Eventually, due to manufacturing, real estate, and commercial booms, the town of Lake View was folded into Chicago city proper. By the onset of the 1890s, the new borough experienced a phenomenal surge in residential construction-that period now accounts for over 43 percent of the community's present-day housing. The dramatic increase in population resulted in a thriving business district, still evident today.

The bustling north side Chicago neighborhood experienced its next major change in 1970, when the city's first Gay Pride parade marched through the region, unofficially declaring parts of Chicago's Lakeview East neighborhood a haven for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transgender) community. This meta-neighborhood, lined with rainbow flags and commonly referred to as 'Boystown,' sits on par with San Francisco's Castro and Massachusetts' Provincetown as one of the foremost cultural and political hubs in America. The eclectic gay population contributes to Lakeview East's reputation as one of the most vibrant and progressive neighborhoods in Chicago.

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Some would say Chicagoans have it rough. We spend all winter bundled up, hiding from the elements and dreaming of the sunshine. By the time the mercury rises, we deserve an urban oasis on every corner. Maybe that's why the city puts so much pride in its outdoor spaces.

One of Lakeview East's parks shares Chicago's largest park-with over 1,200 acres-Lincoln Park (2045 N Lincoln Park West, 312-742-7726) is a better embodiment of 'big and green' than the Incredible Hulk himself. Plenty of paths for walking, biking, hiking, and jogging snake through the entirety of this parkland giant, and the section that runs along Lakeview East's neighborhood borders is no exception. In addition to the afore mentioned activities, we sometimes like to just sit for a bit and gaze at the boats bobbing up and down in the harbor.

But around these parts, the park has literally gone to the dogs. The Belmont Harbor Dog Beach was not built by the city, but by the enthusiasm of Chicago dog owners, a lack of pet-friendly beaches, and a convenient overflow of sand. Lake Michigan's wave action created a tiny strip of beach here, and the city agreed to let Fido have his way, as long as he's kept on a leash. This fenced in area is perfect for pooches as the currents are mild and the nearest boat slips are dozen of yards away.

It's not all puppy-play along this stretch of Lincoln Park. Chicago happens to sit smack in the middle of a migratory thruway for birds of all kinds. Every spring and fall, millions of birds consider Lake Michigan a pit-stop on journeys to and fro. Amateur bird-watchers and regular Joe looky-loos can peek into the Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary (near Belmont Harbor at 3550 N Lake Shore Dr) and watch owls, night herons, hawks, hummingbirds and even cuckoos rest up and flutter about. The fenced-in sanctuary is the only one in Chicago that does not allow the public inside, but don't worry, the six-acre haven is well-designed with plenty of viewing areas.

Nearby, where Addison Avenue meets Lakeshore Drive you'll find the city's beloved Kwagulth Totem Pole. Stacked atop each other, the piece depicts Kwanusila, the Thunderbird, of the Kwagulth Amerindian tribe, a sea monster, and a man riding a whale. The structure that stands today is a replacement of the original, which was presented to the city in 1929 by James L. Kraft, founder of Kraft Foods. When the original piece was returned to its tribe in 1985, Kraft Inc. (headquartered in the Chicago's Northfield suburb) was by this time the largest food company in North America and it commissioned a reproduction to be built by the same tribe as a gift for Chicago's school children.

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Lakeview East Real Estate

Lakeview East neighborhood truly offers a charmed existence and an amazing environment to call home. Residents here have a knack for gardening, and the fruits of their labor bloom up and down the elegant avenues of this attractive north side community. Gorgeous churches of all denominations preserve the historic character of the area, and stately wrought-iron fences trim the shady streets, resulting in an aesthetic vibe that is far more European that Midwestern.

Some of the most varied housing styles in Chicago real estate occupy the beautifully maintained tree-lined blocks of Lakeview East. A number of properties are from the days of yester-year, and some were built yesterday. Many are very expensive, and others are unbelievably affordable-but what they all have in common is their proximity to the hustle and bustle of downtown and the calming tranquility of the waterfront. This is what makes the Lakeview East real estate so desirable, all the city lights you need within a few miles, and all the sand and surf you could want within walking distance of your relaxing, lushly landscaped urban retreat.

This blissful marriage of convenience and privacy has been around this north side Chicago neighborhood for well over a century. After a shoreline drive was built back in the 1890s, two brothers decided they could make a bundle by building homes here with sprawling green lawns that still offered inhabitants close proximity to downtown. They started with their own homes and soon major architectural teams like Burnham & Root and Pond & Pond were throwing in their two cents. Today, this well-preserved block of West Hawthorne Place is a historical district, and proof positive that Lakeview East has boasted architectural magnificence for generations.

What's on the Menu?

In 1916, Chicago's most celebrated writer, Carl Sandburg, finally put pen to page about his city when he wrote the poem Chicago, in which he called his town 'City of the Big Shoulders.' Had Sandburg penned this description today, he probably would have referred to Chicago as the 'City of the Big Appetites.' Needless to say, whatever you're craving, you'll find it in Lakeview East restaurants in spades.

If you're looking for a restaurant that can fulfill your needs at different hours of the day, you should try Senza (2873 N Broadway St, 773-770-3527). In the early hours of the morning, Senza is known as Wheat's End Cafe. The restaurant caters to the early-birds with the aromas of fresh coffee from Bridgeport Coffee Company and gluten-free baked goods. In the evening, Senza becomes a casual but sophisticated restaurant to dine at. During this time, you can pair the modern American food with many of the different wines or cocktails they have to offer.

Are you looking for something more casual like burgers and beer? Kuma's Too (666 W Diversey Pkwy, 773-472-2666) is the place for you. Kuma's Too is the second location of the original bar Kuma's Corner, located in the Avondale neighborhood. This restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious burgers, but also provides customers with many sandwiches and salads to choose from. Kuma's Too goes out of its way to provide their customers with the best products from local and homegrown suppliers. So when you stop in to get a good burger or brew, you know you are supporting local purveyors.

Lakeview East restaurants are not shy with meatless options either. Meatless warriors can satisfy their appetites with Vegetarian Express (3109 N Halsted St, 773-880-9155). This tiny restaurant may not look like much, but it has a menu that can excite the inner vegetarian in everyone. You can find breakfast burritos, sandwiches, burgers, and ceviche. Vegeterian Express gives customers a warm and friendly atmosphere where they can enjoy their favorite meatless dishes.

Of course you can't forget a good sushi restaurant when browsing a neighborhood, that's why there is Anna's Asian Grill & Sushi Bar (1804-06 W Irving Park Rd, 773-975-3404). Here you'll find a great mix of Asian cuisine and different sushi favorites. You could also try their featured stuffed avocado dish. Another great thing about Anna's is that it's BYOB, which can help with anyone's budget.

But wait - there's more. If you have the taste for something more on the Mediterranean side, you'll enjoy Zizi's Cafe (2825 N Sheffield Ave, 773-697-9228). Zizi's Cafe is both a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant with food options that range from salads, sandwiches, wraps, and many Turkish specialties. You can tell the food is fresh and homemade because it is made right in front of your eyes.

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Best Shopping Stops

It's a good thing that Lakeview East has so many coffee spots, because we like to be wired when we hit the shops. The retail culture here offers a little something for everyone, and while the Magnificent Mile it isn't, this neighborhood plays host to many small independent businesses. But let's start with the mega-convenient shopping stop-namely, the mall.

When you have a mall like the Century Shopping Centre (2828 N. Clark St, 773-929-8100) so close by, it's hard to convince yourself to shop elsewhere. The six-story historic mall has all of the stores you've come to rely on, in addition to a L.A. Fitness (773-929-6900), Aveda Institute (773-883-1560) salon, and Landmark's Century Centre Cinema (773-509-4949)-enough to make a mall-rat out of the most well-intentioned consumer. Indeed, it is difficult to leave the beautiful building and embark on a whirlwind of shopping outdoors, but out there in the elements you'll find the best things about Lakeview East shopping are an abundance of trendy boutiques, specialty stores, and retro-chic consignment shops.

If the thrill of the discovery is too much to pass over-hey, we prefer to dig for our treasure, too-check out Threadless (3011 N Broadway St, 773-525-8640). Threadless is a fun and creative shop that provides all the t-shirts and hoodies one could imagine. Not only are there t-shirt designs for men and women, but Threadless also provides gear for kids, toddlers, and babies. The designs for their shirts come from local artists who submit their art to the company in hopes of having it displayed on a colorful t-shirt for all. If you are interested in supporting artists or looking for a great opportunity to display art yourself, then Threadless is the place for you.

If you prefer things with a little more vintage flair you'll love Strange Cargo (3448 N Clark St, 773-327-8090). When the shop first began in 1983, its primary purpose was to sell vintage clothing and shoes. Now, the shop provides vintage fashions from around the nation, bringing back clothing from many the staff's different travels. Strange Cargo moved up in the world by providing customized t-shirts to their customers. If you're looking for a vintage shop that caters to rock, goth, punk, and Japanese fashion, then you'll enjoy Hollywood Mirror (812 W Belmont Ave, 773-404-2044). The shop is based out in Japan - however, they set up shop here in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood to provide affordable and fun merchandise to local Chicagoans.

Now after all that shopping, you'll want to find a great shoe store for those feet of yours. If you're looking for a big store with many options to choose from, go ahead and stop into DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse (3131 N Clark St, 773-975-7182). For a smaller, cozy atmosphere to shop, don't miss Click Shoes & More (3729 N Southport Ave, 773-244-9141). Here you'll find different styles of boots, sandals, or heels that can be paired with your favorite outfit. Click provides fashionable and affordable shoes for the inner fashionista in you.

Want a more comfortable shoe that fulfills your running needs? You can stop into Universal Sole (3052 N Lincoln Ave, 773-868-0893). Universal Sole opened in Chicago in 1999 and moved to its Lakeview East location in 2006. The shop strives to provide for the demands of Chicago walkers, runners, and racers of all types. To help out their customers, Universal Sole gives their customers the proper information behind the different shoe styles and brands so that they can leave with the right shoes for them.

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Night on the Town

After lugging your purchases around all day, what better way to unwind than a good old-fashioned happy hour? Around these parts, happy hour happens anytime, and the droves of young people, cultural enthusiasts, and pub-junkies assure that a bar is never too far away.

Beer, games, and fun can be the description of Lakeview East's bar Headquarters Beercade (2833 N Sheffield, 773-665-5660). Headquarters offers beer, drinks, and free vintage arcade games to keep their guests amused. The bar is open every day throughout the year to keep the entertainment going.

If you are looking for more drinking and games, try and visit Guthrie's Tavern (1300 W Addison St, 773-477-2900). While drinking your favorite beer, you will find different board games to choose from. Whether it is Cards Against Humanity or Connect 4, Guthrie's will keep you entertained throughout the night.

In the summer months, we all want to enjoy a drink in a good beer garden. If you're looking for one of those then Sheffield's (3258 N Sheffield Ave, 773-281-4989) is your place. In the winter months, Sheffield's cozies things up with a fireplace. You can't forget the barbecue on the menu either. Whatever the season, Sheffield's has great food and beer for Lakeview East's population to enjoy.

More of a sport's bar type of person? You should visit Wills Northwoods Inn (3030 N Racine Ave, 773-528-4400). Named after William Henry Wheeler, this bar has different beers on draft and a food menu that could fill the biggest of beer bellies.

Sometimes grabbing a drink just isn't enough. When the weekend rolls around and you've had a bad day, when you're looking to meet someone special, or even just when you've caught a touch of dancing fever-you need to get yourself to a nightclub, stat. Most parts of Chicago have some sort of dance scene, but Lakeview East nightlife has the trump card-Boystown. Nobody does disco better, so get your booty over to one of these clubs, down some cocktails, and let the outside world drift away.

If you're looking for a fun night out to release some of that built up energy, try one of the hottest clubs in Lakeview East - Berlin (954 W Belmont Ave, 773-348-3975). This club creates a salad bowl of individuals, bringing together the diverse background that makes up Lakeview East. Berlin offers party people a welcoming atmosphere, great DJs to keep the dancing alive, and different events to choose from every day. Open late, even during the week, this club is packed with an eclectic group of individuals that will wear out your dancing shoes.

The nice folks at Charlie's (3726 N. Broadway, 773-871-8887) will be the first to admit that they aren't the prettiest game in town. What they lack in looks, they make up for in technology. We're talking state-of-the-art everything: From wall-of-sound audio equipment, to intelligent lighting over the dance-floor, Charlie's does right by the nightlife ideal. The place is ripe with great ideas, such as pioneering a country-music night. Need a little help learning the country western dance style? Charlie's put on free dance classes on Mondays and Wednesdays so you can spruce up your dance moves.

Are you someone who takes their tunes seriously when looking for a club? Smart Bar (3730 N Clark St, 773-549-0203) is the place for you then. This club is the place to go for great music, vibes, and service. Their DJ's give the crowds a mixture of sounds, ranging from hip-hop, electro, house music, and more. A long night of dancing is in store for anyone who steps foot in the door at Smart Bar.

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Sometimes your cultural itch catches up with you, and your brain starts demanding things like foreign films, avant-garde theatre, and comedy. Good thing you're in Lakeview East-the only thing they do better here than nightlife is cultural enlightenment.

So you love independent and foreign films, but you hate squeezing into the tiny, uncomfortable seats of closet-sized arthouse theaters? Your luxuriously spacious historic answer is Landmark Century Centre Cinema (2828 N Clark St, 773-509-4949). The Arabesque facade and grand marquee are a welcome dose of the Golden Days. Landmark provides for all your movie tastes, from independent, 3-D movies, avant-garde films, and modern films, you will find whatever you're looking for. Even hosting major film festivals throughout the year, Landmark Cinema is raising the bar on all of those overpriced, stale-popcorn peddling, first-run megaplexes.

Sometimes you're just looking for a venue that prides itself in hosting independent and foreign films. If that is the case, then Music Box Theatre (3733 N Southport Ave, 773-871-6604) is the place to be. For twenty years, Music Box has been the hot spot for independent and foreign film debuts and is even considered to have the largest theater space in Chicago. From its midnight movie showings, and its concession that still puts real butter on its popcorn, Music Box is a theater that will provide great movies to its customers.

Do you have the blues? If so, step right into the Briar Street Theatre (3133 N. Halsted St, 773-348-4000). From humble beginnings as a horse stable and carriage house for Marshall Field's delivery service, this historic space has become a landmark theater. Home to the Blue Man Group since before they became the international sensation they are today, Briar Street is the place to take every single one of your out-of-town visitors.

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Mark Your Calendar

Now that you know where to eat, shop, drink, party, and perform-it's time you learn the secret of Lakeview East. We know you've been asking yourself how one neighborhood is able to provide everything you want, need, and dream of? The simple answer is that there is an unprecedented sense of community here. Almost every business takes an active part in the area's enrichment, and they pass the perks on to the residents. This means that when the locals get together to celebrate, you can feel the love.

The crowning jewel of the summer season always lands in June. The Chicago Gay Pride Parade originates from the heart of Lakeview East and marches north on Halsted Street, then diagonals back down along Broadway to Diversey Parkway where it culminates near the lakefront. Preceded by a month of celebration and education (June is officially pride month in Chicago), the enormous two-day event draws representatives from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities from around the world. The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce provides the community with bleacher seating to watch the parade as it passes. Tons of music, outrageous floats, and more fun than you can shake a stick at-who doesn't love a parade?

In the beginning of September, Lakeview East Fine Arts Festival (Broadway St & Belmont Ave, 773-348-8608) has grown into one of the most anticipated events of the season. Free to all, this is the prime place to brush up on your glass-blowing, jewelry making, and cooking skills. Live music fills the air and entertains the crowds over the two-day festival, and of course there are countless displays by local artists to peruse and purchase.

Kids can even enjoy the many things that Lakeview East festivals have to offer. For the area's families, Lakeview East comes together during Halloween time for the Halloween Hoopla. This event is supported by local businesses that provide trick-or-treating in different locations around the neighborhood for the little ones. Not only can kids trick-or-treat but there are also other fun events such as face painting, hay rides, and other arts and crafts!

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Getting Around

There's nothing better than hitting the pavement when it comes to Lakeview East transportation. The window shopping is primo, the people-watching offers endless fun, and you're sure to discover something brand new about your neighborhood every time you run your errands.

Another way of getting around within the neighborhood that's popular among Lakeview East residents is biking. Halsted Street is one of the city's main bike drags-an official bike lane makes commuting north to south a snap. If you prefer the scenic view, Lake Shore Drive has an off-road trail with breathtaking views of Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan. And don't worry, if the weather is bad, or your legs just need a rest, hailing a cab from any corner in the neighborhood is a piece of cake.

Before you sacrifice your cash to the parking meter-gods, don't forget that Chicago has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates several elevated trains through Lakeview proper, just a block west of Lakeview East neighborhood. The Red, Brown and Purple lines will get you to all points north and to and from the downtown Loop.

Prefer to travel a little closer to the ground? CTA also operates a good number of buses at all hours through Lakeview and Lakeview East. We like to hop on the #22 Clark Avenue bus because it cuts directly from the northern border of the city to just south of the Loop, with plenty of sight-seeing and people-watching opportunities along the way. The #77 Belmont Avenue is a good bet for your east to west needs.

If you'd rather use your own wheels, it's a snap to drive anywhere in the city from Chicago's Lakeview East neighborhood. Interstate I-90/94 and Lake Shore Drive make getting around an easy feat, just keep in mind that like many Chicago neighborhoods, parking is sometimes more of a trial than it's worth. Residential parking passes should save you from doing laps around the block, but non-permit parking is another story. Metered street spots are very limited at night and during Cubs games (Wrigley Field is located a block west of the neighborhood's western border), and certain spaces are restricted when the snow season comes around. Have no fear, in addition to a plethora of parking garages located around the area, many local businesses offer valet parking at night.

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School's in Session

In addition to great continuing education opportunities in Lakeview East schools, families residing in this Chicago neighborhood are pleased to take advantage of some of the best primary schools in the city.

  • Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School 3751 N Broadway St - (773) 281-1858
  • Lake View Academy 716 W Addison St - (773) 281-3065
  • Mount Carmel Academy 720 W Belmont Ave - (773) 525-8779
  • Nettelhorst Elementary School 3252 N Broadway St - (773) 534-5810

Basic Needs

Whether you want to drop by the drugstore, or drop a few pounds on the treadmill, you're going to need some direction. We've put together a list that includes all of your neighborhood essentials; from organic artichokes to African-imports, records to wrist-watches, books to booze-you'll find everything you need to know below.

Emergency Rooms

  • Saint Joseph's Hospital 2900 N Lake Shore Dr - (773) 665-3000

Post Offices

  • FedEx 3001 N Clark St - (773) 528-0500
  • UPS Store 3712 N Broadway St - (773) 975-7100
  • UPS Store 3023 N Clark St - (773) 281-8988; 3712 N Broadway - (773) 975-7100
  • US Post Office 3026 N Ashland Ave - (773) 248-2875
  • US Postal Service 1343 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 327-0345


  • Merlo Public Library 644 W Belmont Ave - (312) 744-1139


  • CVS Pharmacy 3033 N Broadway St - (773) 883-6140
  • CVS Pharmacy 2828 N Clark St - (773) 525-1377
  • Save-Rite Pharmacy 3479 N Broadway St - (773) 525-0
  • 766Walgreens 4025 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 528-8314

Grocery Stores

  • Pastoral 2945 N. Broadway - (773) 472-4781
  • Southport Grocery & Cafe 3552 N Southport Ave - (773) 665-0100
  • Spencer's Jolly Posh Foods 1405 W Irving Park Rd - (312) 415-6919
  • Treasure Island Foods 3460 N Broadway St - (773) 327-3880


  • LA Fitness 2828 N Clark St - (773) 929-6900
  • Lakeview Athletic Club 3212 N Broadway - (773 529-2024
  • Southport Fitness 3415 N Southport - (773) 244-2000
  • Quads Gym 3727 N Broadway St - (773) 404-7867
  • Windy City Crossfit 4043 N Ravenswood Ave - (773) 536-9223


  • Chicago Gay Pride Parade Halsted St. and Belmont Ave. - (773) 348-8243
  • Halsted Tastes Better 3739 N Halsted St - (773) 883-0500
  • Lakeview East Fine Art Fest 3200 N Broadway St - (847) 444-9600

  • Briar Street Theatre 3133 N Halsted St - (773) 348-4000
  • Landmark Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark St - (773) 509-4949
  • The Music Box Theatre 3733 N Southport Ave - (773) 871-6604
  • The Mercury Theater 3745 N Southport Ave - (773) 325-1700
  • The Playground Theater 3209 N Halsted St - (773) 871-3793
  • TimeLine Theatre 615 W Wellington Ave - (773) 281-8463
  • Strawdog Theatre 3829 N Broadway St - (773) 528-9696

  • Transistor 3441 B Broadway - (312) 631-9408
  • Ork Posters 1761 W Berteau Ave - (773) 857-1512
  • Art De Triumph & Artful Franer Studios 2938 N Clark St - (773) 832-4038
  • The Leigh Gallery 3306 N Halsted St - (773) 472-1865

  • Landmark's Century Centre Cinema 2828 N Clark St - (773) 509-4949


  • Architectural Revolution 3224 N Clark St - (773) 752-7837
  • BabyDolls Boutique 3727 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-2229
  • Century Shopping Centre 2828 N Clark St - (773) 929-8100
  • Aveda Institute Chicago (773) 883-1560
  • Hertz (773) 832-1912
  • Temptations (773) 525-7000
  • Victoria's Secret (773) 549-7405
  • Click Shoes & More 3729 N Southport Ave - (773) 244-9141
  • DSW Designer Shoes Warehouse 3131 N Clark St - (773) 975-7182
  • Equinox 3401 N Broadway - (773) 281-9151
  • Heritage Bicycles General Store 2959 N Lincoln Ave - (773)- 245-3005
  • Lakeshore Bike 3650 N Recreation Dr - (773) 348-7668
  • M2 Boutique 3527 N Southport - (773) 248-9866
  • Windward Boardshop 3317 N Clark St - (773) 472-6868
  • Mint Julep 3432 N Southport Ave - (773) 472-6717
  • Play It Again Sports 3939 N Ashland Ave - (773) 305-9900
  • Spare Parts 2949 N Broadway St - (773) 525-4242
  • Strange Cargo 3448 N Clark St - (773) 327-8090
  • The Pleasure Chest 3436 N Lincoln - (773) 525-7151
  • Threadless 3011 N Broadway St - (773) 525-8640


  • Beezzee 2807 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 525-3570
  • Bistro Dre 2965 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 697-9067
  • Deleece 3747 N Southport Ave - (773) 325-1710
  • HB Restaurant 3404 N Halsted St - (773) 661-0299
  • Hearty Restaurant 3819 N Broadway St - (773) 868-9866
  • Jack's on Halsted 3201 N Halsted St - (773) 244-9191
  • Kuma's Too 666 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 472-2666
  • Northdown Cafe and Taproom 3244 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 697-7578
  • Schubas 3159 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-2508
  • Senza 2873 N Broadway - (773) 770-3527
  • Uncommon Ground 3800 N Clark St - (773) 929-3680

Asian Cuisine
  • Anna's Asian Grill & Sushi Bar 1804-06 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 975-3404
  • Bites Asian Tapas 3313 N Clark St - (773) 270-5972
  • Coobah 3423 N Southport Ave - (773) 528-2220
  • Miss Asia 434 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 248-3999
  • Penny's Noodle Shop 3400 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 281-8222
  • Red Pig Asian Kitchen 2932 N Broadway - (773) 472-9999
  • Yoshi's Cafe 3257 N Halsted St - (773) 248-6160 - (773) 248-6160
  • Yummy Yummy Asian Cuisine 2901 N Broadway ST - (773) 525-6677

  • Bittersweet Pastry Shop and Cafe 1114 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-1100
  • Dinkel's Bakery 3329 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 281-7300
  • Fritz Pastry 1408 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 857-2989
  • La Boulangerie 915 W Belmont Ave - (312) 480-8337
  • Sensational Bites 3751 N Southport Ave - (773) 248-2271

  • Aje Cafe 2942 N Clark St - (773) 472-2233
  • Asado Coffee 1432 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 703-3658
  • Bad Wolf Coffee 3422 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 969-2346
  • Cafe Tola 3612 N Southport Ave - (773) 687-8428
  • Caribou Coffee 3300 N Broadway St - (773) 477-3695
  • Coffee Trea & Tea Leaves 3752 N Broadway St - (773) 871-7818
  • House of Hookah 607 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-1550
  • Saugatuck Coffee Company 3344 N Halsted St - (773) 857-3002
  • Senem's Coffee & Tea House 3508 N Broadway St - (773) 501-0901
  • Starbucks 3358 N. Broadway - (773) 528-0343; 617 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 880-5172
  • The Coffee & Tea Exchange 3311 N Broadway St - (773) 528-2241

  • The Bagel Restaurant and Deli 3107 N Broadway St - (773) 477-0300
  • New York Deli 2921 N Clark St - (773) 549-3328
  • Real Kitchen 1433 West Montrose - (773) 281-2888

Fast Food
  • Chicken Hut 3200 N Broadway - (773) 868-1755
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill 1025 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-5388
  • Clark Street Dog 3040 N Clark St - (773) 281-6690
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries 3219 N Broadway St - (773) 327-1453
  • Muskie's 2878 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 883-1633
  • Windy City Gyros 3932 N Broadway St - (773) 975-7335

French Cuisine
  • La Creperie 2845 N Clark St - (773) 528-9050
  • Frog n Snail 3124 N Broadway Ave - (773) 661-9166

Italian Cuisine
  • Angelina Ristorante 3561 N Broadway St - (773) 935-5933
  • Fiorentino's Cucina Italiana 2901 N Ashland Ave - (773) 244-3026
  • Frasca 3358 N Paulina St - (773) 248-5222
  • La Gondola Italian Restaurant 2914 N Ashland Ave - (773) 248-4433
  • Osteria De Pizza Metro 2863 N Clark St - (773) 472-6411
  • Pizza Rustica 3908 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 404-8955
  • Taverna 750 750 W Cornelia ST - (773) 904-7466

Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Casbah Cafe 3151 N Broadway St - (773) 935-3339
  • Troy Mediterranean Grill 2908 N Broadway St - (773) 770-3866
  • Zizi's Cafe 2825 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 697-9228

Mexican Cuisine
  • Buena Vista 3147 N Broadway - (773) 871-5782
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill 1025 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-5388
  • El Mariachi 3420 N Broadway - (773) 549-7020
  • El Nuevo Mexicano 2914 N Clark St - (773) 528-2131
  • Janitzio Burrito 2933 N Broadway Ave - (773) 348-9916
  • Las Mananitas 3523 N Halsted St - (773) 528-2109

  • HomeMade Pizza Company 3430 N Southport Ave - (773) 529-5900
  • Nancy's Home of Stuffed Pizza 2930 N Broadway St - (773) 883-1616
  • Panino's Pizzeria 3702 N Broadway St - (773) 472-6200
  • Pie Hole Pizza 3477 N Broadway St - (773) 525-8888

  • The Chicago Diner 3411 N Halsted St - (773) 935-6696
  • Urban Vegan 1605 W Montrose Ave - (773) 404-1109
  • Vegetarian Express 3109 N Halsted St - (773) 880-9155

  • Bobtail Ice Cream Company 2951 N Broadway - (773) 880-7372
  • Forever Yogurt 931 W Belmont Ave - (773) 770-6953
  • Fuzziwigs Candy Factory 2808 N Clark St - (773) 472-2639
  • Margie's Candies 1813 W Montrose Ave - (773) 348-0400
  • Scooter's Frozen Custard 1658 W Belmont Ave - (773) 244-6415
  • Windy City Sweets 3308 N Broadway St - (773) 477-6100


  • Avenue Tavern 2916 N Broadway St - (773) 975-7000
  • Berlin 954 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-3975
  • B.L.U.E.S. 2519 N Halsted St - (773) 528-1012
  • Bobby Love's 3729 N Halsted St - (773) 525-1200
  • Bridget McNeill's 420 W Belmont Ave - (773) 248-6654
  • Charlie's 3726 N. Broadway - (773) 871-8887
  • Circuit Nightclub 3641 N Halsted St - (773) 325-2233
  • The Closet 3325 N Broadway St - (773) 477-8533
  • Duffy's Tavern 420 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 549-9090
  • Duke of Perth 2913 N Clark St - (773) 477-1741
  • Friar Tuck 3010 N Broadway - (773) 327-5101
  • Galway Bay 500 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 348-3750
  • Guthries Tavern 1300 W Addison St - (773) 477-2900
  • Headquarters Beercade 2833 N Sheffield - (773) 665-5660
  • Jacqueline's 3420 N Broadway St - (773) 404-5149
  • Joe's on Broadway 3563 N Broadway St - (773) 528-1054
  • Little Jim's Tavern 3501 N Halsted St - (773) 871-6116
  • Minibar 3341 N Halsted St - (773) 871-6227
  • Monsignor Murphy 3019 N Broadway St - (773) 348-7285
  • The North End 3733 N Halsted St - (773) 477-7999
  • Parrots Bar & Grill 754 W Wellington Ave - (773) 281-7878
  • Sheffield's 3258 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 281-4989
  • Sidetrack 3349 N Halsted St - (773) 477-9189
  • Smart Bar 3730 N Clark St - (773) 549-0203
  • Will's Northwoods Inn 3030 N Racine Ave - (773) 528-4400

The residential real estate in Lakeview East is fairly diverse, providing homeowners with a number of housing options from condos to lofts to townhomes. But there is more to your Lakeview East home than where you rest your head at night. The area surrounding a property can be just as much a factor in the decision to buy as the color of the carpet or the condition of the foundation. Each Chicago neighborhood has its own unique charm that sets it apart from the rest. Our comprehensive online guide is all you need to explore the many streets of Chicagoall from the comfort of your own computer. Shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, you name it, we'll show you where it is. Find out whether that fabulous Lakeview East condo is immersed in the throes of wild nightlife, or veiled by the tranquility of a quiet residential setting. Like Metromix and the MLS merged into one, this site is your one-stop shop for Chicago neighborhood information.

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