Lakeview neighborhood covers the western half of Chicago's greater Lakeview area. Actually, a “lake view” is a little tough to come by here because the water's edge is a good 10 minute walk from the neighborhood's eastern border. That doesn't seem to bother anyone living in this exciting north side hotspot, though. Lakeview is packed with some of Chicago's best restaurants and a hip shopping district with cool fashions you won't find anywhere else in the city. For live music, Lakeview's roster of venues and concert halls tops that of any other area in Chicago. Bands travel from around the world to play shows here. Tiny, dives with a stage in the back of the bar are just as established in the music scene as balconied theaters that seat thousands. Entertainment in Lakeview is not limited to musical artists - there are a number of theatrical companies based in the neighborhood, too. Take your pick of comedy acts, avant-garde films, serious plays and original productions. Aside from being a hip Chicago destination, Lakeview is a sought-after place to buy real estate. The area's mid-rise condos and rehabbed walkups are among the most valuable properties in the city.

Lakeview Facts

Location: 3 miles north of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Buena Park, Lakeview East, Roscoe Village
Boundaries: Irving Park Road to the north, Halsted Street to the east, Diversey Parkway to the south and Ravenswood Avenue to the west.

Then and Now

Lakeview Real EstateChicago's Lakeview neighborhood has always been a popular spot, even back in the day when it was the site of a Native American footpath and camp for the Miami, Ottawa and Winnebago tribes who regularly traveled through the area. The first European settler in the region was Conrad Sulzer of Switzerland, but many other pioneers soon followed him, planting roots in the territory north of Chicago's bustling streets. The early settlement experienced its first major population boom after a cholera outbreak in Chicago in 1854. The epidemic prompted many Chicagoans to head north and take refuge at the Hotel Lake View, so named for of its spectacular view of Lake Michigan. Once folks saw what a scenic and peaceful place lay just a few miles north of the polluted and overcrowded city-a place that was also free of disease scares-many decided to stick around.

The Lake View civil township incorporated in 1857, with the Town Hall located at what is now the intersection of Halsted and Addison streets. At the time, though, there were few roads beyond the Indian trail (which was later paved and called Clark Street) that ran north and south, connecting the new town to Chicago. The owners of the Hotel Lake View actually built another north/south street, made out of wooden planks, which cut through the neighborhood where Broadway now exists. Starting in the early 1870s, the population of the Lakeview Township grew at an exponential rate, ballooning from just over a thousand people at the beginning of the decade to more than 50,000 by 1890. This unprecedented growth was due to the beauty of the area as well as the many jobs that were being created by the arrival of industry. A commercial district blossomed around the turn of the century at the intersection of Diversey Parkway and Clark Street which remained a popular marketplace throughout the years, eventually evolving into the Century Shopping Centre which stands at that spot to this day.

Today, Lakeview is composed of mostly low- and mid-rise condominiums and townhouse-style buildings, with brick walk-ups and brownstones lining the residential blocks. The neighborhood has a feeling of urban density in places, with a refreshing abundance of trees and variety of architectural nuances. Many of the structures were built during the housing boom of 1889, and over 40 percent of the existing buildings are from that time period. Houses have been ceaselessly rehabbed over the years, leaving some properties a little rough around the edges but still desirable places to live.

The atmosphere throughout Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood fluctuates greatly depending on where you are. The hushed residential avenues starkly contrast the bustle of the bar scene in Lakeview's happening entertainment district, where streets are well-lit and people are out and about at all hours. Residents say being able to live on a quiet street, while being within easy walking distance of so much shopping, nightlife, and dining options, is one of the biggest draws of the area.


Though Lakeview parks lack the huge size of the North Side's lakefront neighborhoods, there is certainly no shortage of greenery within its boundaries. Numerous small parks maintained by the Chicago Park District are scattered among the neighborhood blocks, featuring playground equipment and as many trees, grass and gardens as can fit within their confines. There are about ten individual recreation sites throughout the community, but for a full list check out the Basic Needs section.

One Lakeview park that deserves a mention, though, is Sheil Park and Community Center (3505 N. Southport, 312-742-7826). With an indoor gym, meeting halls and activities for children, Sheil is a favorite destination of Lakeview parents. For kids there are summer camps, athletic programs and dozens of youth classes to choose from. So even when school's out for summer, you'll have a place to send the little ones to keep their minds active and learning. Adults have their pick of the park's fitness faculties, including aerobics, yoga and circuit classes, as well as open gym times. Other residents like to take it easy while still enjoying the group mentality by joining the teen or senior clubs. The Sheil Park fieldhouse features a gym and several public rooms that are used for community meetings and craft classes.

Lakeview Real Estate

A prevalence of turn-of-the-century mid- and low-rise rehabbed apartment buildings make the greatest impression on people as they explore Lakeview real estate for the first time. Rows of vintage brick structures line the blocks, giving the neighborhood an antiquated character that only exists as far as the front door. Many of these aged structures have been converted in to condominiums, sporting interiors that are anything but old-fashioned. Instead, a good portion of the residences have been gutted and refurbished with all new layouts, refinished hardwood floors, updated kitchens and bathrooms and all the modern amenities you could want in a new home.

Along with remodeled condominiums, which also occupy a few high-rise buildings on the east side of the neighborhood, there are a great many townhouses and detached single-family home options in Lakeview that has attracted a range of people to this area for many years now. From young singles to families to retired folks, this north side Chicago community really seems to cater to the needs of homeowners from all generations and preferences. Whether you're looking for a flat in a stately graystone, a three-level single-family townhome, a magnificent penthouse, or a simple studio or one-bedroom unit, you're sure to find a ton of ideal properties that fit the mold around here.

Most Lakeview real estate is built to fully maximize their lots, packing all you can into the area allotted, which surprisingly doesn't instill the impression of cramped space or overcrowding, rather it gives the neighborhood a pleasant consistency and sense of maturity that appeals to many homebuyers. Balconies are often flowing over with flower baskets and potted plants, while trees and landscaped shrubbery sprout out of the small front lawns edging the residential streets.

Lakeview boasts some of the most active and involved neighborhood and commerce organizations in the city. The Lake View Citizens Council is composed of 12 neighborhood associations, all working to protect green spaces such as neighborhood parks, develop community gardens, enhance public transportation, keep housing affordable, retain the living wage and industrial jobs in the vicinity, and support other activities meant to improve the quality of life in the area. The Lakeview Action Coalition is another well-known non-profit, multi-issue community organization. The coalition is made up of 40 institutional members, including religious congregations, non-profit agencies, banks, business associations, a credit union and a senior citizens caucus. The coalition works with issues such as affordable housing, homeless youth, hate crimes, and heath care.

What's on the Menu?

Great Lakeview restaurants are too many to mention here, but we'll touch on a few gems, anyhow. Like a lot of hotspots, the lineup is constantly changing as new places open, and sometimes close. The ones worth mentioning have been around or are certain to stay around, but there's plenty to discover just by random chance.

Possibly one of the cheapest and best Thai restaurants in the city is Cozy Noodles and Rice (3456 N Sheffield, 773-327-0100). The small dining room (hence, 'cozy') is lined with an alarming collection of Pez dispensers, the service is fast, and the food is, of course, just plain good. Thai Classic (3332 N. Clark, 773-404-2000) is another excellent Thai option, and the $11 buffet makes it extremely popular. A lot of locals like Duck Walk (919 W Belmont, 773-665-0455), but since it's right next to the Belmont Red Line stop it tends to get pretty cramped.

There's got to be close to ten thousand pizza joints in Chicagoland, but Art of Pizza (3033 N. Ashland, 773-327-5600) is one of those rare gems-super cheap, but great quality pizza, even if the storefront doesn't look like much. Trust us. If you're in the mood for Italian, but favor a nicer setting (and maybe something other than pizza), try Pizza Rustica (3913 N. Sheridan, 773-404-8955). They don't drown their pasta in sauce, and their pizza is super-thin and super cheap. A lot of locals like Chicago's Pizza (3006 N Sheffield, 773-755-4030), if not for the five-star cheese fries, then for the fact that they're open until 5am every night. Stick to their deep dish and gourmet pizzas, which are easily a step above Giordano's. Besides these, there are about a hundred pizza joints and Italian restaurants in the area, and opinions vary wildly, depending on your preference. So the best advice is to get out there and decide for yourself.

Brunch is always a welcome event, especially after those hard nights of partying and staying out ‘til five in the morning, but this breakfast/lunchtime meal is even more exciting at Orange (3231 N. Clark, 773-549-4400). The fruit sushi, or 'frushi,' is a must-try, and we love the weekly themed pancakes, and all of their inventive omelets. It can get pretty jammed on weekend mornings, so make a reservation or get up extra early-or just don't go to bed and plan on taking a nice long nap on a full belly of specialty hotcakes from this popular Lakeview restaurant. If you're hankering for something more traditional, it doesn't get more classic diner-style than at Clarke's (920 W. Belmont, 773-348-5988), with surly service from art-school kids, greasy dishes, and rowdy crowds, but it manages to stay packed and open 24 hours a day. If it isn't the chaotic atmosphere you're after, go down to Salt & Pepper (3537 N Clark, 773-883-9800), where smiling waitresses constantly refill your pop, and the entrees are the pinnacle of classic American cooking. The only downside is the limited hours. But if you're in search of an after-hours place, besides Clarke's, Pick Me Up Cafe (3408 N Clark, 773-248-6613) is a good choice, also open 24-hours. The quality of food at Pick Me Up varies like the weather, but vegans and vegetarians get a few more options than at other greasy-spoon diners.

An old neighborhood favorite for sushi is Shiroi Hana (3242 N. Clark, 773-477-1652). It's not fancy, but has decent fare at very affordable prices (check out their lunch specials). Matsuya (3469 N. Clark, 773-248-2677) rates a little better in quality, the setting is plain like at Shiroi Hana, and it's been around longer than the recent pop-sushi trend, so you won't see fancy waterfall displays or gimmicky dishes. Moxie (3517 N. Clark, 773-935-6694) is a place with some class, if you want to escape the usual sports-bar crowd; try to catch the $5 martinis and great selection of finger food (tapas). Speaking of great drinks, head to Cafe 28 (1800 W Irving Park, 773-528-2883) for mojitos, and absolutely, definitely try the fried yucca. If you haven't had Cuban food or are an old fan of it, Cafe 28 is one of those places that is required eating.

Best Shopping Stops

Living in Chicago, you might hear someone say, 'I'm going shopping at Belmont and Clark,' because if you want affordable, trendy clothes or accessories, this was and still is the place to go. Neighboring Wicker Park may have all the new, upscale boutiques, but for smaller budgets and people with alternative tastes, this Lakeview shopping intersection is the nerve center of fashion and goodies pleasure. This is where you find the 'finds.'

The Belmont/Clark intersection is home to many trendy stores that appeal to alternative styles and retro tastes. The Alley (3222 N Clark, 773-404-8000) is the superstore for punk, Goth, and industrial fashions. You can also head to Pink Frog (3201 N Clark, 773- 525-2680) for higher quality (and higher prices) of fashions that come mostly in black. Just across the street is Belmont Army Surplus (945 W Belmont, 773-975-0626) if you're going for the militaristic look, or just in the market for some sturdy boots and camping supplies.

For retro clothes, you can buy them on the cheap at Ragstock (812 W Belmont, 2nd floor, entrance in the alleyway, 773-868-9263). It's a place we've been shopping at for years, as Ragstock resells only the gem thrift store finds, saving you the time of combing through mountains of ugly old clothes elsewhere. Another favorite is Hollywood Mirror (812 W. Belmont, 773-404-2044), which is actually located just below Ragstock, and has a similar variety of clothes and furniture, except that Hollywood Mirror has the gems of the gems, and if you're looking for a kitschy dress from some bygone era, maybe for Halloween, the Mirror is the place to look. Expect slightly higher prices but slightly higher quality. Strange Cargo (3448 N Clark, 773-327-8090) is another vintage and consignment clothing store, and an essential stop if you're going to run the whole thrift-store gamut. Strange Cargo is also one of the best places around for getting really original wear as they do T-shirt printing, too, and can make your designs come to life while you wait.

Speaking of T-shirts, Jive Monkey (3222 N Clark St, 773-404-8000) has hundreds of designs they'll transfer for you to the T-shirt of your choice in about three minutes. Fashion Tomato (937 W Belmont, 773-281-2921) is one of our favorite boutiques, but it can be a matter of taste-we think the dresses are cute, and there's plenty of accessories to browse through for that perfect bracelet or pair of sunglasses to accent your outfit. More girly, trendy clothes can be found at Tragically Hip (852 W Belmont, 773-549-1500). It's a tiny little place but the selection is really good-they even stock name-brand lines like Seven Jeans, in addition to the indie-designer clothes they used to carry exclusively.

Some of the previously mentioned retailers carry shoes, but there are plenty of functional/fashionable footwear-only stores in Lakeview. Let's start with Universal Sole (3052 N. Lincoln, 773-868-0893). For the hardcore runner or jogger, this store is a must. The friendly staff will help you with a gait analysis and assist you in finding the proper shoe components, no matter how weird your feet are shaped. For a wider selection and great prices, DSW Shoe Warehouse (3131 N Clark, 773-975-7182) is another favorite of ours and Dilani Shoes (3440 N. Southport, 773-598-1501) has pricier fashions but the sales staff isn't pushy. Pink Frog Shoes (905 W Belmont, 773-404-4350) is a separate storefront than their namesake across the street, and specializes in 'cute' shoes. It may seem overpriced, but they have a clearance section that's totally worth checking out. And Petite Feet (3715 N. Southport, 773-472-3338) sells boutique shoes for kids at prices lower than Nordstrom's or other large department stores.

Lakeview shopping options are hardly limited to clothing and cool fashion trends. Beyond The Wall (935 W Belmont, 773-871-5827) seems to have nothing but posters and frames, but we think that's the whole point. Chicago Comics (3244 N Clark, 773-528-1983) offers a simply gigantic collection of new and old comics, trades, paperbacks, and coffee-table books, and the staff is very helpful if you aren't sure what you're looking for. Don't be intimidated by the exterior of Secrets (3229 N Clark, 773-755-0179), inside you'll find a comfortable shop filled with varieties of incense, tobacco products and smoking 'accessories.' What you buy in there is your business, we'll leave it at that.

Night On The Town

Walk down Lincoln Avenue, Clark Street, or Belmont Avenue, and you'll see scores of bars. There's plenty of watering holes devoted to Cubs fans in the neighborhood for a game, but let's focus on the ones that cater to the locals and others that come to Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood for reasons other than Wrigley Field events.

The Ginger Man (3740 N Clark, 773-549-2050) is a favorite hangout for people catching a show at the Metro-either before or after. Some people claim it's the 'best bar in Lakeview,' though that title is highly contested. A runner-up (at least in the 'cheap' category) is Ten Cat Tavern (3931 N Ashland, 773-935-5377), a bit away from the main party/shopping areas, but still a cozy neighborhood-sort of place. Right down the street is The Long Room (1612 W Irving Park, 773-665-4500) where you can either sip on a $5 Manhattan, or save even more money by ordering the $2 PBR. Back on Clark Street, you might want to hit Johnny O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Restaurant (3374 N Clark St, 773-248-3600) for a low-key atmosphere, complete with decent bar food and live music. Further south, you might find Wills Northwoods Inn (3030 N Racine, 773-281-6390), but only if you're looking for it, which helps keep the crowd manageable.

Wine drinkers might prefer 404 Wine Bar (2856 N. Southport, 773-404-5886) which offers a small and cozy environment (think 'first date!') to split a bottle of Shiraz and a plate of bruschetta. If you're in the mood for bourbon, the obvious choice is Bourbon (3244 N. Lincoln, 773-929-6666). Though it's just the beginning of the week, we like to go on Mondays, when they have special prices on wine and $5 pizza. On the other end of the spectrum, L & L (3707 N. Clark, 773-528-1303) is the king of Lakeview dive bars, with no frills and no frou-frou drinks. For a super-cheap date, bring'em to Sidestreet (1456 W. George, 773-327-1127) for hefty burgers that are surprisingly inexpensive, and all the charm of a Wisconsin tavern.

Rockin' Out and Hangin' Out

Lakeview has some of the best rock clubs, music lounges, and bars-with-stages in Chicago. The Belmont stop on the CTA Red Line teems with young people and the young at heart traveling to and from the wealth of musical entertainment in this Chicago neighborhood.

Just north of Wrigley Field you'll find The Metro (3730 N. Clark, 773-549-0203), a large, balconied venue that hosts musical acts from Hip Hop to punk rock, or chill out downstairs in Smartbar (3730 N Clark Street, 773-549-0203), which is open late, usually after the shows upstairs conclude. If you prefer something more down-tempo, check out the Wild Hare (3530 N. Clark, 773-327-4273), which calls itself 'the reggae capital of America,' and has music seven days a week. Get a little classier at Fly Me To The Moon (3400 N. Clark 773-528-4033), featuring jazz bands and an Italian menu (with some Greek appetizers thrown in). They'll even sell you cigars, if you forget to bring your own.

Just north of Diversey is the Elbo Room (2871 N. Lincoln, 773-549-5549), where you'll find over 50 kinds of beers, including some very delicious microbrews. They usually charge $3 or more for the live shows-which can be almost anything-but you can hang out in the lounge area without paying a cover. A must-see Lakeview music venue is Schubas (3159 N Southport, 773-525-2508), which brings in some of the best musical acts in the country to a tiny, intimate (meaning crowded) room. There you'll see bluegrass, western, alt-country, alternative bands, and the usual staple of pop and indie-rock groups. The Bottom Lounge (3206 N. Wilton, 773-975-0505) is practically across the street from the Belmont Red Line stop and showcases all kinds of rock, pop, metal, and indie bands, with many local performers and sometimes, two shows a night.

No tour of Lakeview's nightlife would be complete without an evening at The Vic (3145 N. Sheffield, 773-472-0366). National acts play in the renovated theater, but it's still small enough to make the experience personal. There aren't any theater-style chairs, though, instead the tiers have tall tables and stools. And when there isn't a musical act playing, The Vic is also known as the Brew and View-only second- and third-run movies are played, but with three bars open, the experience is quite different from your average Cineplex. Expect people to heckle the movie, talk over the dialogue, and even dance along with the soundtrack-seeing an old favorite is recommended.


If you want to shift gears, the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport, 773-871-6604) is a beautifully restored art house theater from the 1930s that boasts being a 'year-round film festival.' They play classic, independent, and foreign films, usually with a theme, and watching a favorite with other fans can be an exceptional experience.

If you've never been to an improv comedy show, there are some excellent venues for a first-timer here in Lakeview. IO Chicago (3541 N Clark, 773-880-0199) which stands for Improv Olympic, is easily spotted by the gigantic white-on-black spiral painted on the exterior. The atmosphere is relaxed, the beer choice is excellent, and the later you go, the better the show. Stage Left Theatre (3408 N. Sheffield, 773-883-8830) attempts to bring more challenging acts to audiences designed to encourage discussion and serious thinking-over. Shows will vary between comedy and drama, and always promise to be engaging.

Built in 1911 by St. Alphonsus Church, The Athenaeum (2936 N. Southport, 773-935-6860) was conceived as 'a neighborhood playhouse' serving the needs of the Lakeview community and as an opera house for the largely German parish. Nowadays, the theater features a 1,000-seat main stage and three smaller (50-seat) studios, with shows happening simultaneously. Live Bait Theatre (3914 N Clark, 773-871-1212) seats about 70 and is located in a building constructed in the 1920s, with a relatively high level of creature comfort. There's also a second performance space that seats up to 50 people nicknamed 'The Bucket.' Live Bait features acts of emerging playwrights and budding solo artists, so go if you're looking for something more intriguing and unusual than the standard Broadway performance. The Steep Theatre Company (3902 North Sheridan, 312-458-0722) operates in a cozy Lakeview theatre that only seats a few dozen at a time. Troupes here concentrate on material about the 'everyman'-plays that take risks and explore themes relevant to contemporary society.

Challenging actors rather than the audience, the Artistic Home (1420 W. Irving Park, 866-811-4111) produces either high-quality classics or newer works that have been well-received by the general public. Because it functions as a studio for professional actors, expect a high level of dramatic competency in their productions.

Mark Your Calendar

What better place to host a summer music festival than the intersection of Belmont and Sheffield avenues, the vital center of Lakeview's nightlife and bar scene? The Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival (3200 N. Sheffield, 773-868-3010), takes place during the first weekend of June, making it the first street festival of the year. So kick-off the summer season with a rockin' event at this annual neighborhood celebration of music and fun. The festivities continue in early July with the Lakeview Music Fest (Barry & Ashland, 773-868-3010), which has been going on since the summer of 2000 and always promises to be a good time. In addition to the music that's performed onstage by local bands, several Lakeview restaurants set up concession stands to offer tastings, and merchants hawk their wares from booths along Sheffield Avenue. The tunes tends towards alternative rock, but it's decidedly eclectic.

Held during the last weekend in July, Summer on Southport (Southport & Grace, 877-244-2246) includes the Annual Children's Festival, great live music, and incredible food and beverages. The quaint shops and beautiful tree-lined street come alive for this two-day community festival, featuring an upscale art show of local artisans, with culinary delights from area restaurants. The Sunday Brunch offers an early morning opportunity to make new friends in the name of community spirit, and the celebration also brings in family entertainment and an array of live acts on two separate stages. And bring along grandma and grandpa for the senior activities which include bingo, dance lessons and more.

Getting Around

The neighborhood is fairly spread out and covers a lot of ground, which makes transportation in Lakeview a bit tricky. But someone was using their noggin when they mapped out this area because there are plenty of public transportation options to get around. Still, lots of folks drive around here, so the streets can be pretty congested-especially when there's a Cubs game at Wrigley Field-and parking can be nightmarish at times with limited street spots before during and after the game. A word of advice: Always read the signs! Restrictions and limitations are posted all over the place on signs throughout the neighborhood and taking the time check it out can save you a hefty ticket, or worse-a tow away fine.

As we've said, parking in Lakeview is a tricky issue-trying to find a semi-convenient spot on the weekend can easily take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour! If you must drive, head east on Addison Street from I-90/94, to get into the heart of Lakeview quickly. Coming from Lake Shore Drive, the Belmont or Addison exits will also get you to neighborhood in a jiff. From the east, Clark, Halsted, Broadway, and Lincoln avenues can get backed up during baseball season or late night since many of the bars and restaurants are on these streets, so avoid them if you can.

If you're a cyclist, you'll probably have an easier time getting around Lakeview than the motorists. There are designated bike paths on Clark Street and Lincoln and Halsted avenues. And while everyone in cars is waiting at the intersection for traffic to clear, you can weave through the gridlock like it's a wide open race track. For those of you on foot, you're also in luck-the CTA Red Line, Purple Line and Brown Line trains pass through this north side Chicago neighborhood with a bunch of stops in the area. The Belmont Avenue stop on the south end, puts riders in the thick of Lakeview's shopping district. Heading north, the Brown Line and Red Line (the Purple Line follows the Red Line route during rush hours) split off from each other, with the Brown Line heading west to the Southport and Paulina stations (still in Lakeview neighborhood). On the Red Line, the next stop is Addison Street, which is right next to Wrigley Field (Cubs stadium). It's also the stop closest to the Metra commuter rail line and Wrigleyville destinations. Finally, the Red Line hits the Sheridan Avenue stop at the northern border of Lakeview before continuing on to Chicago's far north communities.

School's in Session

Lakeview schools provide families with a wide range of choices for both public and private educational facilities. In addition to the following list, go to Chicago Public Schools or Great Schools for more information on others schools in the Chicago area.

James G. Blaine 1420 W Grace St - (773) 534-5750 
Augustus H. Burley 1630 W Barry St - (773) 534-5475 
Horace Greeley 832 W Sheridan Rd - (773) 534-5800
John V. Le Moyne 851 W Waveland Ave - (773) 534-5736  
Ravenswood School 4332 N Paulina St - (773) 534-5525 
Nathaniel Hawthorne 3319 N Clifton Ave - (773) 534-5550 
Inter-American Magnet 919 W Barry St - (773) 534-5490 
Alphonsus Academy 1439 W Wellington Ave - (773) 348-4629 
St. Luke Academy 1500 W Belmont Ave - (773) 472-3837 
Lake View High School 4015 N Ashland Ave - (773) 534-5440

Basic Needs

Lakeview has got your basic necessities covered with corner grocery stores, coffee shops and-in case it's ever needed-an emergency care center.


Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Emergency Room 836 W Wellington Ave - (773) 975-1600


John Merlo Public Library 644 W Belmont Ave - (312) 744-1139
Lincoln-Belmont Library 1659 W Melrose St - (312) 744-0166
Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282

Post Offices

US Post Office 3026 N Ashland - (773) 248-2875;
3645 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 404-0980;
1343 W Irving Park 773-327-0345

Grocery Stores

Caravan Beads 3361 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-9555
Jewel-Osco 3630 N Southport Ave - (773) 281-1520
Paulina Market 3501 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-6272
Que Syrah 3726 N Southport Ave - (773) 871-8888
Southport Grocery & Cafe 3552 N Southport - (773) 665-0100
Trader Joe's 3745 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-4920
Whole Foods Market 3241 N Lincoln - (773) 755-1500


Bally Total Fitness 2828 N Clark St - (773) 929-6900
Chicago Fitness Center 3131 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 549-8181
Curves for Women 2825 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 549-5288
Fitness Formula Clubs 3228 N Halsted St - (773) 755-3232; Fitness Formula Clubs - 3657 N Pine Grove Ave - (773) 477-3664
Lakeview YMCA 3333 N. Marshfield Ave - (773) 248-3333
The Number One Gym 3232 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 871-1496
XSport Fitness 3240 N Ashland Ave - (773) 529-1461


CVS Pharmacy 3101 N Clark St - (773) 477-3333; 3637 N Southport Ave - (773) 348-5282
Osco Drug 3101 N. Clark St - (773) 477-1967
Walgreens 1649 W Belmont Ave - (773) 281-8419


Buena Circle Park 1049 W Buena Ave
Challenger Park 1100 W Irving Park Rd
Gill Park 825 W Sheridan Rd
Juniper Park 3652 N Greenview Ave
Kenmore Park 3141 N Kenmore Ave
Martin Playlot Park 922 W Fletcher St
Merryman Playlot Park
3736 N Marshfield Ave
Sheil Park and Community Center 3505 N Southport - (312) 742-7826
Weisman Park 901 W Oakdale Ave
Metro 3730 N Clark St - (773) 549-0203
Wrigley Field 1060 W Addison St - (773) 404-2827

Angel Island Theater 731 W Sheridan Rd - (773) 871-0442
Athenaeum Theatre 2936 N Southport Ave - (773) 935-6860
Bailiwick Arts Center 1229 W Belmont Ave - (773) 883-1090
Emerald City Theatre 2936 N Southport Ave - (773) 529-2690
I O Chicago 3541 N Clark St - (773) 880-0199
Live Bait Theater 3914 N Clark St - (773) 871-1212
Lunar Cabaret 2827 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 327-6666
Mercury Theatre 3745 N Southport Ave - (773) 325-1700
New Tuners Theatre 1225 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-7367
Stage Left Theatre 3408 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 883-8830

Facets 1517 W Fullerton Ave - (773) 281-9075

Music Box Theatre 3733 N Southport Ave - (773) 871-6604
Vic Theatre Brew & View 3145 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 472-0366
Victory Gardens Theatre 2433 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 348-4123

Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival 3200 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 868-3010
Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade 3200 N Halsted St - (773) 348-8243
Lakeview Music Fest 3600 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 868-3010
North Halsted Farmers' Market 3750 N Halsted St - (312) 744-3315
North Halsted Halloween Parade 3200 N Halsted St - (773) 868-3010
North Halsted Market Days 3200 N Halsted St - (773) 883-0500
Summer on Southport 3800 N Southport Ave - (773) 665-4682


Alternative Shopping Complex 858 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-5000
The Alley Chicago - (773) 883-1800
Bead Factory - (773) 862-5348
Gallery of Condoms - (773) 266-3667 The Architectural Revolution - (773) 752-7837
Chicago T-Shirt Gallery - (773) 525-3180
Blue Havana Smoke Gallery - (773) 477-4277
Baltika, Inc. 1114 W Belmont Ave - (773) 472-0211
Beatnix 3400 N Halsted St - (773) 281-6933
Belmont Army Surplus 945 W Belmont - (773) 975-0626
Beyond The Wall 935 W Belmont - (773) 871-5827
Bike Stop Cycle and Blades 1034 W Belmont Ave - (773) 868-6800
Body Chemistri 3451 N.Southport Ave - (773) 296-4999
Bookman's Corner 2959 N Clark St - (773) 929-8298
Dilani Shoes 3440 N Southport Ave - (773) 598-1501
DSW Shoe Warehouse 3131 N Clark St - (773) 975-7182
Chicago Antique Mall 3045 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 929-0200
Chicago Comics 3244 N Clark - (773) 528-1983
Chicago Nut Company 843 W Belmont Ave - (773) 871-4994
Fashion Tomato 937 W Belmont Ave - (773) 281-2921
Hollywood Mirror 812 W Belmont Ave - (773) 404-2044
Hubba-Hubba 3309 N Clark St - (773) 477-1414
Jake 3740 N Southport Ave - (773) 929-5253
Jazz'e Junque Inc.1648 W Belmont - (773) 472-6450
Jive Monkey 3222 N Clark St - (773) 404-8000
Linens 'N Things 3131 N Clark St - (773) 388-5409
Nuts on Clark 3830 N Clark St - (773) 549-6622
Out Spoke'n Bikes 'n Stuff 1113 W Belmont Ave - (773) 404-2919
Paper Boy 1351 W Belmont Ave - (773) 388-8811
Petite Feet 3715 N Southport Ave - (773) 472-3338
Pink Frog 3201 N Clark - (773) 525-2680
Pink Frog Shoes 905 W Belmont - (773) 404-4350
Pleasure Chest 3436 N Lincoln - (773) 525-7151
Powell's Books 2850 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-1444
Ragstock 812 W Belmont Ave - (773) 868-9263
Record Exchange 925 W Belmont Ave - (773) 975-9285
Secrets 3229 N Clark St, - (773) 755-0179
Shirts on Sheffield 2807 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 868-1600
Something Old, Something New 1056 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-7920
Strange Cargo 3448 N Clark St - (773) 327-8090
Taboo-Tabou 906 W Belmont Ave - (773) 296-9857
Tragically Hip 931 W Belmont Ave - (773) 549-1500
Uncle Fun 1338 W Belmont Ave - (773) 477-8223
Universal Sole 3052 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 868-0893
Wacky Cats 3012 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 929-6701
Waxman Candles - 3044 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 929-3000


American Contemporary Cooper's 1232 W Belmont - (773) 929-2667
Deleece 4004 N Southport Ave - (773) 325-1710
Home Bistro 3404 N Halsted St - (773) 661-0299
Joey's Brickhouse 1258 W Belmont Ave - (773) 296-1300
Leona's Restaurant 3215 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 327-8861
Moxie 3517 N Clark St - (773) 935-6694
Orange 3231 N Clark St - (773) 549-4400

American Traditional
Ann Sather 929 W Belmont Ave - (773) 348-2378
Ann Sather Cafe 3416 N Southport Ave - (773) 404-4475
Capt'n Nemo's 3650 N Ashland Ave - (773) 929-7687
Clarke's Diner 2441 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 472-3505
The Diner Grill 1635 W Irving Park Rd - (312) 248-2030
Golden Apple 2971 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 528-1413
Harmony Grill 3159 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-2508
Muskie's Hamburgers 2878 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 883-1633
Pick Me Up Cafe 3408 N Clark St - (773) 248-6613
Salt & Pepper 3537 N Clark St - (773) 883-9800
Smoke Country House 1465 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 327-0600
Wishbone 3300 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 549-4105
Witt's Bar & Grill 2913 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 528-7032

Asian Cuisine
Always Thai 1825 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 929-0100
Bamboo Garden 3203 N Clark St - (773) 525-7600
Barberry Pan Asian Kitchen 2819 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-6695
Chen's Chinese and Sushi 3506 N Clark St - (773) 549-9100
Cafe Furaibo 2907 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 472-7017
Cozy Noodles and Rice 3456 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 327-0100
Duck Walk 919 W Belmont Ave - (773) 665-0455
Flat Top Grill 3200 N Southport Ave - (773) 665-8100
House of Sushi and Noodles 1610 W Belmont Ave - (773) 935-9110
J-Thai Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine 3819-21 N Southport Ave - (773) 883-8683
Jeanny's Chinese Restaurant 1053 W Belmont Ave - (773) 248-1133
Kite Mandarin & Sushi 3341 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 472-2100
Matsu Yama 1059 W Belmont Ave - (773) 327-8838
Matsuya 3469 N Clark St - (773) 248-2677
Mr. Thai 3811 N Ashland Ave - (773) 244-9300
Penny's Noodle Shop 950 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 281-8448
Satay 936 W Diversey Ave - (773) 477-0100
Shiroi Hana Restaurant 3242 N Clark St - (773) 477-1652
Sushi 28 Cafe 2863 N Clark St - (773) 868-1250
Susie China 3248 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 404-7156
Sweet Tamarind 1408 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 281-5300
TAC Quick Thai Kitchen 3930 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 327-5253
Yuki Hana 2920 N Clark St - (773) 388-1818

Dinkel's Bakery 3329 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 281-7300
Sensational Bites 3751 N Southport Ave - (773) 248-2271

Cafe 28 1800 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 528-2883
Calliope Cafe 2826 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 528-8055
Caribou Coffee 3500 N Halsted St - (773) 248-0799
Eatzi's 2828 N Clark St - (773) 832-9310
The Fixx Coffee Bar 3053 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 248-0841
Rick's Cafe 3915 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 327-1972
Starbucks 3184 N Clark St 773-935-9270; 1023 W Addison St 773-929-0945
3359 N Southport Ave 773-975-2071; 3045 N Greenview Ave 773-832-9080;
3350 N Lincoln Ave 773-871-6888

The Great American Bagel 1248 W Belmont Ave - (773) 325-0606
Lucky's Sandwich Co 3472 N Clark St - (773) 549-0665
Potbelly Sandwich Works 3424 N Southport Ave - (773) 289-1807

Ethiopian Cuisine
Mama Desta's Red Sea Restaurant 3216 N Clark St - (773) 935-7561

Fast Food
Murphy's 1211 W Belmont Ave - (773) 935-2882
Philly's Best 907 W Belmont Ave - (773) 525-7900

French Cuisine
La Creperie 2845 N Clark St - (773) 528-9050

Indian Cuisine
Radhuni Indian Kitchen 3227 N Clark St - (773) 404-5670
Standard India Restaurant 917 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-1123

Italian Cuisine
Cordis Brothers Supper Club 1625 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 935-1000
Cornelia's Restaurant 750 W Cornelia Ave - (773) 248-8333
Fiorentino's Cucina Italiana 2901 N Ashland Ave - (773) 244-3026
Mia Francesca 3311 N Clark St - (773) 281-3310
Pompei Bakery 2955 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 325-1900
Sopranos 2901 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 871-0990
Vines on Clark 3554 N Clark St - (773) 327-8572

Latin American
Las Tablas 2965 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 871-2414
Mi Ciudad 3041 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 866-2066
Palmito 3605 N Ashland Ave - (773) 248-3087
Vida Argentinian Restaurant & Lounge 1248 W George St - (773) 935-5700

Mexican Cuisine
Burrito House 3547 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 975-6060
Caliente 3910 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 525-0129
Cesar's Restaurant 3166 N Clark St - (773) 248-2835
Dona Torta 3057 N Ashland Ave - (773) 871-8999
El Pacifico 1358 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-2947
El Tapatio 3400 N Ashland Ave - (773) 327-5475
La Taberna Tapatia 3358 N Ashland Ave - (773) 248-5475
Moe's Cantina 3518 N Clark St - (773) 248-0002
Papacito's 2960 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 327-5240
Platiyo 3313 N Clark St - (773) 477-6700
Que Rico! 2814 N Southport Ave - (773) 975-7436
Taqueria Las America 1434 W Belmont Ave - (773) 975-2348

Middle Eastern
Andies Restaurant 1467 W Montrose Ave - (773) 348-0654
Sinbad's 921 W Belmont Ave - (773) 477-6020

Andalous Moroccan Restaurant 3307 N Clark St - (773) 281-6885

Art of Pizza 3033 N Ashland Ave - (773) 327-5600
Bo Jono's Pizzeria 4185 N Clarendon Ave - (773) 404-9700
Chicago's Pizza 3006 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 755-4030
Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar 3358 N Paulina St - (773) 248-5222
Gino's East (the original) 2801 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 327-3737
HomeMade Pizza Company 3430 N Southport Ave - (773) 529-5900
Pat's Pizza 2679 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-0168
Pizza Capri 962 W Belmont Ave - (773) 296-6000
Pizza Rustica 3913 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 404-8955

Polish Cuisine
The Pierogi Factory 1034 W Belmont Ave - (773) 325-1015

Half Shell Restaurant 676 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 549-1773

Ole Lounge 2812 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 388-3500
Twist Tapas Cafe 3412 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 388-2727

Select Cut Steak House 2808 N Halsted St - (773) 244-1500

Bittersweet Pastry Shop & Cafe 1114 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-1100
Cupcakes 613 W Briar Pl - (773) 525-0817
Dairy Queen 3811 N Southport Ave - (773) 857-7004
Ethel's Chocolate Lounge 3404 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-1568
Planet Smoothie 850 W Belmont Ave - (773) 929-3850


3160 Piano and Cabaret 3160 N Clark St - (312) 527-2269
404 Wine Bar 2852 N Southport Ave - (773) 404-5886
930 Lounge 930 W Belmont Ave - (773) 388-1730
Agave Bar & Grill 3115 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 404-1800
The Ashland 2824 N Ashland Ave - (773) 549-3333
Beat Kitchen 2100 W Belmont Ave - (773) 281-4444
Belly's Bar and Grill 3210 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 525-3632
Big City Tap 1010 W Belmont Ave - (773) 935-9229
The Bottom Lounge 3206 N Wilton Ave - (773) 975-0505
Bourbon 3244 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 880-9520
Bungalow Lounge 1622 W Belmont Ave - (773) 244-0400
Cell Block 3702 N Halsted St - (773) 665-8064
Cherry Red 2833 N. Sheffield Ave - (773) 477-3661
Cody's Public House 1658 W Barry Ave - (773) 528-4050
The Cubby Bear 1059 W Addison St - (773) 327-1662
The Duke of Perth 2913 N Clark St - (773) 477-1741
Durkin's Tavern 810 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 525-2515
Elbo Room 2871 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 549-5549
Fearon's Pub 3001 N Ashland Ave - (773) 248-0990
Finley Dunne's Tavern 3458 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 477-7311
Fizz Bar & Grill 3220 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 348-6088
Fly Me To The Moon Piano Bar 3400 N Clark St - (773) 528-4033
The Full Shilling Public House 3724 N Clark St - (773) 248-3330
Gentry 3320 N Halsted St - (773) 348-1053
Goldies 3839 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 404-5322
Goose Island Wrigleyville 3535 N Clark St - (773) 832-9040
Gunther Murphy's Public House 1638 W Belmont Ave - (773) 472-5139
Guthrie's Tavern 1300 W Addison St - (773) 477-2900
Harrigan's 2816 N Halsted St - (773) 248-5933
Hi-Tops 3551 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 348-0009
Higgins' Tavern 3259 N Racine Ave - (773) 281-7637
Hydrate 3458 N Halsted St - (773) 975-9244
Jack's Bar and Grill 2856 N Southport Ave - (773) 404-8400
Jake's Pub 2932 N Clark St - (773) 248-3318
John Barleycorn 3524 N Clark St - (773) 549-6000
Johnny's Tavern 3425 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 248-3000
Justin's 3358 N Southport Ave - (773) 929-4844
Kirkwood Bar & Grill 2934 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 770-0700
Lawry's Tavern 1028 W Diversey Pkwy - (773) 348-9711
Lennox Lounge 3032 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 281-9900
Mad River Bar & Grille 2909 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 935-7500
Matilda 3101 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 883-4400
Mystic Celt 3443 N Southport Ave - (773) 529-8550
The Long Room 1612 W Irving Park Rd - (773) 665-4500
Roscoe's Tavern 3356 N Halsted St - (773) 281-3355
Schubas Tavern 3159 N Southport Ave - (773) 525-2508
SoPo 3418 N Southport Ave - (773) 348-0100
Spin 800 W Belmont Ave - (773) 327-7711
Twisted Spoke 3365 N Clark St - (773) 525-5300
Uberstein 3478 N Clark St - (773) 883-0300
Underground Lounge 952 W Newport Ave - (773) 327-2739
The Union Tavern 2858 N Halsted St - (773) 755-9870
Vaughan's Pub 2917 N Sheffield Ave - (773) 281-8188
Wellington's Tavern 1300 W Wellington Ave - (773) 524-1111
Wild Hare 3530 N Clark St - (773) 327-4273

Neighborhood Info

Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
Lake View Citizens' Council

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