Storefront art galleries, the resonance of church bells on Sundays, and bicycle-powered Mexican food-carts are all part of the charm of this diverse, lower west side Chicago neighborhood. Because of its largely Hispanic population, Pilsen boasts a large number of Mexican taquerias, cantinas and grocery markets with Spanish names, selling customary dishes and imported items.

And who could forget the incredible annual festivals that celebrate important Latin-American holidays such as Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Fiesta del Sol (Festival of the Sun).

While community officials lobby to secure sections of Pilsen on the historical district register, new development and rehabilitation are transforming other parts of the neighborhood into a contemporary place to live. Either way, a strong cultural heritage and equally solid community foundation, are the backbone of this wonderful Chicago neighborhood.

Pilsen Facts

Location: 2 miles south of the Loop
Boundaries: Canal Street to the east, 16th Street to the north, Cermak Road and Blue Island Avenue to the south, and Western Avenue to the west.
Bordering Neighborhoods: South Loop, Chinatown, University Village/Little Italy, Medical District, Little Village

Then and Now

Pilsen is a classic Chicago neighborhood story of modern-day gentrification: a flux of immigrants establishes a home, artists move in to take advantage of low-rent and finally, developers (attracted to the 'hipness') tear down the old to make way for condos and newly constructed single-family homes.

Although Pilsen's history originally began as a port of entry for Irish and German immigrants in the 1800s, it wasn't until the second wave of inhabitants immigrated that the area received its name. This fresh group of residents came from Czechoslovakia (present-day Czech Republic) and christened their new Chicago home after Plzen, a major city in their distant homeland. Along with Czechs, other groups hailed from Central and Eastern Europe including those of Polish, Austrian, Slovakian, Croatian, Swedish, Dutch and Lithuanian heritage.

As well as the namesake, the neo-bohemian baroque style architecture that characterizes the area and gives the neighborhood its Old World charm is another stamp we can thank the Czechs for. Those precious gems of the past are being put to good use as the Mexican-American Catholic residents (who now make up a large percentage of Pilsen's population) use the Cathedrals today.

While the evidence of an Eastern European cultural foundation is still present in Pilsen, following the establishment of the University of Illinois at Chicago to the north a sizeable Mexican population drifted south to the neighborhood in the 1960s, dominating the area ever since. Nowadays the myriad grocerias (Mexican grocers), taquerias (taco stands) and bric-a-brac shops will transport visitors 'south of the border.'

Pilsen's proximity to the Loop and access to low-rent housing generated a thick artist community. Now lofts and storefront galleries dominate this row, where hip youth mingle with art-collectors. Additionally, the area just to the north of the 16th and Halsted Street underpass is enjoying an explosion in real estate development of contemporary condominiums and new-construction townhomes, which is sneaking south in spurts, resulting in a hike in real estate values in east Pilsen in recent years.

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When most of the area's green space belongs to residents in the form of compact lawns adorned with miniature statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the one major Pilsen park becomes a catch-all for outdoor activity.

On eight-plus acres in the heart of the Pilsen neighborhood lies Harrison Park (1824 S. Wood St., 312-746-5491), designed in the early 20th century by the celebrated landscape architect Jens Jenson. Along with countless other active Pilsen residents, we enjoy lacing up the sneakers for a jog or stroll down the mile-long walking trail, lingering on the southern end of the pathway for a great view of the city. On top of scenic footpaths, baseball diamonds and wide-open space make Harrison Park a popular community gathering place for leisure, special events and holidays. The later addition of a fieldhouse contains a pool and two gyms where the vast menu of activities will suit your interests, whether they be an aggressive boxing session or a Zen-like yoga class.

Another reference to the once strong Czech population, Dvorak Park (1119 W. Cullerton St., 312-746-5083) honored the famed composer Anton Dvorak when it was built in 1905. A treasure to the crowded neighborhood, it is dwarfed in size by Harrison Park, but still provides much-needed breathing and moving space. Activities here include swimming, volleyball, aerobics, and a youth summer camp-which may be geared toward kids, but is as much a delight for Pilsen area parents who can enjoy a few children-free hours to enjoy those beautiful summer days or do whatever they want.

Although not technically a park, the Chicago Arts District (behind the Halsted galleries between 18th and 21st streets) forms a communal atmosphere that is a playground of sorts for adults. Surrounded by working artists' homes, studios and galleries, the sunken gardens are an open place to sit solo and ponder the meaning of it all, or drink with comrades (and ponder the meaning of it all). Playful walkways connect the buildings via haphazard ladders, steep stairs and narrow foot paths.

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Pilsen Real Estate

Thanks to its thriving artist and Hispanic community, with its outdoor murals and prolific gallery events, the neighborhood is undergoing a shift in terms of Pilsen real estate.

There has been a lot of debate and discussion of gentrification in the area, with the local alderman working to establish a historic district that would give tax breaks to Pilsen homeowners. At the same time, gut-rehabilitation and some new construction of Pilsen condos has been good for the neighborhood's real estate values. Many of the newly built condos are impressive in size and character, commanding a higher price than neighboring single-family homes with a little more wear and tear.

Check out our Pilsen home sales statistics here to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

What's on the Menu?

If the sweet smell of sweet corn and freshly made churros (deliciously fried Mexican pastries) from Pilsen's street-side vendors aren't enough to wake up your taste buds, venture into one of the neighborhood's great eateries for anything you crave, from a greasy taco to an upscale dining experience.

For some of the best Mexican cuisine in Chicago, we'll start with the nitty-gritty: local favorite Nueva Leon (1515 W. 18th St., 312-421-1517). This place is so popular you can buy their tortillas and tortilla chips at every store in Chicago-including Whole Foods. But while in the restaurant, be adventurous and order the traditional beef tripe soup or unforgettable breaded fried steak-we like to conveniently forget about our diet while we're at this favorite Pilsen restaurant.

Visit Birreria Reyes de Ocotlan (1322 W. 18th St., 312-733-2613), to find out why Rick Bayless eats at this restaurant noted for its heavy focus on goat meat. May Street Cafe (1146 W. Cermak Rd., 312-421-4442), a BYOB chef-owned restaurant, will have you craving mole sauce every night of the week-it's best with an order of their amazing coconut stir-fried Mexican rice. Feeling really adventurous? Walk or drive down the street and just stop in somewhere-in this Chicago neighborhood no matter where you go, you're bound to find something tasty.

Around these parts Mexican food is king, however, there is still room for a sampling of other culinary delights. In a slightly pizza-challenged neighborhood, Benny's Pizza (1244 W 18th St, 312-733-1231) is a lifeline for anything we are craving from spaghetti to an Italian beef sandwich and all the pizza toppings in between. Pizzeria Milan (1314 W 18th St, 312-492-6829) is who we call when our taste buds demand something with a more East coast twist, notably, their New York style pizza. When it comes to big triangle thin crust, this lovable Pilsen hole in the wall can't be beat.

Sometimes there's nothing like good ole' American grub. So where are we supposed to go when we get a hankering for homegrown comfort food like Tater Tots? Fortunately for us, we can find 'em here in Pilsen, being eaten alongside juicy hamburgers at Skylark (2149 S. Halsted St., 312-948-5275). You may recognize this dive bar/eatery from the big screen - it served as a backdrop for the movie The Breakup (with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston), but is home to a slightly artier crowd in real life.

Lawrence's Fisheries (2120 S. Canal St., 312-225-2113) offers a slice of life and seafood by the pound. Chicagoans have been ordering fish and chips at this fishery-turned-restaurant since the 1950s. A view of the Chicago skyline, frog legs by the pound and the option to stop in 24-hours, seven days a week are all part of the charm for us.

Family-owned establishments are a biggie in family-oriented neighborhoods like Pilsen. That's why Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery (1733 S. Halsted St., 312-829-4150) is the place to get locally packaged Intelligentsia coffee and find out what's happening in the 'hood, while snacking on a piece of tres leches cake or reading up on Nietzsche.

For those days when you want to work from home, but feel the urge to get out of the house, bring your papers and drink your daily cup at Efebos Cafe (1640 S. Blue Island Ave., 312-243-9790). Be a real urbanite and stay for lunch-munching on upscale sandwiches in an art-filled coffee shop makes for the ultimate big city existence. In Pilsen, there is plenty of coffee culture to support several independent corner cafes. Cafe Jumping Bean (1439 W. 18th St., 312-455-0019) leaps out as one of our favorites, but sample them for yourself and see who will win you over with that perfect cup of java.

While they are plenty of great Pilsen restaurants featuring Mexican cuisine, what if you have a hankering for some homemade Southern cooking? That itch can be easily scratched by visiting Honky Tonk BBQ (1800 S Racine Ave, 312-226-7427). Be sure to order a slab of Honky Tonk BBQ's award winning ribs (first place winner for ribs in the Rib-a-Que Chicago Rib Contest in 2008 and 2009). Owner and Chef Willie Wagner has more up his sleeve than delicious ribs. We can't get over the bacon candy (yes, you read that right) or the perfectly cooked pulled pork sandwich that goes down easy with this spots custom cocktails, hand-selected wines and craft beers. Besides the great food, the atmosphere is always filled up with local musicians on the Saloon Stage where every genre of American Roots music is on display almost every night of the week.

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Best Shopping Stops

One-of-a-kind is the theme when shopping in the Pilsen neighborhood. Whether it's a custom-designed tattoo or a hand-crafted wood and leather watch, what you buy here supports the local economy as well as the area's artistic sensibility.

In an area this cool, there has to be a tattoo shop-right? Right. Native Soul (1712 S. Ashland, 312-265-6150), a parlor of quality on par with Chicago standards, offers the classic pre-designed stencil art or the artists will patiently work with you to create a totally original and unique stamp. Since Pilsen is not a fashion district, Cora's Closet (2150 S. Canalport St., 872-222-6721) is a diamond in the rough. Offering a unique and creative assortment of clothes for all tastes, Cora's is affordable yet trendy with a touch of class that will have you looking your best on any occasion.

For unique pieces of jewelry and art, we make a stop at Oxala (1651 W. 18th St., 312-850-1655). They have two rooms filled with artisan jewelry and arts and crafts by local artists, largely-influenced by Latino cultures and designs. But Oxala's goods are hardly limited in cultural and religious scope, we can also pick up everything from incense to a Buddha figurine to a red velvet Jesus statue, or even have our auras cleansed by the Columbian owner.

For those who crave vintage apparel at affordable price, make your way to Knee Deep Vintage (1425 W 18 St, 312-850-2510). Whether you're searching out a vintage dress or suit circa the 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond,this Pilsen shop has you covered. It's easy to think you stepped out of a time machine when you notice the fair prices for the plethora of clothing choices offered at Knee Deep Vintage. You wouldn't get strange looks for bringing in a suitcase to fill up with their assortment of classy yet trendy garments.

Looking to give your home some curated mid-century furniture and decor? Stop over at Modern Cooperative (1215 W 18th St, 312-226-8525) where the selections of furniture, vintage knick knacks to decorate your abode and retro pieces that will tie your living room together are on display. Owners Mike Biersma and Tiffany Paige have put together a high quality mid-century modern furniture haven with plenty of vintage odds and ends that stand out among other similar stores in the city. They even feature two local artists each month who design re-purposed materials into awe-inspiring works of art for the home.

Adding to the long list of cool shops in Pilsen is Soultry Shoes (1706 S Halsted St, 312-243-0544). A shoe lover's paradise in Pilsen with plenty of charm, Soultry Shoes has you covered whether you're looking for footwear for business, pleasure or a special occasion. They even host private parties for any occasion. If only Cinderella knew of this place.

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Night on the Town

In this artsy Chicago neighborhood, the bars are divey, the beer cheap and the ambiance authentic-that lamp shaped like a Moose's head over the bar is no shtick: it was once in the owner's living room.

On occasion, an up-and-coming band will bring some friends out for a rock show at Skylark (2149 S. Halsted St., 312-948-5275), one of the few Pilsen neighborhood venues featuring live music. Other nights, the room will be filled with sounds from the jukebox mixed with the rhythmic dinging of the pinball machine-the bars focal point (besides the Tater Tots' mentioned before).

The Punch House (1227 W. 18 St., 312-526-3851) delivers a truly contemporary twist on the cocktail with offerings like Sanyai Punch (curry cocktail with pineapple citrus and chili) and Rack Punch (Batavia arrack, black tea, lime and rosewater). Located in the basement of Thalia Hall below Dusek's, Punch House is a unique Pilsen bar not to be missed. Swing by Harbee Liquor & Tavern (1345 W. 18th St., 312-733-0333) to make friends with local regulars and hipster weekend drifters. With a top notch beer selection, waiting your turn for a game of pool can prove as entertaining as playing.

Despite its small location, Martin's Corner (2056 W 22 Pl, 773-847-5515) has become a beloved dive bar in the Pilsen neighborhood. Whether it's the greasy food, expanded lineup of beers or the karaoke, this establishment is always packed late night. Of course the cheap prices and warm inviting atmosphere has only helped to make this Pilsen dive bar one of the best in the city.

Continuing on the list of classic Pilsen dive bars is none other than Clincher's Sports Bar (2101 W 18 St, 312-226-3970). There's the obligatory White Sox posters (and believe it or not, Cubs memorabilia) adorning the walls of this little bar, but it's the welcoming atmosphere and easy to swallow prices on drinks that make this spot a favorite for unwinding and playing some pool. If you have a love of dive bars, you'll be in heaven.

Night Caps For a late-night night cap, hop to the next spot, or hang where you are. In Pilsen, restaurant-turned-nightclub by way of jukebox is all the rage.

The last Saturday of the month, Colibri Studio Gallery (2032 W. 18th St., 312-733-8431) hosts a Fandango. The owner-operated gallery turns the space into a free-for-all party where local musicians jam, everybody dances and tequila flows. We have added a few new moves to our repertoire of fancy footwork by joining the revelry that goes late into the night for this monthly affair. For a unique Pilsen bar and grill look no further than Simone's Bar (960 W. 18 St., 312-666-8601) where quality grub (including vegetarian items) and a young crowd fill up this pinball decorated bar.

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From home-grown theater to open mic nights to gallery presentations, original performances and exhibitions in this thriving art district keep Pilsen neighborhood residents entertained year-long.

One of the best underground theater and experimental drama spots in the city, EP Theater (1820 S. Halsted St., 312-850-4299) is a joint venture of local stage artists working to put the voice of up-and-coming Chicago playwrights on stage. We always look forward to Second Fridays (1821 S. Halsted St., 312-377-4444), a once-monthly ritual at the Chicago Arts District where Pilsen artists open their lofts, galleries and studio spaces to the public, baring their souls and thought-provoking artwork to the world. Guests sip on wine as they peruse pieces that stray from the 'time-honored' and veer toward the 'Twenty-first Century' with experimental multi-media and video installations.

For an otherworldly spectacle, check out Pilsen's recently opened Redmoon Theater (2120 S. Jefferson St., 312-850-8440). Favoring hardcore theatrics to realism, the Redmoon Theater consistently puts on shows for both young and old that bypasses the stale and mundane for the creative and fantastic.

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Mark Your Calendar

One of the many areas in which Pilsen shines is the art of celebration, offering a rich opportunity to experience the culture of Mexican-Americans-Chicago-style.

Four days of sampling the culinary delights of Mexico, dancing to live music and rallying together on the issues of equality for area Latinos are what fuel Fiesta del Sol (2026 S Blue Island, 312-666-2663). Thirty-plus years ago, the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council threw a block party to celebrate the city's agreement to build Benito Juarez High School giving the community its first quality secondary education facility. Now, the 'festival of the sun,' which runs along Cermak Road between Loomis and Morgan, is a full-scale party drawing nearly a million visitors annually. Look for official dates for this Pilsen festival around the last weekend in July.

Another Mexican tradition (though this one dates back a bit further) is Day of the Dead (1852 W. 19th St., 773-738-1503). The National Museum of Mexican Art, a true Pilsen neighborhood gem, features an exhibition each fall (September through mid-December) to honor the dead and acknowledge the fleeting quality of life. The exhibited pieces range from folk art to photography and activities include erecting your own miniature altar, complete with edible skulls made of sugar-acknowledging the pleasures of this life while enticing the souls of loved ones to return to us briefly.

The annual Chicago Arts District Open House (1945 S Halsted St, 312-738-8000) in September offers us the chance to peer inside the lives of resident artists. They open the doors of their studios, galleries and live/work spaces to show and sell artwork while mingling with neighbors, festival-goers and art dealers on the look-out for real talent.

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Getting Around

Of all the ways to get around Pilsen, buses are the most convenient-aside from the very popular bicycle. Galleries and restaurants are concentrated along Halsted, 18th and 26th streets, with the rest of Pilsen being largely residential, so if you don't have a bicycle (or a skateboard), get a CTA pass.

You can purchase a pass for Chicago Transit Authority's buses and elevated train system (also called the 'El') online or at an 'El' stop. Speaking of, the Blue and Pink lines run through Pilsen, stopping at Western and Damen avenues at 21st Street, and again at 18th Street at Paulina Street-both lines will take you north to the Chicago Loop in downtown or west to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The buses run all times of day, with the Halsted #8 bus taking you anywhere from the Loop all the way to Wrigleyville and as far in the other direction as Midway Airport.

If you are blessed and burdened enough to have a car in the city, you will be happy for the proximity to the expressway system. An entrance ramp to I-90/94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) is tucked into the blocks around 18th Street and Union Avenue. Take I-90/94 to I-290 (Stevenson Expressway), which is the main commute route (i.e., highly congested) going to and from the western suburbs. The Metra (Chicago suburbs' main commuter train system), stopping at 16th and Halsted streets, will also ship you out west-or, if need be-north to the Loop. Their motto 'Fly to Work' certainly beats 'Road Rage.'

The best way to hail a cab in Pilsen is by phone or by luck. Remember Yellow Cab's easy to recall (in times of need) phone number: 312-TAXICAB. They will tell you five to twenty minutes, but thankfully wait times are usually closer to five.

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School's in Session

Pilsen schools have everything from parochial schools to curriculums specializing in English as a second language. There are many public and private school options in the Pilsen school district for parents to choose from. For more information on schools, tours and enrollment guidelines in Pilsen or other Chicago neighborhoods, visit Chicago Public Schools or Great Schools.

  • Benito Juarez High School - 1450-1510 W. Cermack Rd., - (773) 534-7030
  • Peter Cooper Public School - 1624 W 19th St - (773) 534-7205
  • El Centro De La Causa School - 731 W 17th St - (773) 534-7906
  • Gladstone Elementary School - 1231 S Damen Ave - (773) 534-7266
  • Orozco Elementary Fine Arts & Sciences - 1940 W 18th St - (773) 534-7215
  • Perez Elementary School - 1241 W 19th St - (773) 534-7650
  • Peter Cooper School - 1624 W 19th St - (773) 534-7205
  • Pilsen Elementary Community Academy - 1420 W 17th St - (773) 534-7675
  • Ruben Salazar Bilingual Branch - 1641 W 16th St - (773) 534-7310
  • Saint Paul Our Lady of Vilna School - 2114 W 22nd Pl - (773) 847-6078
  • Saint Pius V School - 1919 S Ashland Ave - (312) 226-1590
  • Walsh Elementary School - 2015 S Peoria St - (773) 534-7950
  • Whittier Elementary School - 1900 W 23rd St - (773) 535-4590

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Basic Needs

Since, no matter where you live, there are those necessities that you don't know you need until you need them- from (prescribed) pharmaceuticals to postage stamps-we have listed a sampling of Pilsen neighborhood stores and services to lead you in the right direction.


  • Lozano Public Library - 1805 S Loomis St - (312) 746-4329


  • Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282

Post Office

  • 1859 S Ashland - (312) 733-4750


  • Walgreens - 1931 W Cermak Rd - (773) 847-5779
  • CVS - 1713 S Ashland Ave - (312) 563-0254
  • La Joya Drug Co. Inc. - 1801 S Ashland Ave - (312) 226-0330

Emergency Rooms/Hospitals

  • University of Illinois Medical Center - 1801 W Taylor St - (312) 996-2901
  • Access Community Health Clinic - 1817 S Loomis St - (312) 666-6511

Grocery Stores

  • Cermak Produce - 1711 W Cermak Rd - (773) 847-1100
  • El Guero - 2101 W Cermak Rd - (773) 247-0622
  • Fairplay Foods - 2200 S Western Ave - (773) 254-2576
  • Lupita's Grocery - 2000 W 23rd St - (773) 254-5453


  • GoTime Fitness - 1601 S Morgan St - (312) 433-2333
  • World Gym - 1822 S Bishop - (312) 491-8700

The following are a slice of the pie that helped put Pilsen on the map, including dining, shopping and the art of drinking coffee.


  • EP Theater - 1820 S Halsted St - (312) 850-4299
  • Redmoon Theater - 2120 S. Jefferson St - (312) 850-8440
  • Ugly Step Sister Art Gallery - 1750 S Union Ave - (312) 927-7546

  • Events
    • Day of the Dead - 1852 W 19th St - (773) 738-1503
    • Fiesta del Sol - 1400 W Cermak Rd - (312) 666-2663
    • Chicago Arts District Open House - 1800 S Halsted St 312-377-4444

  • Museums
    • National Museum of Mexican Art - 1852 W 19th St - (773) 738-1503


  • The Blooming Orchid - 2244 S Blue Island Ave - (773) 940-1679
  • Comet Village - 1320 W 18th St - (312) 733-7327
  • Cora's Closet - 2150 S Canalport - (872) 222-6721
  • Dei Giovani Men's Wear - 181 W Madison St - (312) 630-9000
  • Irv's Bike Shop - 1725 S Racine Ave - (312) 226-6330
  • Modern Cooperative - 1215 W 18 St - (312) 226-8525
  • Pilsen Vintage & Thrift - 1430 W 18 St- (312) 243-5915
  • The Sometimes Store - 1167 W 19 St - (773) 396-7979
  • Soultry Shoes - 1706 S Halsted St - (312) 243-0544
  • Workshop - 818 W 18 St - (312)226-9000


  • American Cuisine
    • Dusek's - 1227 W 18 St - (312) 526- 3851
    • Parkview Restaurant Grill - 2000 W 19th St - (312) 733-0132
    • Pilsen Red Hots - 1911 S Blue Island Ave - (312) 243-8369
    • Skylark - 2149 S Halsted St - (312) 948-5275

  • Bakeries/Desserts
    • Bombon Bakery - 1508 W 18th St - (312) 733-7788
    • Central Bakery - 2100 W Cermak Rd - (773) 847-2824
    • Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery - 1733 S Halsted St - (312) 829-4150
    • La Baguette Bakery - 2109 S Ashland Ave - (312) 738-0362
    • Nuevo Leon Bakery - 1634 W 18th Street - (312) 243-5977
    • Wagner's Bakery - 2148 W Cermak Rd - (773) 847-8180

  • Coffee Shops
    • Cafe Jumping Bean - 1439 W 18th St - (312) 455-0019
    • Efebina's Cafe - 1640 S Blue Island Ave - (312) 243-9790
    • Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery - 1733 S Halsted St - (312) 829-4150 Deli/Sandwiches
    • Miceli's Deli & Food Mart - 2448 S Oakley Ave - (773) 847-6873
    • Vio Cafe & Grill - 2000 W 18th St - (312) 265-1630
    • Italian Cuisine Bacchanalia - 2413 S Oakley Ave - (773)254-6555
    • Ciao Amore Ristorante - 1134 W 18 St - (312) 432-9090
    • Ignotz Ristorante - 2421 S Oakley Ave - (773) 579-0300
    • II Vicinato Ristorante - 2435 S Western Ave - (773) 927- 5444

  • Mexican Cuisine
    • Birreria Reyes de Ocotlan - 1322 W 18th St - (312) 733-2613
    • Carnitas Uruapan Restaurant - 1725 W 18th St - (312) 226-2654
    • DeCOLORES galleria y sabores - 1626 S Halsted St - (312) 226-9886
    • El Milagro - 2400 W 21st Pl - (773-847-6436
    • La Casa Del Pueblo Taqueria - 1834 S Blue Island Ave - (312) 421-4664
    • May St Cafe - 1146 W Cermak Rd - (312) 421-4442
    • Nuevo Leon Restaurant - 1515 W 18th St - (312) 421-1517
    • Tacos Palas - 1700 S Halsted St - (312) 733-0433
    • Taqueria El Milagro - 1923 S Blue Island - (312) 433-7620
    • Taqueria Los Comales - 1544 W 18th St - (312) 666-2251
    • Taqueria Tayahua - 2411 S Western Ave - (312) 247-3183

  • Pizza
    • Benny's Pizza - 1244 W 18th St - (312) 733-1231
    • Caire's Pizza - 1165 W 18th St - (312) 243-5521
    • Pizzeria Milan - 1314 W 18th St - (312) 492-6829

  • Bars/Restaurants
    • Dusek's - 1227 W 18th St - (312) 526-3851
    • Harbee Liquor & Tavern - 1345 W 18th St - (312) 733-0333
    • Punch House - 1227 W 18th St - (312) 526-3851
    • Simone's Bar - 960 W 18th St - (312) 666-8601
    • Skylark - 2149 S Halsted Ave - (312) 948-5275

As one of the many diverse Chicago neighborhoods, Pilsen offers homeowners a wide range of residential properties. Pilsen homes include lofts, condos and townhomes, to name a few. In addition to Chicago real estate, you can get detailed neighborhood information from our comprehensive online Chicago neighborhoods guide. With features like dining, shopping, entertainment, and resources, we've done all the leg work already to make your home search that much easier. Now, when a listing in Pilsen catches your eye, you can read all about the surrounding area and what it has to offer, all without setting foot in the neighborhood. Like a Yellow Pages, Metromix and MLS database all rolled into one, this site is your ultimate Chicago neighborhoods visitors' guidebook.

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