Filled with gigantic trees, spacious lawns, and old renovated homes, the Ravenswood neighborhood is a lovely place to get away from hectic city life, while remaining in the middle of a thriving community that has it all. One of Ravenswood's (or Lincoln Square's, depending on who you ask) crowning glories is the Old Town School of Folk Music. It originated in Old Town, but the performance venue (which has hosted the likes of Joni Mitchell) was moved up to Ravenswood in recent years and continues to produce great folk shows. A slew of Ravenswood cafés and taverns also welcome live music and the occasional comedy act, in addition to supplying the bulk of neighborhood nightlife. On the dining front, a long list of excellent restaurants has made a blip on Chicago's culinary radar. Romantic French bistros, trendy sushi bars, unforgettable Italian pasterias, and satisfying American diners cover any mood or craving with style and masterfully prepared meals.

Ravenswood Facts

Location: Approximately 8 miles north of the Loop
Boundaries: Foster Avenue to the north, the Chicago River to the west, Clark Street to the east and Montrose Avenue to the south
Bordering Neighborhoods: Lakeview, Uptown, Andersonville, Lincoln Square, North Center
Crime Statistics: Go to CLEARMap for crime stats on specific Chicago neighborhood, intersection, address or police beat.

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Then and Now

In 1868, this area of farmland and forest was bought up by a group of real estate investors called the Ravenswood Land Company. The company created larger lots and made a deal with a railroad company to open up a new stop in the area, promising an increase in riders. Upon doing this, the railroad and the land company set the rate high ($7.20 per one hundred rides) in the hopes that they would attract wealthier citizens to the vicinity.

Slowly, affluent residents began to occupy the land as railroads extended further north of the city. While many of the houses here were grand, fit for Chicago's high society, essential amenities such as sewers and sidewalks were not yet accessible to these upscale homes. It seems Jefferson Township, their neighbor to the west, would not allow the newly established community to run waste through their land to the Chicago River. How un-neighborly! So it wasn't until the 1880s and '90s, when Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood, Lakeview and Jefferson Township were soaked into the city's expanding city boundaries, that Ravenswood's sewage problems were resolved when the city's waste removal system was expanded to reach those in this northern Chicago neighborhood.

As the elevated train (known today as the 'El') was extended north in the early 1900s, the area became more accessible to citizens from lower and middle classes. To accommodate the new residents, small houses and two-flats were built in between and around the existing ones, creating a mixed income neighborhood.

Since Ravenswood's boundaries cradle those of Lincoln Square neighborhood, both communities shared in the growth throughout the years. Today, roughly a fifth of this Chicago neighborhood is considered a historic district as many of the original Ravenswood homes are still intact. Even the two-story apartment that was the home of famous poet Carl Sandburg still stands at 4646 N. Hermitage, where he wrote his acclaimed book Chicago Poems published in 1916.

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 Ravenswood parks all offer something a little unique, thanks to the Chicago Park District.

Welles Park (2333 W. Sunnyside, 312 742 7511) is the busiest park in Ravenswood. Almost every sport imaginable is available to the public in this 15-acre recreation space. The park has an indoor-pool that is open all year for use by anyone in need of lessons or who wants to swim a few laps. Baseball diamonds, tennis and basketball courts add to the range of activities found at this popular neighborhood sporting and recreation site. We can even test our aim and have some old-time fun playing horseshoes!

Welles Park was established in 1910, named for one of Abraham Lincoln's cabinet members, Gideon Welles. A decade after its opening, Abe Saperstein became a community league basketball coach there. Why mention a smalltime b-ball instructor? Shortly following his days in Ravenswood, Saperstein went on to found the famed Harlem Globetrotters whose trick basketball moves and choreographed plays attracted a whole new genre of fans to the sport.

Today, the wide-open park is used by families from near and far. Concerts often take place in the gazebo, which can also be rented out for private use. Little league baseball is a common sight, as well as the rounds of bocce ball that the older neighborhood gentlemen traditionally take part in.

One of the larger green parks in Ravenswood neighborhood is the 40-acre Winnemac Park (5100 N. Leavitt, 312 742 5101). Apart from its soccer and softball fields, this newly renovated park contains a prairie garden and nature trail. Formerly a truck farm, Winnemac was annexed by Chicago in 1910 and is now owned by a partnership of the Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools. Winnemac Park offers many youth programs and has plenty of facilities open for adults as well.

In the northwestern corner of Ravenswood lies River Park (5100 N. Francisco, 312 742 7516). Visitors are drawn to the park for many reasons, but mostly for its artificial turf soccer field, fishing, and canoe launch. Efforts to clean up the Chicago River are ongoing, allowing River Park visitors to have a more pleasant experience while they fish along the banks or canoe down the tree-lined waters.

On the opposite north end of Ravenswood is Chase Park (4701 N. Ashland, 312 742 7518). Once a semi-professional baseball field, the park has been fitted to host tennis, swimming, basketball and more. Along with the available fitness facilities, Chase has an auditorium where local residents hold plays and a gym with active basketball leagues for both men and women.

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Ravenswood Real Estate

Ravenswood is a diverse area for Chicago real estate. Traversing through the mainly residential neighborhood, one finds Ravenswood condos and single-family homes to be easy on the eye. The architecture is a mixture of very old and very new-and all very beautiful.

Due to a lot of rehabbing by residents over the years, Ravenswood homes have been able to stay at a high value and continue to rise. The neighborhood has larger lots than most Chicago neighborhoods because of the city's zoning permits, and residents take comfort in the fact that the level of congestion is low and the noise rather minimal.

Coinciding with its rich culture and peaceful streets, Ravenswood homes are only minutes from Lake Michigan and Wrigley Field, while a ride on the Brown Line 'El' conveniently accommodates residents heading downtown.

Check out our Ravenswood home sales statistics to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

What's on the Menu?

The quality and diversity in cuisine found in this Chicago neighborhood certainly add to Ravenswood's standing as a prominent culinary setting-especially when your tummy starts to rumble.

For romantic dinners, Bistro Campagne (4518 N. Lincoln, 773 271 6100) is one of Ravenswood/Lincoln Square's favorite restaurants. This established Parisian restaurant puts detail into its menu and its service. The chef seeks out the best organic ingredients from Midwestern farms throughout the growing season, until winter rolls around when the restaurant imports fresh products from the west coast in order to maintain the high standard Bistro Campagne patrons have come to expect. The gorgeous outdoor garden is perfect for enjoying a glass of white wine with a plate of their specialty mustard-crusted salmon.

With the goal of building community through love of food and nature, Chef Iliana Regan of Elizabeth Restaurant (4835 N Western, 773-681-0651)uses her food as an artistic expression of the world around her. An elegant ambiance with an open kitchen creates a comforting environment, and the wine pairings compliment each course excellently.Diners rave about the Hen and Egg and the Queen Anne's Laceand Carrots. More than a meal, dining at Elizabeth is an experience, and one that you won't soon forget.

If you're in the mood for a Mexican restaurant in Ravenswood, you'll want to give El Maya (1522 W Montrose, 773-878-1882) a try. Known for itsPiramide, a kind of Mexican lasagna with mole and green sauce, this spot also has wonderful enchiladas, chicken, steak and cheese. Another great Mexican spot to try is Los Nopales (4544 N Western Ave, 773-334-3149) with tilapia tacos and skirt steak that are fresh and cooked to perfection. Don't forget Garcia's Restaurant (4760 N Lincoln Ave, 773-769-5600) and their spicy pork tacos and burritos that have visitors raving.

While cheese steaks call to mind more of a counter joint, Monti's (4757 N TalmanAve, 773-942-6012) has more of a bar vibe, with a few good tables so you can sit down and concentrate on your food. The cuisine is hearty and there is something on the menu for everyone, with visitors lavishing praise on the ice cream sandwich sundae dessert.

Mythos Greek Taverna (2030 W Montrose Ave, 773-334-2000) is a fabulous restaurant in Ravenswood for Greek/Mediterranean food. It's known for its pastichio - which is a baked pasta dish with ground beef. Customers say that it's better than their old family recipe. Thoughtful servers, who really know the menu, round out the experience while you learn a thing or two about Greek cuisine.

For fabulous Middle Eastern food, try A Taste of Lebanon (1509 W Foster Ave, 773-334-1600). With traditional Middle Eastern staples like falafel and grape leaves, diners also rave about the wraps and the lentil soups. This is also a hot spot for vegetarians, with a menu friendly to those who don't eat meat. If you like your pita bread warm and your chicken salad perfectly grilled, you'll want to put this on your to-do list.

For brunch with a twist, check out Overeasy Cafe (4943 N DamenAve, 773-506-2605). If there's a wait, diners are offered complimentary coffee at the door to assuage caffeine cravings. Once seated, the menu has everything from the Signature Sassy Eggs to Banana Spiked French Toast, so something will strike your fancy and satisfy your appetite.

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Best Shopping Stops

Okay, by now you have taste of what the Ravenswood neighborhood has to offer in the way of recreation, housing, and food, but what about the shopping?

Everyone likes to find something special, and DLR Clothing & Accessories (4703 N Lincoln, 773-561-5997) can be just the spot to do that. As acute boutique known for its trendy pieces that you will wear compulsively, this is a great spot to pop in and pick up something unexpected. Another greatshop is The Dressing Room (4635 N Lincoln Ave, 773-728-0088) with a fun selection of shirts, dresses and accessories. Visitors rave about the cute purses available,and everything bought here seems to garner tons of compliments.

If vintage shopping is more your game, head down the street to A Secret Closet (4617 N Lincoln Ave, 773-293-2903). Packed with cute pieces to make you feel like a superstar, make sure you hit the ATM before youbrowse, as there is a minimum on credit card purchases. Another great vintage option is Savvy Seconds and 1sts (4724 N Lincoln Ave, 773-728-8920). The shop is known for its wide range of clothing that is well organized, so shopping is less like a treasure hunt and more of a relaxing activity.

Hazel (1902 W. Montrose, 773-769-2227) is a go-to of ours when it comes to finding a perfect gift. Finely designed jewelry and accessories are found in abundance here, as well as the gift card to go along with them. This Ravenswood shopping spot has received a lot of buzz for their distinctive products and has been featured in numerous local and national magazines.

If you love to read, The Book Cellar (4736-38 N Lincoln Ave, 773-293-2665)is a great place to go. The concept is wine cellar with books, and the result is amazing. Packed with bestsellers and topped off with a homey, cozy atmosphere, this is the kind of place where you want to cuddle up and read all day, and enjoy a glass of wine while you fall into your next great read.

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Night on the Town

Instead of getting right down to Ravenswood nightlife, we'd like touch on a quick little bit of history first-stop moaning, we'll get to the schmoozing and boozing soon enough!

The Old Town School of Folk Music (4544 N. Lincoln, 773-728-6000) first opened in 1957 on North Avenue in Old Town, one of Chicago's older communities. Offering banjo and guitar classes to the neighborhood, the school also held performances by popular folk acts of the time such as Jimmy Driftwood and Mahalia Jackson. In the late 1960s they moved their location to Lincoln Park, and continued their programming there for another 20 years.

Old Town School was in need of more space and was approached by the city about the opportunity to use the abandoned Hild Library in Ravenswood/Lincoln Square. With the help of donors, Old Town made the move into the new building and held a dedication concert in 1998 featuring great folk legend Joni Mitchell. The building on Armitage is still used by the school, but it's at the new Ravenswood music venue that concerts abound weekly. The auditorium seats 400 and is a great place to see both local and international acts before going out for a couple of drinks at one of the neighborhood bars.

A few doors down from Old Town is the Daily Bar & Grill (4560 N. Lincoln, 773 561 6198). This spacious Ravenswood restaurant and bar has a fun retro feel, and the old-fashioned diner-style booths are a comfortable place to dig into their specialty barbecue chicken pizza. The drink list consists of a multitude of bottled and draft beers as well as wines by the glass and flavorful specialty martinis. Visitors rave about the black bean burger and the fries always hit the spot. During the summer, the back patio is a wonderful spot to relax with friends and count the numerous musicians going to and from class at the Old Town School.

Sometimes, you won't even need to leave the bar, as the Grafton (4530 N Lincoln Ave, 773-271-9000) partners with Old Town to bring musicians to their back room. Spacious with beautiful dark wooden tables, tall private booths, and a tin ceiling, the bar tops off its entire look with a fireplace to amp up the coziness. With a wide selection of craft beers, many from local Chicago breweries, you'll want to put your feet up and stay awhile. Just a bit down the street is Richochet's (4644 N Lincoln Ave, 773-271-3127). Visitors enjoy this place for its "great beer selection [that's]impressive for a dive bar." The back of the bar is a dart room with steel tip darts and plenty of room to let them fly.

Conveniently located right off the brown line, Spyners Pub (4623 N Western Ave, 773-784-8719) is known all over Chicagoland for its epic karaoke. A welcoming vibe featuring an eclectic crowd of regulars ensures everyone feels comfortable grabbing a seat and ordering a brew. Big TVs, darts and pool keep you busy while you peruse the wide beer selection. Reasonable prices cap off a great deal and makeSpyners a really fun spot.

If you just want to relax with a few good drinks, try Fountainhead (1970 W Montrose Ave, 773-697-8204). The Ravenswood restaurant and bar features a fully landscaped rooftop garden that's open during spring and summer. Pledging an "old world" yet innovative drinking experience, Fountainhead boasts a comprehensive yet distinctive selection of beers, wines, and other spirits.

If you like your pubs with a German twist, check out Huettenbar (4721 N Lincoln Ave, 773-561-2507). A wide selection of great German beer with friendly and attentive bartenders, this is a great place to sit, enjoy a German pilsner and watch the world go by.

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Mark Your Calendar

January means it's time for Winterbrew Lincoln Square. This is an attempt to bring the street festival indoors, and participants enjoy local breweries as they showcase the fabulous beer scene in Chicago.Located on the 5th floor ballroom of the DANK Haus, this is a chance to get out and try some great beers!

In September, the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce hosts the Apple Fest. With a Kids Zone and a music stage, this is a great event to say goodbye to summer and kick off fall, and see what the businesses of Ravenswood have to offer.

And don't forget about weekly Farmers' Markets. Lincoln Square is home to two of them. Onetakes place on Tuesday morning (hosted by the City of Chicago) and the other you can visit on Thursday evenings (hosted by the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce). Both markets take place in the parking lot at the Western CTA Brown Line Station, and they feature a large selection of locally grown fruit, vegetables, and homemade baked goods.

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Getting Around

People who call Ravenswood home have the luxury of the CTA elevated train Brown Line 'El' which stops at Montrose, Damen, Western (which is in Lincoln Square), and Rockwell. The Metra line (a commuter train service, which extends out to the city's suburbs) has a Ravenswood stop at Lawrence and Ravenswood. During the warmer months, residents park near this stop after work and catch the train up north to Ravinia to check out the venue's outdoor concert series.

Ravenswood transportation includes major bus lines that includes the #92 Foster, the #78 Montrose Avenue, the #49 Western Avenue, the #50 Damen Avenue, the #81 Lawrence Avenue, and the #11 Lincoln Avenue. Whew! All of the routes cut across the city in numerous directions, making it a cinch to get exactly where you want to go in this Chicago neighborhood.

Driving around is easier here than most places, but intersections like Western, Lawrence and Lincoln, and Lincoln and Montrose can get congested. When traveling a short distance in the area during rush hours, we find it much easier to hop on a bike. Fortunately, if you must use your car, there aren't many problems when it comes to parking. If by chance all the metered spots are taken, one can find parking on a residential street with ease.

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School's in Session

The Ravenswood elementary schools are plentiful and one high school shares property with Winnemac Park. Queen of Angels Catholic School (4520 N. Western, 773 769 4211) lies not even a block away from Sulzer Regional Library (4455 N. Lincoln, 312 744 7616), one of the largest public libraries in Chicago city neighborhoods. Built in 1985, this library occupies 65,000 square feet and houses a collection with close to 500,000 pieces of material. Some of its special collections are dedicated to Chicago history, especially that of the north side. Free parking along Lincoln and a lot in the back make a trip here quite convenient.

In addition to the following list, for more info on Ravenswood schools or other educational facilities in the Chicago area checkout Chicago Public Schools or Great Schools

Basic Needs

Check out the following comprehensive list of resources and services available to you in Ravenswood. All the bare necessities are right in your neighborhood.




  • Welles Park 2333 W. Sunnyside - (312) 742-7511
  • Winnemac Park 5100 N. Leavitt - (312) 742-5101
  • Chase Park 4701 N. Ashland - (312) 742-7518
  • Gross Park 2708 W Lawrence Ave - (312) 742-7528
  • River Park 5100 N. Francisco - (312) 742-7516


  • Alpha Pharmacy 2558 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 989-7200
  • Becker Professional Pharmacy 4744 N Western Ave - (773) 561-4486
  • CVS 4800 N Damen Ave - (773) 907-2010
  • Owen Healthcare Pharmacy 5025 N Paulina - (773) 878-6462
  • Merz Apothecary 4716 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 989-0900
  • Walgreens 1500 W. Wilson - (773) 907-8995
  • Walgreens 4801 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 561-2526


  • Swedish Covenant Hospital 5145 N California Ave - (773) 989-2292
  • Bethany Methodist Health System 5025 N Paulina St - (773) 271-9040

Grocery Stores

  • HarvesTime Foods 2632 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 989-4400
  • Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen 4750 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 728-7243
  • La Primera Fruit Liquor & Meats 5012 N Clark St - (773) 784-5544
  • Best Buy Food & Liquors 1832 W Montrose Ave - (773) 271-3442
  • Supermercardo Garivaldi 1714 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 271-9858


  • Galter Life Center 5157 N Francisco Ave - (773) 878-9936
  • Lincoln Square Athletic Club 4662 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 529-2023
  • Urban Athlete 4437 N Ravenswood Ave - (773) 609-0001
  • Women's Workout World 2540 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 334-7241
  • Urban Strength Institute 4936 N Lincoln Ave - (312) 725-4874
  • CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square 2750 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 680-2331
  • Forteza Fitness, Physical Culture & Martial Arts 4437 N Ravenswood - (773) 271-3988



  • Early to Bed 5044 N Clark St - (773) 271-1219
  • Matty K's Hardware Store 4874 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 654-1347
  • Merz Apothecary 4716 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 989-0900
  • Sacred Art 4619 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 728-2803
  • Fleet Feet Sports Chicago 4555 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 271-3338
  • Ravensgoods 4703 N Damen Ave - (773) 878-1566
  • Hazel 1902 W Montrose Ave - (773) 769-2227
  • Ravenswood Used Books 4626 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 593-9166
  • Enjoy, An Urban General Store 4723 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 334-8626
  • Dark Tower Comics 4835 N Western Ave - (773) 654-1490


  • Hellas Pastry Shop 2627 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 271-7500
  • Sweet Sensations Pastry 1918 W Montrose - (773) 275-0697
  • Cafe Selmarie 4729 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 989-5595
  • Hillary's Cookies 4917 N Lincoln Ave - (312) 285-5055
  • Angel Food Bakery 1636 W Montrose St - (773) 728-1512
  • Cookie Bar 1746 W Wilson Ave - (773) 334-0300
  • M&A Bakery 1527 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 275-4444
  • Isabella Bakery 1659 W Foster Ave - (773) 275-5237
  • Cake Bite Girl - (312) 945-7856
  • Lutz Cafe & Pastry Shop 2458 W Montrose Ave - (773) 478-7785

Coffee Shops and Sweets
  • Dolce Casa Cafe 4947 N Damen Ave - (773) 506-0708
  • Starbucks 1900 W Montrose Ave - (773) 878-0272
  • The Book Cellar 4736-38 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 293-2665
  • The Grind 4613 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 271-4482
  • Beans & Bagels - 1812 W Montrose Ave - (773) 769-2000
  • Ch'ava Cafe 4656 N Clark - (773) 942-6763
  • The Perfect Cup 4700 N Damen - (773) 989-4177

  • I Monelli Trattoria Pizzeria 5019 N Western Ave - (773) 561-8499
  • La Bocca Della Verita 4618 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 784-6222
  • Homemade Pizza Company 4603 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 275-7600
  • Pizza Art Cafe 4658 N Rockwell St - (773) 539-0645
  • Spacca Napoli 1769 W Sunnyside Ave - (773) 878-2420
  • HImmels 2251 W Lawrence - (773) 784-8777
  • Borelli's Pizza 2124 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 275-1700

American Cuisine
  • Goosefoot 2656 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 942-7457
  • Slim's 2020 W Montrose Ave - (773) 878-7546
  • Elizabeth Restaurant 4835 N Western Ave - (773) 681-0651
  • Over Easy Cafe 4943 N Damen Ave - (773) 506-2605
  • Gather 4539 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 506-9300
  • Cafe Selmarie 4729 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 989-5595
  • Pannenkoeken Cafe 4757 N Western Ave - (773) 769-8800
  • The Bongo Room 5022 N Clark St - (773) 728-7900
  • Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill 4632 N Rockwell St - (773) 509-1871

French Cuisine
  • Bistro Campagne 4518 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 271-6100
  • Chez Simo Bistro 1968 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 334-7466
  • Troquet 1834 W Montrose Ave - (773) 334-5664

Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • Taste of Lebanon 1509 W Foster Ave - (773) 334-1600
  • Mythos Greek Taverna 2030 W Montrose Ave - (773) 334-2000
  • Restaurant Sarajevo 2701 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 275-5310
  • Barba Yianni Grecian Taverna 4761 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 878-6400
  • Mediterranean Grill & Cuisine 4609 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 293-4491

Italian Cuisine
  • Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N Clark St - (773) 506-2662
  • Caro Mio 1825 W Wilson Ave - (773) 275-5000
  • Due Lire Vino & Cucina 4520 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 275-7878
  • Trattoria Trullo 4767 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 506-0093
  • La Bocca Della Verita 4618 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 784-6222

Mexican Cuisine
  • El Maya 1522 W Montrose Ave - (773) 878-1882
  • Garcia's Restaurant 1758 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 784-1212
  • Taqueria Santa Rita 2752 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 784-6055
  • La Amistad 1914 W Montrose Ave - (773) 878-5800
  • Los Nopales 4544 N Western Ave - (773) 334 3149

Asian Cuisine
  • Han Bat Restaurant 2723 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 271-8640
  • Isla Pilipina 2501 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 271-2988
  • Rosded Restaurant 2308 W Leland Ave - (773) 334-905
  • Me Dee Cafe 4805 N Damen Ave - (773) 989-4444
  • Aroy Thai 4654 N Damen Ave - (773) 275-8360
  • New Asia 2739 W Lawrence Ave - (773) 728-2406

  • Daily Bar & Grill 4560 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 561-6198
  • Gio's Sports Bar 4857 N Damen Ave - (773) 334-0345
  • The Grafton 4530 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 271-9000
  • Hopleaf Bar 5148 N. Clark - (773) 334-9851
  • Huettenbar 4721 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 561-2507
  • Spyners Pub 4623 N Western Ave - (773) 784-8719
  • O'Shaughnessy's Public House 4557 N Ravenswood Ave - (773) 944-9896
  • Fountainhead 1970 W Montrose Ave - (773) 697-8204
  • Ricochet's 4644 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 271-3127
  • Gather 4539 N Lincoln Ave - (773) 506-9300

As one of the many diverse Chicago neighborhoods, Ravenswood offers homeowners a wide range of residential properties. Ravenswood homes include lofts, condos and townhomes, to name a few. In addition to Chicago real estate, you can get detailed neighborhood information from our comprehensive online Chicago neighborhoods guide. With features like dining, shopping, entertainment, and resources, we've done all the leg work already to make your home search that much easier. Now, when a listing in Ravenswood catches your eye, you can read all about the surrounding area and what it has to offer, all without setting foot in the neighborhood. Like a Yellow Pages, Metromix and MLS database all rolled into one, this site is your ultimate Chicago neighborhoods visitors' guidebook.

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