Rosemoor residents take pride in their local businesses, schools and churches. In fact, some Rosemoor families have been members of the community for generations. This diverse, yet tight-knit south side neighborhood is always welcoming of new neighbors and people of all walks of life. Mom-and-pop establishments and traditional Chicago homes are the stability and strength of Rosemoor. Nothing too fancy or luxurious, just a neighborhood of sensible houses with sturdy foundations and comfortable living spaces. When it is time to eat, Rosemoor restaurants are on hand, presenting a choice of quick bites, fast family meals or pleasant places to dine out.  

Rosemoor Facts

Location: About 13 miles south of the Loop
Boundaries: 95th Street to the north, Cottage Grove Avenue to the east, 107th Street to the south and Lafayette Avenue to the west
Bordering Neighborhoods: Roseland, Cottage Grove Heights, Pullman, Longwood Manor, Burnside

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Then and Now

Back in the 1800s, the area where Rosemoor neighborhood now stands was all farmland. Known then as the High Prairie (because of its location to the north of Lake Calumet), Pullman Railroad workers began to take up residence in this region as railroad industry grew, resulting in the emergence of a small settlement just south of the big city.

The community of Rosemoor was officially established in 1930, but the first major development boom didn’t occur until 1937 when new homes were built in the neighborhood for the first time since the Depression. Over the course of the 20th century, the area continued to grow as Polish, Irish, Italian, Dutch and Greek families all planted roots in Rosemoor for periods of time, establishing the community’s place as a bona fide Chicago neighborhood, before taking part in the suburban sprawl movement and leaving the area.

In the late 1960s, African American and Hispanic families began to move into the beautiful old homes that had been vacated by the Eastern European residents that had first settled the area. Today, the Rosemoor neighborhood is a tight-knit, diverse community made up of several different ethnic backgrounds that attracts people from around the Midwest and the world.
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Rosemoor Real Estate

No fancy new condos or trendy lofts here. Rosemoor neighborhood is comprised almost completely of single-family homes—with the occasional two-flat or townhouse thrown in the mix. The styles range from brick bungalows to simple frame structures to historical Dutch colonials. Because most of the residences in Rosemoor have been preserved over time (rather than torn down to make room for newer constructions), a walk down the streets is like a walk through Chicago’s architectural history. Rosemoor’s blocks also feature a slew of churches, mom-and-pop businesses and schools, all of which are as well cared for (if not more) as the homes in this area.

The color green abounds in this neighborhood in the form of trees, plants, and freshly cut lawns. Since the majority of homes here are single-family, Rosemoor is full of well-maintained backyards, ideal for children or the dog to run around. The streets of Rosemoor are mainly quiet, save for the casual activity of the neighbors.

In certain sections of Rosemoor you’ll see the occasional that could use a new paint job and a little TLC, but for the most part, the properties in this south side Chicago neighborhood are in beautiful condition with years of life left. Some of the area’s more expensive real estate includes 1950s-style split-levels and two-story homes, some that have been remodel inside to offer residents refurbished hardwood flooring and top-quality kitchen and bathroom amenities. These properties are generally listed in the low to mid $200,000s. There are several well-kept brick bungalows in this price range that have also seen interior renovations to give the older residence a whole new appeal. Remodeling aside, the average sales price for a two-bedroom home in Rosemoor is around $115,000, and for a three-bedroom place in the neighborhood the average price goes up to about $140,000.

What’s on the Menu?

While a trip downtown can accommodate nearly every culinary need in the world, the Rosemoor neighborhood offers a few delicious options for a quick bite, a fast family meal, or a pleasant dinner out on Chicago’s south side.

If you’re a fan of either fish or chicken, Rosemoor has you covered. There are a couple joints to pick from when you’re looking for a fried food fix. Hook Fish & Chicken (350 E 103rd St, 773-785-3580) serves much more than just fowl and filets. This neighborhood favorite has got everything from sandwiches to salads to shrimp, and even has a substantial dessert menu to top it all off. Their chicken wings are perfectly crispy, the fried fish is lightly seasoned, and the family packs make it easy to have dinner ready in about 5 minutes. Sharks Fish & Chicken (700 E 100th Pl, 773-264-4000) has a bill of fare that is more limited than Hook’s (no salads or sandwiches here), but their family-sized menu is slightly larger and more varied than their sister haunt for seafood and poultry. With Shark’s just down the street from home, feeding those large family gatherings is easy with a quick stop to pick up everything you need to satisfy even Uncle Harry’s huge appetite. You can order items like chicken wings and catfish in quantities of 100 for under $100, which means no more stressing when you find out your kids have invited the whole neighborhood over for dinner.

If you’re feeling something a little less fishy, head over to Taurus Flavors (10243 S Michigan Ave, 773-264-1760) for a good old-fashioned sandwich. They cater to all appetites, with sandwiches sized in small, medium and large. They’re a steal, too, at a mere $4 to $6 for a hoagie or a steak sandwich. And for something a little less American, Tommy’s Chinese Restaurant (129 E 103rd St, 773-264-4999) is a good stop for traditional Asian cuisine. Classics like sesame chicken and egg foo young come in large portions, and almost everything on the menu is under $8. Wing Hing Chop Suey (9801 S Cottage Grove Ave, 773-731-6798) is another Chinese food alternative in the neighborhood with a similar (and comparably priced) menu. Both restaurants offer takeout and dine-in options; and they’re far enough away from each other that you’re never too far from good Asian-influenced fare, no matter what side of the neighborhood you live on.

Pizza, Ribs & Things (408 E 103rd St, 773-568-5555) has a name that boasts their varied menu, but we come here for the good ol’ southern cooking that abounds in this classic south side eatery. They have crispy fried chicken, sweet BBQ sauce, and their collard greens are slightly salty and perfectly cooked. The food is inexpensive (wings are 10 cents a piece) and they deliver for a mere $3. So when you’re really strapped for cash and have an appetite growing fiercer by the minute, just dig around in the couch cushions for long lost change—find a quarter and a few dimes and you’ve got yourself a basket-full of wings for dinner. And, what would a Chicago neighborhood be without a morning spot for a dose of caffeine and sugar to get your day started? Around these parts the local haunt for an early morning stop is Dunkin Donuts (250 E 103rd St, 773-568-0167). You know the drill: donuts, muffins, and a dependable cup of joe.
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Best Shopping Stops

While Rosemoor may be a great area to grab some grub, Rosemoor residents typically venture out of their neighborhood for serious shopping sprees. A quick hop on the CTA will take you right to downtown’s commerce-heavy areas, while a ride down the 95th Street bus will transport passengers to Evergreen Plaza, a decent-sized mall where you can score everything from shoes to home decor to clothing to accessories. But if you’re in a pinch, or just want to run down the street for something new, Rosemoor does have Simply Fashion (400 E 103rd St, 773-995-5332), a women’s clothing store where the friendly staff will help you choose from a variety of styles that range from classic button down shirts to modern urban dresses, all for prices that won’t break the bank.
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Night on the Town

Because of the family nature of Rosemoor, this neighborhood isn’t exactly a nightlife hub. However, when Rosemoor residents want to step out and get a quick drink, they head over to Judi’s Sports Bar (408 E 103rd St, 773-568-5555). Sports fans will love the four game-viewing televisions; beer fans will love the cheap brews, and everyone will love the feeling of walking into a place and seeing a dozen familiar neighborhood faces. The place is always filled with lively Rosemoor residents who like to kick back, watch the Bears and listen to some music. It’s an entire bar full of regulars, but if it’s your first time don’t be nervous. The crew at Judi’s loves to see a new face and is quick to pat you on the back and buy you one of the nightly drink specials.
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Mark Your Calendar

Rosemoor’s community festival rivals that of any fest in the city, but it also adds its own brand of Rosemoor neighborhood pride.

Rosemoor residents celebrate their neighborhood with the annual Rosemoor Community Fest, and we think this might be the best-kept secret of all the summer fests in Chicago. Taking place near the beginning of July on King Drive, Rosemoor residents look forward to this weekend festival where everyone can get together to relish the bond shared among neighbors and families that live in this south side Chicago community. Walking into the festival, you’ll see the kids of Rosemoor running rambunctiously between the pony rides, petting zoo, and carnival games. There are even a few carnival rides, mostly for the youngsters but we’re sure the parents are taking a spin or two. A few local neighborhood restaurants set up booths, and visitors can be seen scooping up plenty of that so good but so bad for you amusement park food, watching the community church choirs sing their hearts out, and taking in the other singers and entertainers who bring out their talents for the crowd. Mostly you’ll notice everyone mingling and chatting with each other, thankful to be outdoors in the summer among good friends, family and that close-knit group of neighbors.
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Getting Around

Easy residential parking, very few meters, and almost zero permit requirements make Rosemoor an extremely car-friendly area. In fact, many residents opt to own a vehicle, as the Chicago Transit Authority 'El' options don’t extend as far south as Rosemoor. For those behind the wheel, the fastest and most practical way to destinations beyond is the Dan Ryan Expressway, also known as I-94. It swoops right into Rosemoor providing easy access entrance and exit ramps throughout the neighborhood.

Public transportation lovers aren’t completely left out though. Though the Red Line train only goes as far south as 95th Street, there are a few south side buses to get you two and fro, whether you’re headed downtown or just down the block. Most of them begin or end at the 95th Street Red Line terminal, so count on at least one transfer on your trip. There’s the #111 Pullman bus, which runs between 112th Street and the Red Line station, as well as the #103 West 103rd Street bus, which also begins at the Red Line stop and runs down to Pulaski Street. The #119 Michigan Avenue/119th Street bus takes passengers from 95th Street south down Michigan Avenue to Western Avenue,and the #34 South Michigan Avenue bus goes from the terminal all the way south to 131st Street.

But when it comes to getting to and from the city, we recommend the Metra Rail trains. The cars are spacious and air conditioned—comfortable for the morning and evening commutes, and much less stressful than fighting traffic on the highways with all the other road ragers who make the trip into the Loop everyday. The Metra University Park line stops in Rosemoor neighborhood several times a day to pick up residents on their way to work, school, and other destinations throughout the city, just keep in mind it doesn’t run on Sundays.
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School’s in Session

Many Rosemoor residents grew up in the area and take pride in sending their children to the same schools they attended years ago. Those who have younger broods, have a slew of elementary schools to choose from, while anyone on the older scale can hone their intellectual talents at the neighborhood’s university. In addition to the following list of education facilities in Rosemoor, you can visit our Chicago Guide Schools page for more information on other Chicago area schools.

Chicago State University 9501 S Dr Martin L King Jr Dr - (773) 995-2000
Bennett Elementary School 10115 S Prairie Ave - (773) 535-5460
Harlan Community Academy High School 9652 S Michigan Ave - (773) 535-5400
Kohn Elementary School 10414 S State St - (773) 535-5496
Shedd Elementary School 200 E 99th St - (773) 535-5457
Saint John de La Salle School 10212 S King Dr - (773) 785-2331
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Basic Needs

Though in a neighborhood like this you can depend on your next door neighbors for a cup of sugar, a couple of aspirins or a window scraper for your car, it’s nice to know there are a few places around where you can buy anything that your neighbors don’t have.


Chicago Transit Authority (888) 968-7282


Walgreens 10300 S Michigan Ave - (773) 468-0600

Grocery Stores

Certified Grocery Basket 351 E 103rd St - (773) 821-4091
Hi-Low Supermarket 445 E 103rd St - (773) 821-6000
Market Fisheries 242 E 103rd St - (773) 468-6900


Simply Fashion 400 E 103rd St - (773) 995-5332


American Cuisine
Bilhah’s Kitchen Two 10658 S State St - (773) 995-9930
Hook Fish & Chicken 350 E 103rd St - (773) 785-3580
Sharks Fish & Chicken 700 E 100th Pl - (773) 264-4000
Taurus Flavors 10243 S Michigan Ave - (773) 264-1760

Asian Cuisine
Chinese House 409 E 103rd St - (773) 785-2375
Tommy’s Chinese Restaurant 129 E 103rd St - (773) 264-4999
Wing Hing Chop Suey 9801 S Cottage Grove Ave - (773) 731-6798

Cafes/Coffee Shops
Dunkin Donuts 250 E 103rd St - (773) 568-0167

Pizza, Ribs & Things 408 E 103rd St - (773) 568-5555

Judi’s Sports Bar 408 E 103rd St - (773) 568-5555
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Sometimes it makes more sense to view the city of Chicago as a bunch of separate neighborhoods—especially when it comes to real estate. Whether you are in the market for a loft, condo, townhome, or house, it is just as important to inspect the surrounding area as it is to inspect the home’s foundation. Rosemoor neighborhood is just one Chicago community with an abundance of residential properties, and a life all its own. From where you send your kids to school to where you dine at night, the information we provide is an essential piece of the puzzle when you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy that beautiful loft or adorable house in Rosemoor.
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