Schorsch Forest View

Schorsch Forest View is an unusual Chicago neighborhood, solely for the fact that it is detached from the rest of the city by acres of wood preserves and suburbs. Situated on the far northwest side of Chicago, this community is known for its gently winding avenues, spacious lots, mature trees and landscaped yards that abut miles of untouched wilderness. A sprinkling of neighborhood bagel shops, coffee houses and pizzerias are also on hand - to build up energy for those long walks in the woods.

Schorsch Forest View Facts

Location: Approximately 16 miles northwest of the Loop
Boundaries: Lawrence Avenue to the north, Cumberland Avenue to the east, Montrose Avenue to the south and River Road to the west
Bordering Neighborhoods: O’Hare, Irving Woods,Harwood Heights, Schiller Park

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Then and Now

The northwest Chicago neighborhood of Schorsch Forest View is something of an island. Detached from the rest of the city by the suburb of Harwood Heights, this tiny community has become an ideal place for folks who want to raise their families within the city limits but prefer to be slightly removed from the concrete jungle of downtown living. Most of the community’s present-day homes were built during a housing boom in the 1950s. Since that time, Schorsch Forest View has retained its suburban charm and continues to attract new homeowners from around Chicago who are looking to leave the cramped spaces and congestion of the city center.
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The Chicago Park District caters to our every recreational whim, but for those who live in Schorsch Forest View, they are fortunate to have much more than just a park. The western side of this Chicago neighborhood is flanked with a forest. That’s right—an actual forest full of trees and wildlife—preserved by the state of Illinois for your personal enjoyment. The Schiller Woods Forest Preserve serves as a wildlife retreat for some particular species of animals, which includes the occasional civilization-weary urban dweller. They travel in packs, but can also be spotted on their own, walking and soaking in the fresh air throughout the stretches of this tranquil wooded setting.

Schorsch Forest View residents don’t have to go far to experience the Great Outdoors with this fine piece of property in their backyard, and they are joined by Chicagoans that come from all over to commune with nature and take in the scenery. Feel like a picnic? You’ll find plenty of prime spots here, nestled in between ancient trees and beautiful wildflowers. Pack a basket with you favorites and bring along a blanket for the ultimate al fresco dining site.

The focal point of the forest park preserve is the large multi-use field, perfect for rugby games, kite-flying and general frolicking about. There is also an enormous hill here for winter sports. Although there is a hill, cross-country would probably be preferable to downhill skiing, as the hill is hardly worth the trip for skiers in search of a good ride. When they aren’t covered in snow, the trails here are perfect for an afternoon of hiking or jogging, and once the snow and ice thaws you can break out the mountain bike for a fun ride. No outing to Schiller Woods is complete without doing two things: paying your respects to the ancient Native American burial ground and pumping some water from the 'fountain of youth' (an old-fashioned manual pump delivers water sans chlorine that many in the Chicago Polish community swear will keep you young).
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Schorsch Forest View Real Estate

Schorsch Forest View is a gorgeous dose of suburbia within the Chicago city limits. Spacious lots, towering trees, private yards and winding lanes are featured in this unconventional big city neighborhood.

City planners abandoned the idea of expanding Chicago’s trademark grid pattern to the streets of this neighborhood, instead opting for gently winding avenues edged with tall trees. Mostly 1950s split-levels, ranches and one-story homes, the houses here are cookie-cutter sweet, boasting attached garages, similar floor plans, and comparable exterior architectural characteristics. Quiet sidewalk-lined streets house raised ranches with modest front yards, and the well-manicured lawns and neatly trimmed hedges further beautify the area. Residential real estate prices in Schorsch Forest View start in the low to mid $300,000s. Some homes with four bedrooms and three baths can cost as much as $600,000, although if you shop around you’ll find plenty of good-sized properties for between $300,000 and $500,000.

What’s on the Menu?

This tiny pocket of a neighborhood has a small, yet rich culinary arsenal for its residents. The two main thoroughfares, which wrap around Schorsch Forest View on the north and east sides provide a decent set of options for locals who like to dine out on occasion.

When it comes to the perfect breakfast, we’re sticklers for tradition. Nothing does it better than coffee and a bagel, and no one does bagels better in Schorsch Forest View than the aptly named Great American Bagel (4634 N Cumberland Ave, 773-625-0600). This chain is now national, but was founded right here in Illinois. With almost two dozen varieties of bagels, and plenty of schmears to top them off, it’s easy to get your day started right.

A bagel place is fine for a quick snack during the day, but when it comes to a cafe atmosphere—someplace you could spend hours just soaking up the surroundings—Cafe il Cortile (8445 W Lawrence Ave, 773-625-7087) is it. In true European fashion, people talk loudly and stay for hours, and you’ll have to ask for the check if you ever want to leave, just like if you were actually in a cafe in the French Riviera. Sip on a true espresso, or order up classic Italian bistro fare like a caprese salad, calamari, or a plate piled high with mussels. This quaint little spot oozes with charm, and it’s one of our favorite things about this small northwest side Chicago neighborhood.

Even though it may be about as far removed from the bulk of the city of Chicago as you can get, Schorsch Forest View still knows it’s a Chicago neighborhood, and that means it has pizza. It’s no secret Chicagoans love their pizza, and around these parts there are a few good places to grab a quick pie. For thin crust, try Al’s Pizza (8530 W Lawrence Ave, 708-456-8800). With zesty sauce and a chewy crust that’s floppy enough to fold, Al’s is East-Coast perfect and a favorite of Schorsch Forest View locals. For a fun dining experience, we love Villa Napoli Pizzeria (8546 W Lawrence Ave, 708-456-5022). This tiny storefront restaurant has comfy booths, great food, and a fantastic juke box. So as the tunes roll out, the staff in the back at Villa Napoli roll out the dough for your pizza: exquisitely hand-prepared and topped with the freshest ingredients every time.
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Getting Around

Since Schorsch Forest View is so small, the majority of your travels will probably take you out of the neighborhood. Driving your own wheels is hands-down the best way to get to and from this distant location. Just a short distance from the Kennedy Expressway (I-90), if you shoot up Cumberland Avenue, the highway is the easiest way to get downtown in a hurry—if the traffic cooperates, that is. And once you come back home, there is plenty of street parking available on the residential side streets, so don’t worry about finding a place to put your car. Plus, most of the houses in Schorsch Forest View have their own attached garages.

For those who prefer to use public transit, there is an 'El' stop about a mile and a half north of Schorsch Forest View on Cumberland Avenue. Just so you know: We call the train/subway around here the El because many of the lines have sections of elevated track that run above the streets. Unless you’re up for a bit of a hike, hop on the #331 Cumberland Avenue bus or the #81W bus to get to the stop. Once there, you can transfer and take the train all the way to the Loop. Or, in the other direction it is only two quick stops to O’Hare International Airport.

However, given its size, to get from place to place in the neighborhood, nothing beats your own two feet. Because of the nearby forest preserve, the air is clean, greenness abounds, and strolling around to do your errands will become your favorite part of the day.
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Basic Needs

Whether you’re looking for a lobster or a treadmill, you’ll find it in Schorsch Forest View if you know where to look. We’ve compiled this list of basic needs to help you find your way.


Chicago Transit Authority (888) 968-7282


Osco Drug 4734 N Cumberland Ave – (773) 625-5525

Grocery Stores

Butera Finer Foods 4411 N Cumberland Ave (708) 456-5939
Jewel-Osco 4734 Pueblo Ave – (773) 625-2055


Curves 4701 N Cumberland Ave (708) 583-0355


Atlas Comics 4735 N Cumberland Ave (708) 453-2110
Funtastic Party Supply Store 8757 W Leland Ave – (773) 294-1000


American Cuisine
Red Lobster 4401 N Cumberland Ave (708) 456-7966

Asian Cuisine
China Express 4640 N Cumberland Ave – (773) 625-4145

Sicilian Bakery 4632 N Cumberland Ave – (773) 589-2602

Cafe Il Cortile 8445 W Lawrence Ave – (773) 625-7087
The Great American Bagel 4634 N Cumberland Ave – (773) 625-0600

Italian Cuisine
Basilico Ristorante 4701 N Cumberland Ave (708) 452-6400

Middle Eastern
Kabob House 8536 W Lawrence Ave (708) 453-3663

Al’s Pizza 8530 W Lawrence Ave (708) 456-8800
Original Mama Mia’s Pizza 4638 N Cumberland Ave – (773) 625-8500
Villa Napoli Pizzeria 8546 W Lawrence Ave (708) 456-5022

Lazer Nights Bar & Grill 8540 W Lawrence Ave (708) 452-0407
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Sometimes it makes more sense to view the city of Chicago as a bunch of separate neighborhoods-especially when it comes to real estate. Whether you are in the market for a loft, condo, townhome, or house, it is just as important to inspect the surrounding area as it is to inspect the home’s foundation. Schorsch Forest View neighborhood is just one Chicago community with an abundance of residential properties, and a life all its own. From where you send your kids to school to where you dine at night, the information we provide is an essential piece of the puzzle when you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy that beautiful loft or adorable house in Schorsch Forest View.
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