Sheridan Park

While some might consider Sheridan Park as simply a subdivision of Uptown, the people who live and play here would beg to differ. Its upscale residential vibe, assortment of restaurants and close proximity to Lake Michigan make the Sheridan Park neighborhood worth mentioning on its own. Sun-lovers storm the Sheridan Park beaches in summer, armed with sand toys, sunscreen, coolers and Frisbees. An off-leash dog park is a favorite among pooch owners, and fishing enthusiasts enjoy the free equipment service provided by the Chicago Park District. Heading inland from the active shoreline setting, Sheridan Park is bustling with business as folks dine at outdoor patios and flood into the theaters for play productions and live music concerts. A couple of neighborhood taverns complete the warm, spirited atmosphere in this friendly north side Chicago community.

Sheridan Park Facts

Location: 7 miles north of the Loop
Boundaries: Lawrence Avenue to the north, Montrose Avenue to the south, Racine Avenue to the east and Clark Street to the west
Bordering Neighborhoods: Uptown, Ravenswood, Graceland West, Graceland Cemetery
Crime Statistics: Go to CLEARMap to search specific streets and areas for crime incidents
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Then and Now

Chicago's north side was once covered by the prehistoric Lake Chicago, which explains the area's exceptional flatness. From this even topography rose two sandy pits-perfect locations for burial grounds. In 1860, one of these pits was chartered to become Graceland Cemetery, now one of the city's most historic and famous cemeteries where visitors stroll down tree-lined lanes and relax in the park-like atmosphere while searching out the ornate tombs of some of Chicago's most famous businessmen and architects, including Marshall Field, Louis Sullivan, and Potter Palmer.

Shortly after the charter was commissioned, a dispute arose between the townspeople and Graceland over the land the cemetery was holding for future use. The final agreement called for the area, located just north of the graveyard, to be developed rather than remain part of the cemetery grounds. Eventually, that land developed into Sheridan Park-named after a stop on the now defunct Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.

During the 1920s, a commercial boom took place east of Sheridan Park: Uptown was the site of a burgeoning entertainment district. Large hotels and huge entertainment centers like The Aragon Ballroom and The Green Mill jazz club were popping up, and the people were coming to the area in droves. Because Sheridan Park was so close to this new bustling part of town-not to mention a hop, skip and jump away from the shores of Lake Michigan-it became a residential haven for middle and upper class families.

After World War II, the area experienced a housing shortage and stately Sheridan Park homes and spacious apartment buildings turned into rooming houses, which had little regard for the original aesthetic. Lucky for us, in 1985, Sheridan Park was designated a Historic District for its significant examples of outstanding architectural design, including Prairie School, late Victorian and late 19th and 20th century Revivals. This designation has led to an explosion of renovations and luxury upgrades that are bringing back the glory days to these beautiful Sheridan Park homes.

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Sheridan Park (910 S. Aberdeen St) is not only the name of the neighborhood, but of the park too. The park highlights a three-story field house that has indoor swimming, a gymnasium, assembly hall, boxing center, and six classrooms. For outdoor games and fun there are baseball fields, an athletic field, playground, and tennis courts.

Sheridan Park residents benefit from its close proximity to Lake Michigan - it's just a mile east of the neighborhood (through Uptown) and definitely worth the walk or quick bike ride to the water. A sprawling network of parks and beaches extends along Lake Michigan, complete with biking and jogging paths, doggie beaches and sand volleyball courts.

Got the boating itch? Then drop-off the pier at Montrose Harbor (601 W. Montrose Dr, 312-742-7527)-with 711 slips, star docks, and mooring cans that are available to accommodate boats. There are also complimentary pump-out stations and boater bathrooms.

Montrose Beach (4400 N. Lake Shore Dr, 312-742-5121) is an ideal Sheridan Park  spot for a picnic with a scenic view of Chicago's skyline and it accommodates everyone from swimmers and sunbathers to the occasional Frisbee throwers. There's also beach volleyball and tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and a play lot for the kiddies. On nice days we like to stake our claim on a patch of sand early because it's no fun tiptoeing over people's towels to find a spot.

Our canine friends can enjoy a romp in the fresh air as much as we do and, for them, there's the Montrose Off-Leash Dog Beach located on the northwest corner of Montrose Beach. The pooches run free with their new pals while we try and keep pace (or make some new friends of our own).

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Sheridan Park Real Estate

This pocket-sized neighborhood is mostly residential. Vintage single-family private homes, six-flats, mid-rise condominiums, and courtyard buildings line Sheridan Park's curved streets. Like neighboring Uptown, Sheridan Park's real estate is undergoing a change. Since its Historic District label in 1985, efforts have been made to renovate and restore the neighborhood's older homes with classic features like hardwood trim, fireplaces, and window benches.

Check out our Sheridan Park home sales statistics to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

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What's on the Menu?

Just because Sheridan Park is mostly a residential neighborhood doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of good places to chow down. From Asian fare to American and Mexican favorites, we have no trouble finding a place to satisfy our craving.

If you're looking for a place to satisfy your Asian food cravings, Sheridan Park has some great restaurants for you. The tiny, family-run Thai on Clark (4641 N. Clark St, 773-275-2620) offers guests home-cooked Thai and Japanese dishes like pad Thai, red curry, shrimp tempura and chicken teriyaki, all at reasonable prices. This BYOB also sells Thai iced coffees and teas.

If you're hankering for a hot dog, hamburger, or other classic American comfort food, try one of our favorite stops: Delicious Dogs and Subs (4800 N. Clark St, 773-275-4333). This Sheridan Park restaurant will fill you up with all that we love about the greasy and messy fast food of Chicago.

Perhaps your tummy is hungry for something more upscale contemporary. Then make your way to Sheridan Park's Magnolia Cafe (1224 W. Wilson Ave, 773-728-8785). Take a seat in the elegant, candle-lit dining room where images of magnolias (what else) dress up the exposed brick walls. Prepare your palate for the likes of grilled salmon with curry-tomato coulis and prosciutto salad tossed with fennel tangerines, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette. There's also an excellent selection of European wine and imported beers to complement the fancy contemporary American cuisine.

When we really want to spice up our lunch and dinner plans we head to Carmela's Taqueria (1206 W. Lawrence Ave, 773-275-5321), the place to go for burritos, tacos and other Mexican classics. This small Sheridan Park  storefront taqueria with turquoise decor serves some of the north side's best al pastor tacos-tacos with marinated roast pork-in addition to quesadillas and Mexican sandwiches.

For a taste of both modern and traditional Italian cuisine, you can go to the aroma-rich restaurant Anna Maria Pasteria (4400 N. Clark St, 773-506-2662), where warm hues and Italian murals create a welcoming setting. The stacked menu features a wide assortment of homemade pastas, chicken, veal, and fish. Finish with the quintessential Italian dessert tiramisu, another standout at this delicious Sheridan Park neighborhood treasure.

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Best Shopping Stops

As a mostly residential enclave, there's not a lot of serious shopping within Sheridan Park's borders. However, Uptown and Lakeview are just a short walk, bus, 'El' or taxi ride away and they have plenty of boutiques, shops and chain stores for a sincere shopping spree.

Need bike repair or somewhere to get brand new wheels? Uptown Bikes (4653 N Broadway St, 773-728-5212) is the Sheridan Park stop to get quality service for the cyclist in you. This shop, which was established in 2004, aims at providing everything you need for urban cycling.

Target (4466 N Broadway St, 773-596-2376) is also nearby for all of your needs. From clothes to home decor, you'll find whatever it is you're looking for at this local department store.

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Night on the Town

You don't need to go downtown to have a good time. Stay right in the neighborhood for a show at the Black Ensemble Theater, a concert at the historic Riviera Theatre, a beer and karaoke with other locals at Carol's Pub, or a local sports game at Max's Place.

The Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center (4450 N. Clark St, 773-769-4451) is a cozy, 170-seat theater that features African-American translations of classics. It was founded by actress, producer, and playwright Jackie Taylor in 1976. In 2011, the venue became the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center, permanently rooting into the Uptown neighborhoods. In addition to putting on unique versions of popular plays, the group's mission is to eradicate racism and its damaging effects.

Built in 1917 as a movie theater for the Balaban & Katz chain, the Riviera Theatre (4746 N. Racine Ave, 773-275-6800) is now a 2,500-capacity concert hall and special events venue. The Riv, as locals like to call it, is the place to rock out and catch up-and-coming musicians as well as bona fide stars that perform on the large 40-foot wide stage before an open floor venue. The balcony has plenty of seats, with a good view, so if you don't want to accidentally get sucked into the crowd in front of the stage, it may be a good idea to head for higher ground.

Since 1973, Carol's Pub (4659 N. Clark St, 773-334-2402) has been dishing out southern cookin' to patrons who drink beer, play pool, and participate in their weekend dart tournaments. There's also the opportunity to get our American Idol on with Carol's honky-tonk karaoke. The song selection includes a 2,000-track roster, with songs ranging from Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash to Kenny Chesney.

Max's Place (4621 N. Clark St, 773-784-3864) has been in the same Sheridan Park location for more than 50 years. Bottled domestics, Old Style on tap, and a few German imports, as well as standard hard liquors, make this a popular Sheridan Park hangout. 

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Getting Around

Getting around Sheridan Park is fairly easy. As a small neighborhood, most places are within walking distance. When you're looking to break out of the confines of the neighborhood, though, Chicago's public transportation system is the best way to go.

The CTA train (or what locals refer to as the 'El') runs along Sheridan Park's eastern edge. The Red Line lets travelers out half-a-block from Sheridan Park's borders with stops at Wilson Drive and Lawrence Avenue. CTA bus #78 will take you down Montrose and back around Montrose Beach. Buses also stop at many of the main thoroughfares to take commuters, shoppers, and other travelers to destinations throughout the city.

Taking a taxi from this Chicago neighborhood could pose a problem as cabs aren't extremely plentiful in Sheridan Park, a slight drawback for many predominantly residential communities. But with Uptown only blocks away, we suggest hailing one from the main intersections closer to our neighbor to the east, or calling ahead for pickup.

And if you've got wheels of your own, take Lawrence Avenue, Wilson Drive or Montrose Avenue to shoot straight over to Lake Shore Drive which will get you down to the Loop in minutes-as long as it's not rush hour. 

School's in Session

Sheridan Park does have a school or two, but many more options are available in nearby neighborhoods-we're talking about Uptown, again. In addition to the following list, you can find more information on Chicago area schools at our our Chicago Guide Schools page.

Stockton Elementary School 4420 N. Beacon St - (773) 534-2450

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Basic Needs

We've compiled a sampling of some of the places you can get your bare necessities, from sweet treats to spiced meats, detergent to deodorant.


Chicago Transit Authority - (888) 968-7282


Walgreens 1500 W. Wilson Ave - (773) 907-8995

The following are just a taste of the dining, shopping and entertainment Sheridan Park has to offer. Discover the rest as you explore the neighborhood for yourself.


Black Ensemble Theater 4520 N. Beacon St - (773) 769-4451
Riviera Theatre 4746 N. Racine Ave - (773) 275-6800
Japanese American Service Committee 4427 N. Clark St - (773) 275-0097


Target 4466 N Broadway St - (773) 596-2376
Uptown Bikes 4653 N Broadway St - (773) 728-5212


Carol's Pub 4659 N. Clark St - (773) 334-2402
Max's Place 4621 N. Clark St - (773) 784-3864

African Cuisine
B & Q Afro Root Cuisine 4802 N. Clark St - (773) 878-7849
Palace Gate 4548 N. Magnolia Ave - (773) 769-1793

American Cuisine
Broadway Grill 4800 N Broadway St - (773) 334-5650
Delicious Dogs and Subs 4800 N. Clark St - (773) 275-4333 
Magnolia Cafe 1224 W. Wilson Ave - (773) 728-8785 
Max's Place 4621 N. Clark St - (773) 784-3864

Asian Cuisine
Thai on Clark 4641 N. Clark St - (773) 275-2620 

Italian Cuisine
Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N. Clark St - (773) 506-2662

Mexican Cuisine
Carmela's Taqueria 1206 W. Lawrence Ave - (773) 275-5321
La Ciudad 4515 N Sheridan Rd - (773) 728-2887
Taqueria El Ranchito 4651 N. Clark St - (773) 334-6441

Middle Eastern Cuisine
Caravan 4810 N Broadway - (773) 271-6022
Taste of Lebanon Restaurant 1509 W Foster Ave - (773) 334-1600

Coffee/Tea Shops 
Baker & Nosh 1303 W Wilson Ave - (773) 989-7393
Ch'ava Cafe 4656 N Clark St - (773) 942-6763
Citizen Skate Cafe 920 W Wilson Ave - (773) 751-5809
Dollop Coffee & Tea 4181 N Clarendon Ave - (773) 360-1366
Starbucks 5300 N Clark St - (773) 728-2777

Baker & Nosh 1303 W Wilson Ave - (773) 989-7393

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The residential real estate in Sheridan Park is fairly diverse, providing homeowners with a number of housing options from condos to lofts to townhomes. But there is more to your Sheridan Park home than where you rest your head at night. The area surrounding a property can be just as much a factor in the decision to buy as the color of the carpet or the condition of the foundation. Each Chicago neighborhood has its own unique charm that sets it apart from the rest. Our comprehensive online guide is all you need to explore the many streets of Chicago-all from the comfort of your own computer. Shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, you name it, we'll show you where it is. Find out whether that fabulous Sheridan Park condo is immersed in the throes of wild nightlife, or veiled by the tranquility of a quiet residential setting. Like Metromix and the MLS merged into one, this site is your one-stop shop for Chicago neighborhood information. 

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